Getting young people involved in charity

It is simply wonderful to see young people getting involved in charity drives and what makes it even better is if you had a part in influencing them to do good things for others. It is tricky because young people still need to realize the rewarding feeling that is offered by charity and it will be up to you to make donating more appealing to them. You need to take a different approach by allowing them to see the difference charity makes in those individual’s lives that are less fortunate than all of us. You should also make donating and charity drives easily accessible for young people. You can easily do this with online awareness and social media.  Click here to read more about the importance of social media and charity.

Getting young people involved in charity

Believe it or not but mobile technology can actually increase donations with text giving and SMS payment systems. Start a campaign that makes giving easy by allowing young people to use your high tech and up to date technology. Take a look at Philly 3.0 to learn about a group of business-orientated individuals that will actually provide you with tips on launching a successful campaign by using social media. These groups of politically informed businessmen have reached thousands of individuals with their knowledge of all political matters in Philly. Make sure that the young people in your community and also your target market are informed about any situations and causes that you are concerned about.

It is up to you to provide young people with clear and transparent information about the impact of charity. You will find that certain organizations include a lot of information about their cause which is the key to luring people and supporters. You would need to constantly talk about your cause and campaign to make people want to help out by any means. You can also introduce something like payroll giving which gives employers the chance to match any donations that have been made by their staff.

Engage young people to charity by recruiting them for volunteering projects. This will give them firsthand experience and will let them see what they can expect from helping others. They need to see the impact their help has on charity. This will make them more passionate about the cause and will allow them to give freely in time and donations. Click here to learn more about recruiting volunteers successfully.  Stay in touch with young people by visiting the right locations. You can make a difference by hosting events and fundraisers at universities or colleges. Make it interesting in order to keep them interested in what you are representing. Remember that in order to gain supporters you need to target the audience that you are looking to recruit. You need to be clear on the type of support is needed. Sometimes a bit of help or time is required and for that all you need to do is explain the importance of your cause and allow interested individuals to get involved. A student carwash might be an ideal fundraising opportunity. Let the young people know what you need and how much you need in order to give them the opportunity to donate their time or money.

Ideas to help the elderly

Getting involved in any type of charity operation is very satisfying and fulfilling. The best thing we can do for our community is to take care of those that are less fortunate. There is an old saying that says charity begins at home and that includes those that need help in your local area. It is also a fact that there are elderly people that are destitute and those that need help to get ahead in life. Getting old isn’t easy. We have the opportunity to make things easier for them and to help them through the challenges that they have to face. By spending a little bit of time with them we can make a difference. Here are a few ways to make a difference in a precious senior citizen’s life. If it means starting a charity campaign where you donate IPods with preloaded music to a home for the elderly or if you decide to start a book club at a local frail-care institution you will make a difference.

It is said that music calms the beast and it has actually been scientifically proven that old folks that suffer from dementia experience moments of lucidness when they listen to music so it would be a great gift to give. There is a program called the Music and Memory program that is actively getting involved and introducing music into these special individuals’ lives. Click here to read more about this charity program. It would mean the world to anyone that lost so many of their precious memories to experience a few of them while listening to their favorite music.

Elderly Neck Pain

You can also get the help of medical professionals and host a clinic day for the elderly. This will be a special way to make an impact in the lives of the helpless. You can get sponsors that will donate to the cause and perhaps find doctors that are willing to offer their services for free. Read more about Dr Tyler Dreher, DC , who is a specialist in the field of Chiropractic treatment. By obtaining the services of this professional you will be able to help older people with back problems by giving them the gift of the best treatment and eventually what they would need to feel relief and recovery for the first time.

Another fantastic way to help the elderly is by hosting classes where you teach old folks about computers and technology. You will be able to take them through the process of using tech and do it slowly. Remember that if you want to do this you would need to be patient and prepared to take time with every one of your students. Technology has taken over the world and there is no reason why the elderly in your community shouldn’t experience the benefits of it. You can teach them to conveniently do their banking, handle their finances, stay in touch with family and eventually do online shopping. Click here to learn more about starting your own computer class.

