Small Fundraising Activities for Charity Everyone Can Do

Anne Frank said, “No one has ever become poor by giving.” The very act of charity is the one that puts your heart at ease and provides peace and nourishment to your soul. A person only grows by giving. When it comes to giving – your age, income, occupation; these things don’t matter. What matters is your intention to give and to help those who are in need of help.

Small Fundraising Activities for Charity Everyone Can Do

If you want to raise money for charity but don’t know how to, we have some fun ideas lined up for you!

  1. Have a bake sale

If you are good at baking, it’s time to whisk those eggs and prepare the batter – because you’re going to raise funds for charity by hosting a bake sale. You can bake cupcakes, cakes, cookies – basically anything that you’re good at baking and put them up for sale. All you need to do is set up a little stall; mention that you’re having the bake sale to raise funds for charity and start selling. You’ll be surprised at how much funds you can raise by simply having a bake sale. Remember to be as much creative as you can!

  1. Arrange a small movie screening

Yes, you read that right. You can set up a small movie screening and invite people from your neighborhood by setting up a small ticket price. You can then use the proceeds from the ticket sales to make donations to charity. All you need is some space to make seating arrangements for the audience, a laptop and a projector along with some additional materials. If you’re having a hard time downloading movies to show at the movie screening, you can simply opt for film streaming to show some really fun and interesting movies. There are movies from all genres available online to choose from to suit your viewing audience.

  1. Garage sale

The third thing that you can do is have a garage sale. If you don’t know what a garage sale is or how you can have one, click here to learn all about it. All you need to do is look around for things you don’t use anymore or never did to begin with. You will literally find hundreds of things lying around in your house which won’t be in your current use. Collect those things and put them out for sale. Use the proceeds from all the sales you make towards charity. It’s as simple as that.

  1. Have a car wash fundraiser

This idea is a really fun, simple and interesting idea. Gather your friends and form a group to arrange a car wash fundraiser. Gather the required materials like sponges and car wash supplies. Put up some attractive slogans and don’t forget to mention that the car wash is for fundraising to help the ones who are in need of help (this will attract more people towards the activity). Simply raise money by washing cars and put that money aside for charity only.

Charity is an act of kindness and devotion. If you help someone today; someone might help you tomorrow. Smile, give, have a big heart and learn to forgive to achieve eternal peace and happiness!

The Best Web Hosting Service for Your Charitable Organization

Charity organizations are extremely noble in their quest to serve those in need. Those who launch and manage these organizations can have a lot of trouble from the public if they are unable to prove that their organization is functioning lawfully and respectfully. People want to know that they are not being scammed and that their money is being used for the greater good. One of the best ways to engage the public and to show them how your organization is saving or improving lives, is by investing in a website where you can showcase all the latest events and provide donors with news on how their investments helped to change the world for the better. A website is also a great way to inform the public of your fantastic organization so you can reach more possible investors.

The Best Web Hosting Service for Your Charitable Organization

Why finding a good hosting service is important

When you launch a charity organization you need to make sure everything is running smoothly and securely to minimalize work effort and to ensure your organization will be secure for longer. Finding a secure and good hosting service is important because you need to rely on a good service provider for a long term and flourishing organization. As the manager of charity organization, you have your hands full with all the events you arrange to gain funding. You cannot afford extra cost on website redesigning if your hosting company fails. Invest in a secure company that will ensure your website is created with the latest technology so it can function well on all internet devices.

How to determine the best hosting company

Web hosting companies that narrow down their services usually have a higher level of expertise in their field and can deliver higher quality services than companies that cover a wide range of topics. A web hosting company that is expert in WordPress sites is Engine and because of their narrowed focus, the company has risen to become the leading web hosting company in just 5 years. One of the best ways to determine whether the hosting company you are interested in is secure or not is by reading reviews on the website. A review is usually written by someone who made use of the company’s services and wrote a detailed article on their findings of the services and products. You can find more about the possibilities of a leading hosting company by reading new WP Engine reviews.

