Getting Involved With Charities Even Without Funds

Charity brochure final.cdrMore and more schools and businesses are finding ways to give back by donating to charities and other organizations, and it’s not wonder why, as giving back creates a great sense of connection with others. By giving back and helping out, you are contributing to those that are less fortunate, and it can really help us to be more grateful and appreciative of the things we might otherwise take for granted.

Some people might be thinking that it would be great to give money to a local charity, but what about if you are just living paycheck to paycheck and don’t have the extra income to give away? Well first of all, giving back, even if it is only a small amount will help you to have a greater fortune in your own life. It’s the old saying, what we put out we get back in return. On the other hand, it is understandable that you don’t want to get yourself into a place of worry because you are just trying to help others.

The good news is that even if you are low in funds, there are other ways to give back. Below is a list of ways to still help out, even when you aren’t able to write a check.

4 Ways To Give Back To Charity Without Funds

1. You can give your time – Giving your time to a local organization or charity is a great way to give back to the community. You can volunteer at a local animal shelter, soup kitchen, food drive or clothing drive. Those are just a few, there are many options out there, just go online and you will find plenty.

2. You can give your expertise – Helping others to learn what you are learning will give them a chance to move forward in life with new skills. Most low income families cannot afford college tuition, so by you giving your knowledge to others, gives them a chance to go out and put that knowledge in to a paying job.

3. You can give your stuff – Most Americans have way more things than we need to live on. Take a look in your closets and go through the clothing you have, if you haven’t worn it in more than a year, it is time to let it go. You don’t just have to give clothing, you can also give shoes, jewelry, sporting goods, furniture, cleaning supplies, food, blankets, old lamps and other house hold items. You can even give away old electronics that you don’t use anymore. There are many charities that can use them to help others.

4. Schools can also get involved by helping out and donating. Colleges like nail technician schools can offer up old equipment, require a number of hours for students to give their time, or even create fundraisers to help collect money for different charities, you just have to find the proper source. It’s a great way to get students involved with their communities and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Getting involved with charity can help to boost self-esteem, and confidence in an individual. Plus the rewards from helping others are worth way more than any donation or time involved.


Creative and Inspirational Ideas for Fundraising with Kids

In this guide, we will present some tips and inspirational ideas that can help parents and kids get involved in charity activities. Today, fund-raising can be easily done online especially through social media. Kids aged 16 and above can help promote, share and manage fundraising pages to save time and raise awareness regarding their charities. Word of mouth advertising as well as emails can be used to get more people to participate in the activity.

kids fundraising

Here are some more tips to help kids and parents get involved in charity work:

  • Get everyone involved: the more the better. You can ask your children’s friends, school members and groups to participate.
  • Keep things simple- Avoid disappointment by making sure that the children keep realistic expectations.
  • Handle the money carefully- Make sure that the money collected is handled safely by an adult and returned to the organization for which it is raised.
  • Keep it fun- When everyone has a good time, more people feel encouraged to support your charity.
  • Think about the timing- Timing is everything, so hold the fundraiser at the right time that does not clash with any other event like the Super Bowl etc.
  • Do not spend more than you make- An ideal fundraiser is the one in which you raise at least 3 times more than you spend. Try and minimize your expenditure. Use your best foot forward and a cheerful attitude to get more donations.

Some Ideas for raising Funds with kids

Provide a service- These include ideas like dog wash, car wash or other services. In case of dog wash, make sure you call the city council first and hold such a service in a park. Use products that are safe and will not harm the surrounding grass as well as the pets. Similarly, car wash tickets can also be sold a couple of days prior to the event. This will help create a buzz about the event and get more people involved in the process.

Yard work- Through ‘rent a youth’ day, older kids can be made to do yard work around the neighborhood. These could include painting the fence, mowing the lawn or other landscaping jobs as required.

Coffee circulation services- Tie up with the local coffee shop. Take orders for coffee around the neighborhood and deliver them. Split the costs with the shop.

Student film or drama festival- Students can set up dramas or plays and sell tickets around the neighborhood.

Recycle cans and bottles- Children can collect recyclable cans and bottles and collect money from recycling centers after depositing them.

Walk-a-thon- Parents and students can collect money by having people pledge money for every mile they walk or run.

Seasonal Ideas- Halloween is a great time to ask people to insure their homes from Halloween related pranks like TP’d houses, squashed pumpkins etc. If these do occur, children can clean up the mess the next day or else keep the money. Likewise, Christmas is a great time to offer to help with decorations, or even pick up and dispose the tree once the season is over. Gift wrapping services can also be offered.

