How To Select The Top Paving Company In Melbourne

asphalt pavingIf you want to find the best paving company in Melbourne then you have come to the right place, these suggestions will help make the process much simpler. Notice we used the word simpler and not easier, there are many great paving companies to choose from like but if you stick with this approach you won’t go wrong.

You will need to create a list of all the paving companies in Melbourne and once you have their names you can begin the actual screening process. Something that you should keep in mind when screening these firms is some of them are proactive when it comes to charities and giving back to the community so it would be prudent to review the track record of these paving companies before you even look at pricing.

The most effective way to establish the track record of these organizations is to review the testimonials made on social networking websites. Since some of the reviews posted on these platforms are biased you will need to try and identify broad trends, the company that has the largest number of positive comments is the one that is usually the most popular and suitable overall.

After you have identified paving firms with the best track record you will need to start comparing the prices that each of them are going to charge you. Keep in mind that depending on the type of asphalt you want made the prices will fluctuate dramatically. While comparing the prices being quoted you have to keep two very important things in mind. When it comes to investing in road surfacing, higher prices do not always mean better quality and lower prices could lead to problems. What you need to do is target the paving company that has their pricing point in the middle. When the pricing review has been completed you should ask the organization to provide you with a surety, this is a promise that the job will be completed by a particular time or the company will pay a penalty. The reason you need to have these assurances in place is to provide you with peace of mind knowing the job will be done on time and on budget. The last item you need to address before you can move forward and actually hire the paving company is whether they will get the necessary permits to perform the paving or will you need to get it, you may or may not require permits to do the paving but it is always better to confirm now before work begins.

As you can see there are a few steps that have to be taken when sourcing for the best paving company in Melbourne but it will pay off when you see the work being done properly so start doing your research right now.

Importance of Bookkeeping for Charities and Non-profit Organizations

Charities, as with any other organizations, exist because they have a goal. And whatever the goal is, money is essential to help them achieve it. But of course, having money doesn’t mean success will be guaranteed. No matter how large your fund is, the money you have will easily slip between your fingers if you don’t know how to efficiently handle it.

One of the primary reasons why businesses fail is because of poor financial management. And as a charity with an aim to cause significant impact to the society, you don’t want that to happen to you. What you want is to definitely save and spend all your donations wisely, preferably according to its mission.

importance of bookkeeping

Achieving your organization’s goal starts with having a healthy book. When it comes to financial books, you usually have two options – either do it yourself or hire somebody do it for you. Well some people prefer to do the bookkeeping themselves because they find it too expensive to hire an accountant or a bookkeeper. Well, there’s nothing actually wrong with that, as long as you’re sure that you have the ability to keep track of your organization’s finances effectively.

Nevertheless, hiring an outside accountant is essential to monitor and manage the financial aspects of your organization. Remember, money management is a very tricky aspect of a business. It doesn’t only involve collecting and spending funds, but also deals with complicated activities, such as making bank deposits, transferring financial information, tracking back accounts, preparing checks, drafting financial reports, calculating payroll, analyzing financial situations, doing taxes, giving financial advice, etc. And it can also involve much more complex responsibilities, depending on the size and status of your organization. For this reason, it pays to hire a bookkeeper or an accountant, who knows how to manage your accounts well.

While there are now software available that make bookkeeping much easier and enjoyable, dealing with financial records and taxes is probably not what you want to do all the time. The very reason why you built a charity is because you want to help people and make a significant impact in the society, and it is very unlikely for you to be able to do that if you will concentrate your attention in bookkeeping. If you hire or outsource an accountant, you can do much more important stuff and focus on your core aims.

Other benefits of hiring a bookkeeper:

  • Help you understand your financial situation well
  • Help you prepare a meaningful budget
  • Help you prepare your taxes
  • Help you comply with current legislation and regulations
  • Help you make your work quicker

Whether you’ve been running a charity for a while or you’re just starting out to build your own non-profit organization, hiring a bookkeeper is definitely essential. To find a bookkeeper in your area, contact the U.S. Association of Chartered Accountants or the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. You can also find a reliable bookkeeper by searching online database and websites and typing your specific location. For instance, if you are in Melbourne, just type bookkeeper Melbourne to find the available bookkeepers or accountants in your area.