Ways You Can Be Helpful in General

You already know that not everyone is the same in this world. There are some people who are considered to be generally good and then there are also some people who would rather cause chaos among other people. You would like to be part of the first group. You may be a politician and help other people so that they can live better lives or you may also be the politician that gets the hard earned money of the working class.

Being exposed to the world of politics can either put people at ease or it can also make people feel scared about what’s going to happen next. It all depends on the leaders that people have elected into position. At times, people have the tendency to fight one another mainly because of different political beliefs when this should not be the case. You may want to check out more political news by checking out Philly 3.0.

The Best Ways You Can Wear Your Bomber Jacket

Whether you are in politics or not, you can always give people the help that they need. Would you want to be helpful to other people? There are different things that you can do:

  1. You can try to assess the situation that you are in first. It will be worthwhile to check if the situation actually warrants your help or not. If it does not, then do not push it because you may make things worse but if you believe that you can provide the help that is needed, and then do your best to do it. It might not be wise to give help when it comes to monetary situations and you know that you also do not have much money.
  2. Depending on the situation that you are exposed to, try to look at it calmly. It is likely that the person that you are helping is already in panic and the person does not know what to do anymore. You should not add to the panic that the person is feeling. Stay calm because better ideas will become evident.
  3. Make sure that you will use positive language that can uplift people instead of discouraging them. You may think that you are improving people’s situation by stopping them from doing certain things but this is not always the best option. There is a possibility that they will feel down and they would not want to do anything anymore. Use positive terms in order to give your advice.
  4. Be there to listen. There are times when you do not really have to do a lot of things in order to become of help to other people. You can simply listen to people’s woes without saying anything. Some people have the tendency to feel better just by stating what has been troubling them.
  5. Do not offer your help when you know you cannot. The person will depend on you for some of the things that you can offer. If you know that you cannot give what the person needs then does not volunteer your efforts. It will only disappoint the person.

With all of these ideas in mind, you can be helpful towards other people whether you are a politician or not. How will you help today?

Best movie fundraiser event ideas

If you are involved in fundraisers and charity you know that a person sometimes struggles to find inspiration about themes for their next events. There are many ideas available online that will give you inspiration but after the golf days and the gala events why not do something old-school and fun like a movie theme? There are many ways to host a movie fundraising event and also many options to choose from. This will be a glamorous and successful event if you can pull it off because at the end of the day everyone loves the movies and the chance to bring out their inner movie star. How does one do it?

Best movie fundraiser event ideas

First of all you can host a premiere, it won’t be a real one but it will feel like it. Select a new movie that is about to go on the circuit and purchase advance tickets. Before you do this you would obviously need to get your audience interested so that you can bargain on the amount of people that will be attending. There are many ways to get people interested but getting creative with invitations is a good start. Click here for some great tips on making awesome invitations to your event.

Once you have people’s interest and you know more or less how many people will be attending you can decide on the price that you will charge for the tickets. The part that you charge extra will obviously go towards the cause that you are supporting. The movie house that you select might want to come on board so be sure to pitch the idea to them and the fact that you are hosting a fundraiser at their cinema. That is if you will be doing the event at a cinema. You can also host a movie night outdoors which will make it incredibly special and romantic. During this event you can make up delicious picnics which your guests can purchase and enjoy while watching the movie. During this event you can actually make use Netflix Australia on your Apple TV for a variety of movies that are exclusive to Netflix. This is a cost efficient and effective way to keep your guests entertained.

Another popular option is to go all the way and host a red carpet movie night where you theme the night more formal. People will love the idea of being dressed up as a movie star and perhaps getting an Oscar. The night should be about the cause that you are supporting so make donation cards or envelopes and perhaps feature a celebrity speaker. There are many ways to get donations at a fundraiser but it would require you to be creative and your guests need to have a great time. Make sure that you host the event at a location that is central for the guests that will be attending so that you don’t have to deal with a no-show situation.  Click here for more fantastic movie premiere ideas.