Packages and services of web hosting companies

Your charity organization can probably function well on a hosting companies’ smaller hosting package. These packages are usually extremely affordable, offer you sufficient local storage for one website to function well and can manage quite a lot of visitors to your website. Charity websites do not require intermediate client data bases but should a secure site if you are planning on adding an ecommerce function to your site which will allow visitors to make instant donations the same way they would have bought items online. If your charity company is only for information purposes then there is no need for extreme programming to keep private information safe.

Donate While You Renovate

There are times when you look around your house or your room and realize that the objects in there are getting old, or maybe you could do with some more color. On the other hand, there are also times when your house might be in a terrible state and requires and urgent renovating, and it doesn’t matter what the reason may be, you can either get your house fixed because you want to sell it, or maybe because you have realized that the dilapidated state of your house is becoming quite the embarrassment, but no matter why you decide to renovate, what do you do with the old things that you take out?

Donate While You Renovate

Help others while you help yourself

That’s right, donate! Donate all the old things that you don’t need and ones that are still quite functional. For instance, if you’re renovating your bathroom, there are several different things that you can donate while you ensure that all your new fixtures are being put in place. You can donate your old bathroom radiator, for example, if you think that the parts would be still useful. If you want to replace your old bathroom radiator with a new one, check out this site, as it can help you find your new radiator in no time.

Donating doesn’t just apply to bathroom appliances, this also goes for all the other parts of the house. For example, you can always donate your kitchen sinks or your kitchen cabinets. In the case of bulkier items like sinks, donating would ensure that they stay away from the landfill. As for the cabinets, you might get lucky and find someone who may want them instead. Even if you don’t find anyone else, you can always recycle them, which will also cut down the waste that is caused by the construction.

If you are donating your cabinets, however, do ensure that they’re in working order, meaning that the drawers and the doors work properly. Also, be sure to keep them together when donating. There are also other things in the kitchen that you can donate, such as appliances. Refrigerators, stoves, and dish washers, for instance, are some examples of appliances that you can give away. That stated, ensure that they work and are clean. There are organizations out there that can help these appliances find new homes.

You will be surprised at the amount of things that you actually can donate, some other random things would include: windows, doors, lighting, and flooring made of tiles or wood, cabinet knobs, and door handles.

In other words, anything that is in good condition or can be reused can be donated. You can also opt to have things recycled if they’re in an okay condition, so the next time you’re about to renovate your house, instead of throwing things away, donate them and give them away to someone who would be able to put your old things to a better use.

If you want to know more about the things that can be donated, check out

Donating Valuables to Charity

There are many different things that you can donate to charity nowadays. There was a time when charity organizations refused to take properties as donations, but nowadays more and more organizations accept properties as donations. The same goes for valuables as well. Some organizations were against it, but there are many others that accept valuables nowadays. That said, there are many times when one realizes that they have no use for a valuable item, and that someone else can make better use of it, and so, they decide to donate them.

Donating Valuables to Charity


When donating, check with your charity organization to see if they accept donations of valuables and check and see what kinds of valuables can be accepted. Many places accept watches, and so, this is your opportunity to give away your Rolex watches that you have never worn, or one that used to belong to a relative of yours that has passed away.

Instead of keeping your valuables locked away in a bank account, you can donate it and help the poor and the unfortunate that need the money that the watch can bring more than you do. Donate your valuables and help other people, it is for a good cause.

Also, if you don’t want to donate the entire value of your Rolex, for instance, you can always sell it and only donate part of the value that the watch will bring. Even that will be of great help for the people out there who do not have much and need the help of the people who are more fortunate. This is also an excellent fundraising idea. If you’re passionate about helping other people, this will be a great opportunity for you to help an already existing fundraising program, or to start a fundraising program of your own to raise enough cash to donate to a cause or to the homeless, etc.

Finally, for those that also have financial problems themselves, this is one way by which you will be able to get some cash for yourself and still be able to do a good deed. You can choose to keep half of the profits while giving the other half away, or you could donate all the money, it’s entirely up to you.

Rolex watches

Perhaps the most well-known luxury brand around the world, Rolex is one of the most coveted brands around the world as well. The name itself screams luxury, and those that can afford a Rolex would most probably buy one because of the status associated with it. To know how much a Rolex costs, simply do a Google search, and you will know exactly what we’re talking about.

Additionally, there are also Rolex watches that are limited edition, ones that can be bought as family heirlooms and passed on through the generations.