Payroll Services for Charities and Non-Profit Organizations

Every business, no matter how small, needs to process a payroll. Employees must receive paychecks on a consistent basis without delays. The quality of your payroll affects every aspect of your business, especially when it comes to your employees’ efficiency and company’s financial stability. Without proper managing of payroll, your business could be at risk. This same goes when you run a charity or non-profit organization. Charities also employ staff who need paying each month to continuously help in carrying out the organization’s functions. This is the very reason why most companies and organizations are using outsourced payroll services to manage their payroll for them.

While some small businesses and organizations prefer to do their payroll on their own, majority of companies are now choosing to hire outsourced service because of the many benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you would want to consider outsourcing your payroll to another company:

payroll service provider

  1. Save Time. Payroll processing is time-consuming. You can definitely save significant amount of time that can be used in more valuable activities if you let other company handle your payroll processing. This is especially true if you only have temporary or volunteer staff.
  1. Reduce Cost. The truth is you can greatly reduce your payroll costs when you outsource it to other company than do it in-house. Most companies that offer outsourced services provide an economical price structure to help non-profit organizations save funds.
  1. Less Errors. Payroll mistakes are extremely painful. Since most charities only employ temporary and inexperienced staff, errors may likely to occur. By outsourcing your payroll to experienced and reliable companies, you can eliminate the potential of making mistakes; thus, avoid late payments or penalties.
  1. Avoid Headaches. With the constantly-changing payroll legislation, payroll is becoming more and more complicated, making it one of the most challenging aspects in any business. If your people don’t have time or enough training to keep up with the ever-changing industry, your business or organization could be at risk. By outsourcing your payroll, you can certainly eliminate the hassle of training your staff and dealing with future payroll problems.
  1. Secure Your Payroll Data. Payroll is a sensitive aspect of business because it contains confidential information that are important in keeping your business run smoothly. Companies that offer outsourced services utilize secure technology in order to ensure that all your data are kept safely. They also have a specialized monitoring system that allows you to easily monitor your account and track fraudulent activity.
  1. Peace of Mind. Finally, by outsourcing your payroll service, you can have a peace of mind that your payroll is being managed effectively.

Indeed, outsourcing your payroll service is extremely beneficial. But don’t forget that to get the best experience, you have to choose the right outsourcing company. There are so many companies out there to choose from claiming to offer the best service. If you live in Australia, look for reliable payroll services Australia and make sure that you have a solid understanding of the services and capabilities they offer before choosing one. Some of the important considerations you may want to look at are the following: reliability, flexibility, security, and ability.

Finding The Perfect Winter Jacket For You And Your Family

When I say the name “Canada Goose” what is the first thing that comes to mind ? While most people will envision the bird but there is a company with the same name that has some of the best winter jackets in the market. These jackets are made with down from the Canada Goose which resists cold that other materials couldn’t. These Canada Goose jackets are also very stylish so you can wear them to the office and when out with your family.

Where To Purchase Your Canada Goose Jacket

There may be local brick and mortar retailers you could purchase these winter jackets from but if you are in an area of Canada or around the world where there are no local Canada Goose jacket vendors then you should look on the Internet for vendors that are actively selling these jackets. After you have gathered the names of the retailers that are selling Canada Goose jackets you need to first verify the retailers that are selling these jackets are dealing with “authentic Canada Goose” jackets and not fakes which are quite common when shopping over the Internet. There should be documentation on the vendors website that verify their reputation but if you cannot find this you should go to either the Facebook or Twitter pages being administered by the vendor and read over the comments that were made by other individuals who bought their Canada Goose jackets from the retailer you are screening. When you have verified the merchants are legitimate you can start looking at the various jackets and prices being quoted.


Things To Keep In Mind When Reviewing These Canada Goose Jackets

One of the most important items you should address is sizing these winter jackets properly, this is especially important if you have young children. While most people bundle up under their winter jacket with the Canada Goose jacket you don’t have to dress in layers because the goose down makes the jacket very warm. While these jackets come in a variety of colours and styles you should note that they are intended for urban life so these are not the jackets you would want to wear while hunting in the woods or fishing.


How To Properly Compare Prices

Since each of the retailers will charge whatever they want for these Canada Goose jackets it is strongly recommended to compare the prices being quoted to figure out which of these vendors has the most competitive pricing. To compare these prices you have to note whether the retail price being quoted also includes shipping fees or is that a separate cost, don’t forget the GST/HST as well which will drive up the total amount of money you have to pay. By sticking with these tips you should be able to find the right winter jacket for you and your family.