The Best Charity Auction Items for the Health-Conscious Bidder

Health and wellness are often en vogue in our society. And many charitable causes focus on improving the health of the less fortunate members of our communities. But how do you make a charity auction event for health-based organizations special? By focusing on health and wellness items.

Many people who are devoted to health and wellness are willing to invest a significant amount of funds to achieve their ideal lifestyle. And having them bring that mindset into an auction designed to benefit a charity can have them feeling even more generous than usual.

The Best Charity Auction Items for the Health-Conscious Bidder

Instead of collecting random goods or service pledges, consider following a theme that supports the primary because the charity represents. If you want to choose unique offerings for an auction supporting charities focused on health and wellness, consider adding these items to your shopping list.

Exercise Equipment

The easiest place to start when focusing on health and wellness items is exercise equipment. Suitable items can be found at a wide range of price points, making it easy for bidders to find options within their price range.

Include some popular items, like hand weights and spin bikes, as well as less thought of choices like weighted vests (you can view weighted vests at this exercise site) or compression workout wear. Make sure there is a reasonable selection of items that will likely be won for less than $50 and then add a few items at regular intervals above that mark.

Classes and Memberships

Access to fitness centers or exercise classes can also make excellent auction items. You can include various membership lengths from local gyms and fitness clubs or a set number of classes at specialty exercise boutiques. Consider offering some standard options, like yoga and Zumba, as well as less common choices like salsa dancing or parkour lessons.

By having a range of activities represented, you are more likely to attract a wider audience. And the more interested parties that arrive, the more money you should be able to generate for your chosen charity.

Healthy Food

The options in the healthy food market are surprisingly vast. There are mail-order meal plans that send all of the ingredients and instructions required to create high-quality meals straight to your door, as well as local whole food-oriented supermarkets that promote a healthier lifestyle. Gift certificates to any such services can be popular items in a charity auction and are certainly something that most interested bidders can use.

If you want to take things up a notch, add special dining experiences. This can include access to a personal chef that will cook a meal in your own home, or a special night out at a local restaurant that features healthy cuisine. Either method is sure to attract attention from anyone interested in having a good meal without having to slave away in the kitchen to get it.

Advertise Wisely

Once you have items selected, it is important to get the word out about your event. Make sure to use any low-cost or free options, like social media, to get the information distributed to members of your community. You may be able to work with local health-oriented businesses to see if they are willing to let you post flyers or even mention the event through their networks.

Often, when a charitable cause is involved that businesses and individuals can stand behind, it is easier to find volunteers to help spread your message. And, in the end, that means you can do more for your chosen organization, which is really all that matters.

Want to Host a Charity Auction for Habitat for Humanity? Here are Some Great Items to Include

The charity auction is a classic way to raise money for any cause. You can solicit donations from individuals and area businesses, and then direct all of the proceeds to your charity of choice. But, if you customize your approach to a specific charity, you may be able to draw more attention and create a unique experience.

Some auction items included here may be high-end. That means you need to prepare auction attendees for the possibility of making larger donations. If you secure big-ticket items for your event, make sure and include them in any advertising material. That way you can inform as many interested parties as possible, so they will arrive ready to bid for items that may command top dollar.

Want to Host a Charity Auction for Habitat for Humanity? Here are Some Great Items to Include

If you are looking for auction items to support Habitat for Humanity, consider these highly suitable options.

Power Tools

Habitat for Humanity is best known for building houses, so tools that can be used for similar work make fitting entries into an auction. Consider working with local hardware stores to find high-quality home improvement tools like circular saws (click here for great examples) or power drills, and see if they are willing to donate to the cause. Not only do power tools fit with a theme that works with what Habitat for Humanity stands for, but they can also lead to some significant bids to help bring in more money for the cause.