This should give you a good idea of how expensive and coveted Rolex watches are. If you own any or if you have any other valuables that you don’t use anymore and think that someone else could make a better use out of, why not donate to charity? If you want to donate your Rolex or other valuables, visit

5 Promotional Products for Charities

Most charities and organizations use promotional products to boost awareness and raise funds for their mission. Those reusable bags you see at the grocery store to help protect the environment, as well as those pink products that people used to promote breast cancer awareness are just few of the many examples showing how effective and beneficial promotional products are.

5 Promotional Products for Charities

Promotional products are an excellent marketing tool for charities, organizations, and all sorts of business. You can sell them at a reasonable price with the funds going toward the mission; or you can use them as a giveaway to raise awareness. Most promotional products have the organization’s logo and details on them so that people who use them will become more aware of the good cause. If you’re part of an organization, here are some of the great products you can use to promote your cause and raise funding for it:

  1. Key chains. These small wonders are a popular promotional product, and many organizations use them because they are very effective for raising interest. Typically, they are attached to bags and keys, making the recipients exposed to your logo or charity’s message every time they unlock their house or use their bags. And when they go outside carrying the keychain, it helps expose your organization’s cause to others.
  2. Fridge Magnets. Custom printed magnets are also an excellent way to raise funds and share your message. Many organizations and even businesses use them because they are easy, affordable – and everybody can use them. The trick here is to get something that will catch the attention of the users and make them want to use it, like a magnetic photo frame or a notepad magnet.
  3. Customizes Shirts. Wearable promotional products like t-shirts are a fantastic way to maximize your charity’s exposure. Sure, they are a bit more costly than the other products listed here, but the additional cost is well worth. When people wear them, they’re like promoting your good cause. Anyone who will see them will also certainly notice your logo and message printed on the shirt.
  4. Pens & Pencils. These are a very popular and effective marketing tool as people will always need them for writing. The best thing about these products is they are extremely affordable – and great for both kids and adults. You can even customize them however you like to promote your good cause. If you want to target executives and elite people to raise more funds, consider investing in high quality pens like ballpoint pens. If you don’t know what or where to buy, visit for ballpoint pen reviews.
  5. Wristbands. Custom wristbands have long been a favorite promotional item because just like the ones mentioned above, they are practical and functional. They also don’t simply serve as a fundraising product, but an accessory that people will really love. They can be worn to match the users’ outfit or enhance their appearance. Customize your wristbands the way that people will want to use them every day to boost your mission’s awareness.

Organizing a Charity Garage Sale

Organizing a Charity Garage Sale

One of the most effective ways to raise funds for an event or charity is to organize a garage sale in your neighborhood. Unlike most other fundraiser events, a garage sale does not require a lot of expenditure on the occasion. Everyone from your community or organization can simply pitch in whatever they have and a successful garage sale can be organized easily, raising a lot of funds and pleasing crowds. There is, however, a lot of prior preparation involved before actually organizing a garage sale for fundraising. With quick thinking and organized planning, a garage sale can be organized in a hassle-free way. The following things need to be done to prepare for a garage sale:

Date and Time

It is best to hold multiple day sales so that people can arrive at their convenient time, plus the ‘last day’ has a bit of an appeal to customers looking for discounts. Choosing a weekday and a weekend is great. Instead of choosing hot days, choose your sale days when weather is relatively nice to avoid crowd discomfort and less turn up.

Setting up Shop

Tables, lots of them, are necessary to place your items upon. Crates and cartons also make excellent tables to keep your things on. You can also borrow tables from whoever is willing to help out. As for clothing, use hangers or a rack to keep them hanging. If you are using boxes, these can multitask to keep several items. For example, if you tilt the box to make the open end face the crowd, then some soft toys can peep through the opening and some cutlery items can be placed on top.

Getting Ready

Besides getting your selling area ready, you need to look presentable on the day too if you are one of the sellers. Get a good shave that morning with an electric shaver, because razors are just too much of a hassle. You might want to check some beard trimmer reviews here. Fresh breath, a crisp white shirt, and well groomed hair is all you need; along with a jolly personality. Say hello to customers from where you are stationed, and let them choose whatever they like.