After you get your new Goose jacket you can donate your old winter jackets to charity

Are desserts the best option for a fundraiser?

dessertFinding the best fundraising options can be difficult. There are a variety of options out there when it comes to raising money for schools, sports teams, humane societies, health causes, and much more. In today’s economy it is important to stay relevant and affordable otherwise a fundraiser will not do so well. A fundraiser that offers great prices along with a great product is the best way to go in order to raise the money your group needs.

The best types of fundraisers are those that offer food, especially desserts. From going to door to door selling chocolate bars to placing catalog orders there is a whole world of desserts to be found that are sure to have people clamoring to get decadent desserts while raising money too.

Dessert Fundraiser Ideas

There are a lot of ideas when it comes to choosing a dessert item for fundraising. Bake sales have long been a favorite in schools and for sports teams.  There is nothing wrong with a classic and getting friends & family or a local business to provider baked good and selling them at lunch or during a school event is a surefire way to raise money for your group.

Another option is teaming up with a company who provides dessert options. Otis Spunkmeyer or Cherrydale farms cookie dough sales for instance are a top choice to help keep you organized and assure that the dessert is high quality and delivered on time.

Cookies, chocolate, and other types of desserts have to be eaten within a certain period of time. This can deter potential customers as they may not have the need for dessert items. With cookie dough a customer can make as much or as little as they want at any given time. They can save it for a holiday or when they know they’ll have a large amount of people at their home. Another option for them is to make small batches of cookies over time utilizing the cookie dough. Buying cookie dough in bulk is cheaper than in the stores and customers know that they are getting great quality.

Why Desserts Make Great Fundraisers

Desserts make great fundraisers in general because they don’t rely on a specific season as anytime is a great time for dessert. It’s up to you whether you want to work with a fundraising company or Also, bake sales depend on parents to provide the baked goods, and sometimes they’re just not as good. This makes customers and fundraisers happy because customers get great desserts and fundraisers get the necessary profit to reach their fundraising goals. By allowing customers to choose what they want to order they can ensure that they are getting exactly what they want. They are able to make decisions and set desserts aside for special occasions.

Because of the economy and today’s market it can be difficult to choose the best fundraisers. This is why desserts truly are the best option. They are relevant in today’s market and allow for satisfaction on all ends of the process from seller, to customer, to fundraising event.

Opening Roofs for Charity

charityWe live in a world of convenience. This age of convenience is clearly demonstrated as we carry within our pockets the same technology and computer storage that once required larger and cumbersome units.

Additionally, this convenience can extend to one’s personal home. For example, through wireless connections, an individual can control their thermostat, lighting and security all through technology within their pocket. Also, an individual can basically control the climate outside through an electrical device that controls the louvers of an outside awning.

This is accomplished by merely flipping on an electrical switch. By activating the switch, the louvers can be opened to enjoy the fullness of the sunlight or the reverse of this process can close louvers and provide the needed shade.

The benefit of installing such a system is not only in providing comfort for the homeowner but a savings in energy costs as they are able to reduce the outside temperature by at least 10° and therefore decrease their dependence upon energy.

What a wonderful and creative idea it would be to partner with the charity and select a needy family or elderly couple to install such an awning system.

In order to provide such a charitable benefit for a needy family, a contest could be held in which a family member, neighbor or other interested party could submit a video or essay saying why this family should be chosen. Then the selection panel comprised of influential members in the community, business leaders, political leaders or other high-profile citizens could be formed. Then this panel would meet and go over the entries that have been submitted. The panel then could grade the entries and based on that grading system select the fortunate family.

In order to get the word out on this wonderful charitable event, the participating charity could partner with an entity from the media. It could be a television station, radio station or newspaper.

Once the fortunate family has been selected then there could be a call for workers so that the awning could be installed at a reduction in price or at no cost at all. In addition, the company, for media relations, purposes could donate their product as well as waive any installation fees for the benefit of the chosen family.

In order to learn more about the particular product that could be installed, a suggested website could be opening roofs Sydney.

Of course, all of this would be for a good cause. However the bottom line is that an appropriate family would be chosen and this awning system would help improve their quality of life as well as decreasing any potential financial stress placed upon them.

Another option would be that when the community rallies behind such an event, there may be a residual benefit in that the community may support this particular family in other ways as well or bring attention to needs in the community.








How To Join A Charity and Help Those in Need

helpingFrom time immemorial there have always been needy people, along with those who readily help others with what they have or can. The sad fact is that people who are ready to share their supplies to meet the needs of the poor and unprivileged are less than those who need their help.Often, people sink in poverty that is not caused by their own fault. This might be a result of a sudden disaster or disease that makes them to entirely depend on the charity and generosity of people around them.