Tips for keeping kids safe

Prior to choosing any fundraising activity, make sure you keep children safe and healthy. Just as you do a risk assessment for self managed super funds, do a risk assessment regarding the charity activity. For children aged below 16, adult supervision is a must at all times. Children should also be warned against approaching strangers. They must only raise funds from people they know and areas or neighborhoods they are familiar with.  Kids must also be taught how to handle food safely where necessary.

Teach children to say thank you and help them appreciate people who help them in their efforts. Encourage and congratulate the kids for all their hard work.

When Selling Unused Trumpets Helps Others

Everyone does not have a music talent, but those who do, buy instruments that they enjoy playing. Trumpets are a part of the brass family of instruments and the price of them can vary depending on if the instrument is for a student or professional player. Once these instruments have served their purpose to the owner, they can be donated to students who are striving to be a musician in the future.


Student Studying Music For Better Life

Schools have bands and orchestras, but do not always have the funds to buy instruments for every student. Since the schools budget is not large enough students have to share their instruments with others, and in return the student does not have an adequate amount of practice time to perfect their skills. With every note a student plays, they have the opportunity to escape reality or to make their lives much better. Schools have to find other ways to ensure each student has a personal instrument to contribute to their future, but many times they have to hope for a larger school budget or rely on charities.

Mastering A Specific Trumpet

After an adult, who has studied for many years has mastered a specific trumpet they will not need it anymore. They will either throw the trumpet in the back of their closet or trash it. Trashing the trumpet and forgetting about it is simply a waste of money, and there is always a less fortunate person with talent who will appreciate the instrument. Donating the instrument to a charity will ensure that a young musician will have the opportunity to live out their dream, and the previous owner of the trumpet can write the donation off on their taxes.

Sale Multiple Instruments

Maybe you have an orchestra or band that has had to sell all their trumpets, because every member has upgraded. Announce to people you know and those on the internet, that you have trumpets for sale. The profit earned from these sold trumpets can be donated to a charity. If the orchestra or band members do not want to sell their trumpets, but instead donate them, then find a charity that is willing to accept the trumpets.

A Charity For Music Programs

Those instruments that have not been sold, but donated can all go to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. This foundation will accept instruments that have been abandoned by their owners for multiple reasons. Students who do not have the money to buy their personal instruments can now have a trumpet to call their own.

Charities Help Those Who Are In Need

Once an instrument is donated to a charity, a student has the opportunity to be a star click here. The contribution allows a younger person to fulfill their dreams with the same instrument the person donating started with. The person who donates will benefit as well; their social life will improve and they can benefit financially. During tax season the donation can be written off, and the amount of taxes received for the year can increase.




Shop for a cause! The power of charity is a great thing. When shopping for clothes why not look for a cite that will donate some of their earning to charity. Not only will you get what you are looking to buy but you will also get the satisfaction of knowing that some of your money is going to help those in need. Whether it be a person or an animal there is always a good reason to donate.

There are four very good reason why you should donate to charities whether it be from buying clothes or just because you want to do something good.

  1. Giving to charity may improve your sense of well being- the act of helping others can give you inner satisfaction something that isn’t easily self given. People are always so hard on themselves and being able to give to those in
    need is a great way to lift some of the weight of your shoulders.
  2. Helping support a cause can keep you informed about important issues.- when you are thinking about donating in any form it may be important to research what you are donating to, to make sure that it is important to you.
  3. Giving to charity out of spiritual conviction can strengthen your spiritual life.- selfless giving is a key component to bringing a sense of inner peace and contentment to your everyday life.
  4. Giving back to a charity may result in physical and social benefits.- By giving to charity or by volunteering you have the opportunity to build your social circles while reaping the physical, mental and spiritual benefits that you will receive for your charity.

The current top ten charities according to Forbes magazine are:

  1. United Way
  2. Salvation Army
  3. American Cancer Society
  4. Food For the Poor
  5.  YMCA of the USA
  6. Feed the Children
  7. Americares Foundation
  8. Catholic Charities USA
  9. Gifts in Kind International
  10. World Vision

Not only can giving back make you feel good but its also a good way to create job opportunities in the future. Nowadays employers are looking for individuals who have a lot of volunteer experience on a resume. Donating your time is something that companies are starting to look for more and more.

Sure you can sit there and not donate to charity and go along with your day like always, or you can feel the overwhelming sense of satisfaction knowing that you made a difference. And that somewhere out there, there is a person or an animal that is being helped because of your generosity.