Appliances come in a variety of sizes, ranging from simple hand mixers to full-size refrigerators. Many people are interested in high-quality appliances, both big and small, but can have a hard time justifying the expense during regular shopping. However, bidding on items for charity often helps people make the leap towards what they may otherwise see as a luxury purchase.

Look into high-quality coffee makers, like the popular Keurig models, or Kitchen Aid stand mixers. Both of these items are often coveted, but are rarely spontaneous purchases. If you can connect with local appliance stores, you may be able to secure larger items like washer and dryer sets.

Home Services

Not everyone has space for new items, but most homeowners can make use of numerous services. Consider gift certificates for home cleaning services or grocery delivery. Professional painting or landscaping may also attract attention. If there is a home activity that is often viewed as a burden by the average person, providing an auction item that eliminates that need, even temporarily, can make a fun addition to your list of items.


Electronics designed for whole home use will always attract attention. Televisions, gaming consoles, sound bars, and home automation equipment can all be appropriate for supporting a cause like Habitat for Humanity, so don’t be afraid of looking at the latest home technology trends and seeing what may be available from local donor businesses or individuals.

Additional Auction Advice

Make sure to include items across a wide range of price points. That allows people to participate regardless of the maximum donation amount. Try to choose some items that will remain safely under $50 to appeal to the masses, and then add higher ticket items with a range of values.

If the auction takes place over a long period (whether live or silent), provide some light refreshments to keep attendees comfortable. Also, make sure there is suitable seating to allow people to relax during the event.

How to Make Your Charity Event Successful

How to Make Your Charity Event Successful

Charity events are an awesome approach to fundraising. While they can be awesome cash raisers for an organization, they can likewise be tedious and costly. The achievement of events relies on upon proper prior arrangements. arranging.

To help you guarantee that your fundraising event is a champ, here are some things you should take note of:

  1. Purpose:

Before doing whatever else, you should choose what the reason for your event is. Is this genuinely a fundraising event? On the other hand, does it have different objectives? Maybe your organization might like to raise cash at the event, yet the primary capacity of the event is to pick up reputation, or connect with another system. Numerous charity events have more than one objective. Making sense of the points of interest for your event will rely on upon comprehending what objectives you are attempting to accomplish.

  1. Fundraising Goal:

In conjunction with the event host panel, association staff, and key fundraisers, you should choose what measure of cash you plan to raise at the event. In the event that this is genuinely a charity event, then everything in the event plan will be adapted to raising this particular measure of cash. The sum you pick ought to be what you would like to net, that is, the sum you plan to raise after costs are deducted.

  1. Financial plan:

Each fundraising event plan ought to contain a total spending posting the greater part of the costs that will be required to hold the event. Your financial plan ought to incorporate staff, solicitations, space rental, providing food, stimulation, transportation, security, utilities, and whatever else that will be required to make the event a win. Your financial plan ought to consider your fundraising objective, guaranteeing that you raise that sum well beyond all costs. Make certain to leave somewhat additional room in your financial plan for unexpected expenses.

  1. Authority:

As a feature of your raising support endeavors, your event will in all probability have a “host board of trustees” and at least one “host advisory group chairpersons.” These individuals are in charge of contributing significant adds up to the event and urging others to do likewise. The host panel is for the most part made out of money givers, business pioneers, or nearby big names. Involving renowned political organizations, like Philadelphia 3.0, will make your event an even greater success. Such an organization is aimed towards involving open-minded leaders and that is exactly what you need for your event. The host board and chairpersons are not in charge of really running the event, but rather are basic to guaranteeing that you achieve your raising money objectives.

Charity Event

  1. Target Audience:

Who is the intended interest group for your event? Is this a general fundraiser where everybody will be welcomed? On the other hand, is this event equipped towards a particular gathering like businessmen, guardians, or youthful experts? To put it plainly, you should choose whom you will welcome to your event. Checkout latest information at

  1. Set – Up:

Your event staff ought to arrange the event set-up well ahead of time. The set-up incorporates the greater part of the particulars of the genuine event: Where will it be? Will food be served? Will there be amusement? What sort of dress will be required? What is the schedule for the event?