Knowing how important the charity is, many organizations and individuals regularly give money or other goods to the needy people and save their lives. If you would like to join a charity and make it a part of your life, you might be interested in the various options you have to help those people in need that live in your community.

Make Monetary Donations

The first way to help is to make some money donation to the local charities, so they could use this money to supply the less fortunate people with the things they need to live a better life.

Donate Clothing
The second option is to donate second-hand clothing to different shelters, which then disburse these clothes among the poor people. Whether these are people, who have gone through natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, floods, or just are too poor to buy clothes, your donation will be of great help to them.

Donate Skills And Talents
Many people find a great way to donate others by offering cheap or free services. These could be hair dressers or barbers who offer to fix the hair of poor people free of charge, or companies that offer inexpensive services of any kind, like cheap oven cleaning, cheap house cleaning, cheap personal assistant services, home repair, etc. Many unfortunate or senior people need these services, but cannot afford them, so they will gladly take advantage of donations like these.

Donate Food
Another way to make the life of needy people better, is to donate canned foods or other non-perishable products that can be used long after they are donated. Thus, people who do not have enough funds to provide food for their entire family, can take advantage of them.

Donate Work
If you do not have enough funds, or clothes, or food to donate, you can still help by doing some work for senior citizens, who cannot make it on their own because they are well on in years. Some of them struggle to make their daily chores at home or around it, finding difficulties with mowing the grass, raking the leaves, taking the trash out, painting and so on, so they need a good helping hand that could do that for them.

Donate School Supplies
Many children are less privileged than others and do not have proper school supplies to work with. As a result, they find difficulties in learning. These children will be happy to get the missing supplies that their families cannot afford donated to the school by people with good hearts.

Getting Involved With Charities Even Without Funds

Charity brochure final.cdrMore and more schools and businesses are finding ways to give back by donating to charities and other organizations, and it’s not wonder why, as giving back creates a great sense of connection with others. By giving back and helping out, you are contributing to those that are less fortunate, and it can really help us to be more grateful and appreciative of the things we might otherwise take for granted.

Some people might be thinking that it would be great to give money to a local charity, but what about if you are just living paycheck to paycheck and don’t have the extra income to give away? Well first of all, giving back, even if it is only a small amount will help you to have a greater fortune in your own life. It’s the old saying, what we put out we get back in return. On the other hand, it is understandable that you don’t want to get yourself into a place of worry because you are just trying to help others.

The good news is that even if you are low in funds, there are other ways to give back. Below is a list of ways to still help out, even when you aren’t able to write a check.

4 Ways To Give Back To Charity Without Funds

1. You can give your time – Giving your time to a local organization or charity is a great way to give back to the community. You can volunteer at a local animal shelter, soup kitchen, food drive or clothing drive. Those are just a few, there are many options out there, just go online and you will find plenty.

2. You can give your expertise – Helping others to learn what you are learning will give them a chance to move forward in life with new skills. Most low income families cannot afford college tuition, so by you giving your knowledge to others, gives them a chance to go out and put that knowledge in to a paying job.

3. You can give your stuff – Most Americans have way more things than we need to live on. Take a look in your closets and go through the clothing you have, if you haven’t worn it in more than a year, it is time to let it go. You don’t just have to give clothing, you can also give shoes, jewelry, sporting goods, furniture, cleaning supplies, food, blankets, old lamps and other house hold items. You can even give away old electronics that you don’t use anymore. There are many charities that can use them to help others.

4. Schools can also get involved by helping out and donating. Colleges like nail technician schools can offer up old equipment, require a number of hours for students to give their time, or even create fundraisers to help collect money for different charities, you just have to find the proper source. It’s a great way to get students involved with their communities and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Getting involved with charity can help to boost self-esteem, and confidence in an individual. Plus the rewards from helping others are worth way more than any donation or time involved.


Creative and Inspirational Ideas for Fundraising with Kids

In this guide, we will present some tips and inspirational ideas that can help parents and kids get involved in charity activities. Today, fund-raising can be easily done online especially through social media. Kids aged 16 and above can help promote, share and manage fundraising pages to save time and raise awareness regarding their charities. Word of mouth advertising as well as emails can be used to get more people to participate in the activity.

kids fundraising

Here are some more tips to help kids and parents get involved in charity work:

  • Get everyone involved: the more the better. You can ask your children’s friends, school members and groups to participate.
  • Keep things simple- Avoid disappointment by making sure that the children keep realistic expectations.
  • Handle the money carefully- Make sure that the money collected is handled safely by an adult and returned to the organization for which it is raised.
  • Keep it fun- When everyone has a good time, more people feel encouraged to support your charity.
  • Think about the timing- Timing is everything, so hold the fundraiser at the right time that does not clash with any other event like the Super Bowl etc.
  • Do not spend more than you make- An ideal fundraiser is the one in which you raise at least 3 times more than you spend. Try and minimize your expenditure. Use your best foot forward and a cheerful attitude to get more donations.