Putting Labels

Adding labels to your stuff will get rid of a lot of pricing enquiries. For example, have a paper sign that says, “Books: $2 each” or “Soft Toys: $1.5 each” attached to crates that carry these items. This will help you organize things better. Also, make sure the signs let the buyers know which of the items are fragile and should be handled with care.

Keep Change

While selling items, make sure you have a lot of change handy. Chances are that your customers have paid $19.5 to you and you are struggling to find change. In order to avoid this, load your cash box with change and keep an account of how much change you have provided. To know more about successful fundraisers, read this article-

How to Help Make Your Community Safe

How to Help Make Your Community Safe

We all want to live in a happy, fun, and safe environment. But let’s face it: No community is perfectly safe and harm free. Fortunately, there are ways to help protect your home and neighborhood against harm, and here are some:

  1. Know your neighbors. One of the best ways to keep your family safe and prevent crime in your community is to get to know your neighborhood. This is not to say that you should become best friends with them, but at least try to make yourself familiar about them. Better if you establish friendship and trust, so you’ll have someone to call in case you need help. If you know your neighborhood, it will also be much easier for you to detect if something is wrong or suspicious in your community.
  2. Form a neighborhood association. Join a neighborhood association available in your community or form one if there isn’t any program available yet. Associations not just provide an opportunity for all residents to get to know each other better, but also create and implement prevention strategies to reduce crimes, threats, and other community problems.
  3. Team up with your local police department. To make your home and community much safer, it’s also great if you include your local police department in your crime prevention projects. Robbers and thieves will be hesitant to steal or start a trouble if they know that there are police roaming around. Also contact and include your local police officers in your group meetings. They will be more than happy to assist and give you tips on how to effectively deter criminals and what to do in case you spot a suspicious activity in your area.
  4. Improve lighting on your street. Robbers and thieves prefer to operate in dark and poor-lit areas. Ask the elected officers in your community to install more street lights to discourage burglars and thieves from sneaking in your community at night. It’s also great to encourage your neighborhood to install outdoor lighting around their homes and turn them on in the evening so that intruders won’t have a dark place to hide.
  5. Keep your doors and windows closed at night. Opening your windows and doors at night provides an opportunity for thieves to see what they want and easily plan how to get it. But whether you own expensive items or not, it is very important to always keep your doors and windows closed. Keep in mind that it isn’t only theft that happens during a home invasion, assaults can happen, too. If your neighbors are there, they can also get hurt, too. So make it a habit to close your windows and doors, especially at night. Encourage your neighborhood to also do the same. If possible, install shutters and grilles to make it more difficult for thieves to access your property.
  6. Add security system. If you want to level-up the security in your community, consider installing high-end security systems, such as surveillance camera and security alarms. Position the security cameras at all entrances and possible hiding places, such as in the front door, back door, garage, and gates.

Ways to Help Other People

Are you tired of having to go through the same old routine every day? You know that you have to go to your job early in the morning and do the various things that you have to do. You have to remember that having a routine can make everything more familiar but it can also make you lose passion about life in general.

What better way to reignite your passion for life by helping other people out. Some people assume that helping others mean that you have to give to the less fortunate but even helping out the people that you are with can already create a huge impact on the things that you have to experience every day.

Ways to Help Other People

You have to remember that it does not matter what season it is or what you are going through at present time, what matters is that you have the will and the perseverance to help other people. There is a very big chance that you will get to like helping others tremendously. Would you like to know the various ways on how you can help other people now?

  • Help your friend find a new home. By helping your friend find a new home, this does not mean that your friend is homeless but he/she might need someone to come with him/her to check out the various houses and properties that are available. You do not have to be at Lake Las Vegas Real Estate just to have a nice and comfortable home.
  • Make a sad person laugh. There are different struggles and troubles that people go through every day and at the same time, there are also various achievements and successes that people go through but people usually remember the struggles more. You can brighten up other people’s day especially those whom you care for a lot so that they can feel better.
  • Become consistent in being of help to other people. You cannot just help other people whenever you want to. You would have to integrate it into your lifestyle so that you can be sure that you will be doing it naturally. The more natural you are about helping, the better it would be for you.
  • Help other people on the Internet. You can spread your help around by not being limited to what you can see or the people that you can reach near you. There are also people from other places who may be in dire need of help but they do not have anyone to turn to. You can be that person that can provide them the listening ear that they need.
  • Remember to be of service to yourself too. You have to remember that like loving yourself before you can love other people fully; you have to serve yourself too. You have to make sure that you will be selfish from time to time so that you can also pamper yourself properly.