If you would like to read more about why you should donate click here to see the 7 good reasons to give back.


Running for Charities: Get Fit and Help Others!

Being involved in fundraising events, especially for charities, is truly an amazing experience. You get a chance to mingle with others, and more importantly help raise money for good causes. For many years, charity events have always been so popular, particularly today.

There are many different forms of charity events, but running for races is becoming the most increasingly popular. Today, many organizations are choosing to raise their money through walking, biking, or running for races. A charity walk or run not only provides its participants a chance to raise money for some truly amazing causes, but also gives an opportunity to improve their health. So if you really want to get fit, but don’t know how other than taking the popular raspberry ketone supplements, then it’s a good idea to join fundraising events.

If you’re not yet convinced, though, you may want to read some of the following benefits you can get in return for your efforts.

Workout Partners

Exercising alone can be so boring and unmotivated. No matter how much you wanted to shed some pounds, chances are you will cancel and stop after a few days. That’s why fitness experts always recommend to workout with other people, and charity events can give you the opportunity to do that. Grab this chance to get to know someone who can help you get fit – you can even share some workout tips and help each other. And who knows, you might even get a chance to have a famous running buddy when you join in. Did you know that most organizations do their best to get some celebrities on board?

Running Kit

You should know that wearing a proper outfit is crucial when exercising. The proper clothing has many different functions – from protecting yourself to making you feel comfortable. If you’re running mostly to get in shape, then you should know by now that you need to have the right kit to run in. Most organizations that run fundraising events provide their participants some running equipment, such as running tops and shoes, which can be personalized. And isn’t it amazing to have a running shirt that shows your pride as a runner and reminds you about the amazing moment you had on that experience?

Memorable Experience

Crossing the finish line of your first running race will be something you’ll never forget for the rest of your life. No matter how much sweat you lose or energy you use, the moment that you finish the race, you will feel amazing, and all will be well worth it. And even though how many races you’ve run, you’ll still have the same feeling of excitement and fulfillment.

The After Party

After all the sweat and effort, of course, you should also celebrate and have fun. Most charities also organize post-race parties in addition to their running event to give their participants a chance to celebrate and get to know the others. Of course, there are foods, drinks, and dancing. Some charities even take things a little further and organize games and raffle draws, in which you can have a chance to win amazing prices, and invite celebrities to entertain the participants and other guests.

Support a Cause

Most races are organized to raise money for good causes, from disaster relief to hunger relief to fighting cancer. Participating in these activities is a great way to stay motivated to improve your health, because you know that you’re doing it not just for yourself but more for others.

Overall, a charity raise is a great idea to consider if you want to stay fit and healthy. As mentioned, not only that you get to stay motivated to become healthier when you join, but also you get a chance to help other people who need your help the most.

Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Removing dirt and dust from hardwood floors is difficult without the right tools. More so when a polished and shiny hardwood floor is the goal. This is where a good vacuum cleaner is necessary. The best vacuum cleaners are able to remove any grime, dirt and dust from hardwood floors without much effort from your part.

There are a lot of vacuum cleaners out there with different colors and styles. But just like any valuable object, hardwood floors require specific maintenance to last for a long time. For a good reason, it is necessary to choose and buy the best vacuum available on the market by making reference to trusted sites like Amazon; as such websites have customer reviews. Below are the tips that will help you get the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

vacuum cleaner

Gather correct information

The main problem that people make when it comes to picking vacuum cleaners is thinking that all vacuum cleaners can be effective on all types of hardwood floor. This is not true! Choosing the wrong vacuum cleaner can lead to the damage of your hardwood floor causing you to spend a lot of  money in replacing the floor.

The following are the features to look for when selecting a vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floor:

  • Must have rubber and felt stripes: good vacuum cleaners must be padded with rubber and felt stripes to prevent the scratching of the hardwood floor.
  • Presence of very strong suction power: sometimes hardwood floors have objects like hair that require strong suction power from vacuum cleaners.
  • Must have no beater brushes: vacuum cleaners with beater brushes should be avoided at all costs. Beater brushes cause scratches on the hardwood floor as they are mainly designed to access carpet fibers.
  • Must be light in weight: lightweight vacuum cleaners are the best for floors. This is because they are easy to move about, thus, preventing scuff marks and scratches on the hardwood floor.

Buying Upright vs Canister vacuum cleaners

Upright and Canister vacuum cleaners are the main types available on the market for the cleaning of floors. The choice one makes on which type to buy will influence the type of results achieved on the hardwood floor. For instance, upright vacuum cleaners are very heavy leading to high chances of scratched and scuffed hardwood floors; while on the other hand, canister vacuum cleaners are lightweight.