Some Ideas for raising Funds with kids

Provide a service- These include ideas like dog wash, car wash or other services. In case of dog wash, make sure you call the city council first and hold such a service in a park. Use products that are safe and will not harm the surrounding grass as well as the pets. Similarly, car wash tickets can also be sold a couple of days prior to the event. This will help create a buzz about the event and get more people involved in the process.

Yard work- Through ‘rent a youth’ day, older kids can be made to do yard work around the neighborhood. These could include painting the fence, mowing the lawn or other landscaping jobs as required.

Coffee circulation services- Tie up with the local coffee shop. Take orders for coffee around the neighborhood and deliver them. Split the costs with the shop.

Student film or drama festival- Students can set up dramas or plays and sell tickets around the neighborhood.

Recycle cans and bottles- Children can collect recyclable cans and bottles and collect money from recycling centers after depositing them.

Walk-a-thon- Parents and students can collect money by having people pledge money for every mile they walk or run.

Seasonal Ideas- Halloween is a great time to ask people to insure their homes from Halloween related pranks like TP’d houses, squashed pumpkins etc. If these do occur, children can clean up the mess the next day or else keep the money. Likewise, Christmas is a great time to offer to help with decorations, or even pick up and dispose the tree once the season is over. Gift wrapping services can also be offered.

Tips for keeping kids safe

Prior to choosing any fundraising activity, make sure you keep children safe and healthy. Just as you do a risk assessment for self managed super funds, do a risk assessment regarding the charity activity. For children aged below 16, adult supervision is a must at all times. Children should also be warned against approaching strangers. They must only raise funds from people they know and areas or neighborhoods they are familiar with.  Kids must also be taught how to handle food safely where necessary.

Teach children to say thank you and help them appreciate people who help them in their efforts. Encourage and congratulate the kids for all their hard work.

When Selling Unused Trumpets Helps Others

Everyone does not have a music talent, but those who do, buy instruments that they enjoy playing. Trumpets are a part of the brass family of instruments and the price of them can vary depending on if the instrument is for a student or professional player. Once these instruments have served their purpose to the owner, they can be donated to students who are striving to be a musician in the future.


Student Studying Music For Better Life

Schools have bands and orchestras, but do not always have the funds to buy instruments for every student. Since the schools budget is not large enough students have to share their instruments with others, and in return the student does not have an adequate amount of practice time to perfect their skills. With every note a student plays, they have the opportunity to escape reality or to make their lives much better. Schools have to find other ways to ensure each student has a personal instrument to contribute to their future, but many times they have to hope for a larger school budget or rely on charities.

Mastering A Specific Trumpet

After an adult, who has studied for many years has mastered a specific trumpet they will not need it anymore. They will either throw the trumpet in the back of their closet or trash it. Trashing the trumpet and forgetting about it is simply a waste of money, and there is always a less fortunate person with talent who will appreciate the instrument. Donating the instrument to a charity will ensure that a young musician will have the opportunity to live out their dream, and the previous owner of the trumpet can write the donation off on their taxes.

Sale Multiple Instruments

Maybe you have an orchestra or band that has had to sell all their trumpets, because every member has upgraded. Announce to people you know and those on the internet, that you have trumpets for sale. The profit earned from these sold trumpets can be donated to a charity. If the orchestra or band members do not want to sell their trumpets, but instead donate them, then find a charity that is willing to accept the trumpets.

A Charity For Music Programs

Those instruments that have not been sold, but donated can all go to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. This foundation will accept instruments that have been abandoned by their owners for multiple reasons. Students who do not have the money to buy their personal instruments can now have a trumpet to call their own.

Charities Help Those Who Are In Need

Once an instrument is donated to a charity, a student has the opportunity to be a star click here. The contribution allows a younger person to fulfill their dreams with the same instrument the person donating started with. The person who donates will benefit as well; their social life will improve and they can benefit financially. During tax season the donation can be written off, and the amount of taxes received for the year can increase.