With these things in mind, you can be sure that you will be helping other people and yourself well.

How to Raise Money to Give People Houses

You do know that you would need to give people the help that they deserve especially when they have no one to turn to. You should do it not because people are forcing you to do so but because you like to do it from the bottom of your heart.

You might think that if you are rich, you would not need to raise money already just to give people what they need because you can get it from your very own pockets but there are instances when you would still raise money because even if you can give the amount needed on your own, you would like to give people the chance to help out in their own way.

How to Raise Money to Give People Houses

One of the main problems that people get is losing their own homes. There are various reasons why people lose their homes. It might be because of the remortgage that they have gotten from the house or it may also be because they have lost their jobs. There are different reasons why people have lost their homes. You may want to get to know more from here.

If you would like to raise funds at the soonest possible time, here are some of the things that you need to do to have a definite plan:

  • Set a goal for the type of charity fund that you have in mind.

How much are you hoping to achieve? How many people would you like to give houses to? Knowing these different goals will help you know the things that you have to consider so that you will not have any problems in the future.

  • You would have to know the options you have.

You have to remember that you are going to have different options so that you can choose the right way for you to get the funds that you need to help out people who are in need. Do remember that you can choose the options depending on what you think will work best for you.

  • Choose if you are going to raise funds in person with the help of other people or if you would like to help raise funds online.

The options that you have available will be up to you depending on what you think will be more effective. Some people choose to raise money through both platforms so they can get the money sooner and they can give the help to those who are in need at the soonest possible time.

  • Make sure that you will spread the word out.

You have to remember that you need to make sure that you will spread the word out so that people will know what your cause is for. Remember that if no one will know about it, how can you make your fundraiser a successful one? You have to make sure that you will advertise whether online or through flyers. Remind people that it is for a good cause.

Once you actually have done all the things that are mentioned above, there is a big chance that you will give people what they need, consider giving them granny flat with easy maintenance and low monthly cost. You can get idea what granny flat you need at

Reasons to Give to Charitable Institutions

You may be thinking about how you can spend your extra money especially if you have gotten unexpected money. You know that you do not have to spend on anything lately and while you may place a part of it to your savings, you also know that you can use it to good cause. Probably you have just done renovations on your baths Perth and you still have a bit of extra to share.

Reasons to Give to Charitable Institutions

What do you think you should do in order to make use of your money wisely? The best thing to do is to donate to charitable institutions. You will be surprised to know that there are actually a lot of charities in this world that are available. You may think in the beginning that all things fancy and expensive can make you happy but do you know that the act of giving can be more fulfilling?

If in case you are still not convinced with the things that you ought to do, here are some of the tried and tested reasons why you should donate and share your blessings to charitable institutions:

  1. You will realize that you have an improved sense of well being.

One of the main reasons why people usually end up being unhappy about the things that they are doing is because they do not recognize their purpose in life. They do not know the reasons why they have to be in certain situations at certain times. When you give to charities, you can be sure that your sense of well being will improve a lot. You can learn more about that here.

  1. You will become more aware of the issues that the world is going through right now.

If you have always lived a privileged life, there is always a chance that you are not too aware about the things that the less fortunate have to go through every day. You may not be that aware of the social injustices that people suffer through every single day but once you start giving, you can be sure that your eyes and your ears will be opened to these various situations and you will start to realize what things you have been missing out on.

  1. You can build your social circles.

If you have always been a bit shy and timid and you are not that comfortable spending time with other people that you do not know, having something in common with other people can be considered as your common ground to be friends with various people. You can be sure that if you would be doing this often, you will become more at ease in social situations and you can have more friends in the process.

Do you think that doing volunteer work will help you with all of your needs and the things that you would like to get? There is a big chance that you will get what you need. You are not limited to just one cause. You can try various ones especially if you have a lot of causes to believe in.