Check the price

Price is everything when it comes to buying things. However, it doesn’t mean that the most expensive object is the best. This applies to vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors as well. Sometimes vacuum cleaners that are the most effective on hardwood floors are not very pricey. Hence, it is always best to look at the value of the product being purchased at a given price. This way you can get effective vacuum cleaners at a reasonable price.

Check reviews from customers

Customer reviews are very important when you want to buy the best vacuum for hardwood floors. The reviews that other customers have about the product that you are thinking of purchasing will give you a good idea on its effectiveness.

You can easily buy the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors by checking objective customer reviews on sites like Amazon, and authoritative blogs like that specialize on the topic.

Finding the best vacuum for hardwood floors is all about gathering the correct information, choosing the correct type of vacuum cleaner, considering the price and even checking customer reviews about the product.

Charity Begins at (a Neighbor’s) Home

Have you been wanting to donate some of your time to charity but don’t really have the money to go anywhere to do charity work? If that’s the case, there’s a solution for you. Local charity work. There are many people in your city, or even your own neighborhood, that can use your help. There are several people who need odd jobs done around their house, but can’t do them because they are physically incapable of doing so. If you know a person or people like this, there are a few simple, good works you can do for them to make their lives easier.

Mow the Lawn

You will be surprised how many people can’t mow their lawn. Many people let the grass in the front and back of their lawn grow because they can’t mow it, and can’t afford to pay anyone to do it. It doesn’t take very long to mow most lawns, it’s inexpensive to do, and can be a major help to those that can’t do it. If you know one or more people that aren’t able to mow their lawn, offer this service to them. You’ll be amazed at how much help you’ll give.

Offer to do House Maintenance

Just like lawn mowing, there are many people who can’t afford to fix problems they have in their home and can’t afford to pay anyone else to do it. If you know someone who has these problems and aren’t capable of fixing it, offer your services. The most common types of work that a lot of people will need done are plumbing work (if you are in the Pretoria area you can find amazing contractors in Pretoria to do inexpensive plumbing work), fix cabinets, fix doors, put together furniture, fix holes in walls or a ceiling, or a number of other maintenance tasks. This type of work can be provided for cheap or free.

Help With Grocery Shopping

Some people, especially the elderly, have trouble with grocery shopping. This is a task you can do for one or more elderly people that will only cost you some gas, time, and a little muscle work carrying groceries in. You can offer to help pay for the groceries, but that is up to you.

Help with Cooking and Cleaning

There are those that are not capable of cooking and cleaning in their own households. If cooking and cleaning is something you enjoy doing, then there are many people (the elderly take the majority in this category too) that would really enjoy your help. This is a very inexpensive or cheap way to help someone, and in some cases, the person you cook for might want you to join them for the meal. Though you shouldn’t invite yourself.

Even if you don’t have much money, there are many ways you can donate your time to help someone in need. There is an old adage that says time is more valuable than money, and in the case of charity, it is doubly true. If you want to donate your time to someone, look for charities in the area that specialize in that kind of work. There are usually quite a few.


Why donating to charities that carry out medical research really does save lives.

Medical Research charities are dedicated to finding cures and inventing new drugs and without charities such as these many lifesaving drugs or antidotes would never have been discovered. The MRC are dedicated to collaborating with businesses and individuals to raise money in order to find cures for diseases and ailments. Just recently a scientist at The Scripps Research Institute has had one of his ideas for reducing the activity of a protein that is present in most cancers vindicated. This would not have happened without the medical research charity and its input. This discovery may go on to save 1000’s of lives and may even lead to an eventual prevention of cancer.

It is not important how much money an individual or business donates and there is also the option of businesses taking part in the Workplace giving scheme where employees donate a percentage of their salary to charity. The company can choose what charity they wish to donate to and of course MRC is a registered tax exempt organization so any donations are tax exempt.

It can be hard for individuals to make donations to charity, especially if they have very little money themselves. Many people need the help of charities themselves to help them make ends meet and do not have the spare cash to donate to charity. They may have housing issues themselves or are struggling to make mortgage payments. If you are a home or property owner having trouble raising finances and are looking to for ways to raise money click here

When finances are tight and living conditions are not good for an individual it really is hard to consider other people and their problems. But if you have ever needed the help of a charity, even if it was just for free debt advice it’s important to remember that charity may have helped you out of a situation that you were not in a position to pay for yourself. Without charities dedicating their time to fundraising to help raise awareness or carry out medical research many people would not be alive today or living in extreme conditions. If one considers diseases that have almost become extinct we must also consider that without medical research these diseases may still exist today.

Recently the most famous worldwide charity event has been happening in the form of the ice bucket challenge. Participants have a bucket of iced water poured over their head and then once they have carried out the challenge they donate to the ALS association which is a charity that raises awareness and carries our research for the disease known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS. This disease is little known and research is so important to determine how it develops and why. Most people simply donate a few dollars but some companies make bigger donations. The charity are desperately researching for better drugs to help treat the condition and an eventual cure.

If you can spare a small donation or you are a business owner and would like to help out a charity then act today and take part in saving lives.


How a Charity Home Can Change Your Life

CHARITYIf you are a people’s person, then you know what a charity home can do for the homeless. What you probably wouldn’t know is how much you can get out of an abandoned charity home as well. This article will briefly take you through those steps to finding repossessed homes and making use of them for your own benefit.


What you may not know about charity homes is that they are free of tax. You pay less for an investment and get more out of it because of this. It is not illegal per say because you are buying out a charity home for the purpose of using it for charity, and after a few years you decide to change it into something for yourself. For this reason, a charity home is a great investment for you.


What you will notice mostly is that charity homes are based on the outskirts of the city. This is because land sizes are massive and the cost of land is relatively lower than in the city itself. You can begin by looking within the city if you want a charity home close to home, but I would recommend starting from outside and making your way in. It is important to understand why you should begin on the outside. Apart from it being cheaper than within the city, most people who have been abandoned generally tend to prefer staying outside of the city because of all those memories and sufferings they remember from it. Your charity home will be booming and you will do a lot of good for those people in it as well. That’s two birds with one stone!


Yes of course you can! I wouldn’t recommend starting from scratch because you will need to create your own image before you do anything else. This is difficult (especially in developed nations) because people will prefer to go to places that already have a name for themselves. This is also the reason why it is hard to start a new anything in today’s world, but that’s not the point of this article. The point is, yes you can begin from scratch if you really feel like you can, but I would recommend going for an abandoned charity home and building up from there or buying out one and going from there. Both options are attractive and have good returns (both emotional and monetary).

In conclusion, your intention as a real estate investor should be to look for the profit. However, your intention as a charity home investor should be two-fold. You need to make sure that you are in it to do something good for the people and the Return on Investment is a secondary motive. You should consider doing this charity because then you will know what it feels like to do something good for someone else other than yourself or your family.

Guide to Donating to College Students



The life of a college student that has to support themselves can be very difficult. Working part or full time while going to school full time, getting very little to no sleep, and having to crank out college paper after college paper, and all the while living on ramen noodles.

Sometimes college students need help beyond what they earn from their jobs. A friend applied to a school for radiation therapy and he already knows how hard it will be to support himself while going by talking to other students who went to the same school. That is why it can be a great idea to donate to college students struggling to make ends meet at school.

But what do you give these students? It can be harder to figure out what to give a struggling college student than it is other groups that you donate to. Here are a few things that you can give a college student in need to help them through their college careers.

School Supplies

This may seem silly and something that you would give to a charity for elementary school students, but college students need help with school supplies.

We aren’t talking about pencils and paper, we are talking about equipment students have to buy for certain classes. For example, there are engineering students that have to buy professional equipment for some of their classes, or scholars of the sciences that must buy field equipment for their work. Mathematics students almost always need to purchase expensive graphing calculators.

These can be very, very expensive, and for a struggling college student, these supplies can be nearly impossible to afford. The best way to help these students to is to find an organization that donates to these college students. You can find organizations, like this one, which donate to college students.


This is a category of things that college students live without, simply because they don’t have the money for it. Students usually choose to purchase food or cooking utensils instead of having something to sit on.

Small tables, small chairs, small desks, and other small pieces of furniture are usually the best when donating these things to college students. The reason for small furniture is that college students usually live in small spaces (ie dorm rooms) and don’t have room for massive couches.

Bath and Bed Linens

Linens are usually far down the list of things that college students think about needing, especially when
worrying about paying for books or food is on their mind. Bath towels and washrags are especially important, since many college students sometimes forget to get these things, especially when they first start college. You can also purchase a small luffa instead of a washrag.

IF you get a student bed linens, make sure to get small sizes, like Twin or Full size linens, since most college students have small beds.

Giving these, and other necessities, to college students in need is a huge help to that student and will help them through the semester, and perhaps through their college careers. Helping someone on the road to becoming a contributing member of society can be a great feeling.