The 20 Best Charities for Babies

You are probably fortunate enough to have healthy children and enough money to take care of them. So, maybe you will be willing to support the 20 best charities for babies found on this list. These organizations offer supplies, treatments, training, encouragement, and other forms of support to parents and their babies.

The truth is, not everyone can visit to do research on finding the best baby carriers on the market. In fact, some parents can’t even afford a used baby carrier available on craigslist. Be thankful that you have been gifted with the funds to carry your children in a safe and comfortable carrier. But, also be willing to help these organizations provide for those individuals who are less fortunate.

The 20 Best Charities for Babies

20 Charities You Should Support

Be sure to investigate these groups. They are definitely 20 charities you should support. The work they are doing for wee ones is commendable. Help them accomplish their goals:

  1. Warm Up America– If you have any knitting or crocheting skills you are asked to create a 7×9 rectangle and place it in the mail. That piece will be combined with other people’s creations to produce blankets for shelters, hospitals, and daycares. This will help keep the babies warm. Learn more.
  2. The Child Health Site- Give water and vitamins to young ones in impoverished Haiti with the click of a button.
  3. The Homeless Prenatal Program– Over 3000 families, each year, are helped thanks to this San Francisco based charity.
  4. Operation Shower– Help wives of deployed soldiers celebrates their precious arrival via the provision of baby shower supplies.
  5. Newborns in Need– “Cuddle-kits” are their specialty and are specifically designed for needy and/or sick newborns.
  6. Mother’s Milk Bank- Surely you understand how valuable breastmilk is. Support the cause.
  7. Blossom birth- This is a great resource for mother’s seeking to give birth more holistically than the typical hospital experience.
  8. Help a Mother Out– Diapers are expensive and this organization takes some of that stress away.
  9. GOOD+ Foundation– If you’ve got some baby clothes in great shape and you’ve been looking for somewhere to donate them, this is the place for you.
  10. Mother to Baby– Offering great assistance to mother’s with questions, and it’s free.
  11. Room to Grow– Preparing parents to provide properly for their wee ones.
  12. Save Abandoned Babies– They are seeking to help panicked moms by creating safe havens and adoption options.
  13. The Hayes Foundation– Help fight SIDs with your support of this charity.
  14. The Preeclampsia Foundation– 76,000 babies and moms are killed each year due to the development of preeclampsia. Help educate the populace and fund research.
  15. Blind Babies Foundation– Support services to parents of blind babies is the key goal for this organization.
  16. Get PUMPed- Another organization devoted to providing breast milk to babies who do not have any other access otherwise. This is a good investment.
  17. Project Night Night– Help homeless children feel safe with donations of stuffed animals and warm blankets.
  18. Cradles to Crayons– They accept all your donations of quality baby and children’s supplies.
  19. Kaleida Health Services– Their goal is to help impoverished children get their health care needs met.
  20. Children’s Relief Nursery– The goal is to help parents and wee ones heal from trauma.

There are an additional 30 charities located here. In case you have enough money to support them all.

Donating Antiques to Charity

When it comes to donating something to charity to help someone out; every contribution, no matter how big or small, counts. Antiques have a very high worth and are very valuable, especially for keen collectors.

Donating Antiques to Charity

When you donate any antique item to a charity of your choice, the charity may sell it off to a collector or a museum and use the proceeds to help out those who are in need of it. Make sure that you donate to a charity that supports a worthwhile cause so that the proceeds can be used to help those who deserve it. Here’s a list of antique items that can be donated:

1. Antique Furniture

Antique furniture, especially from the French era or the Victorian era, is not only fashionably classic but also extremely valuable in terms of its worth. Ranging from sofas to chairs to tables to anything made out of wood; can be donated to a charity of your choice. Just as wine becomes more valued and expensive as it ages, similarly, wood is valued the same way. If you own any pieces of antique furniture that you want to utilize in the best way possible, donate it to a charity and let them do the rest on their own. It is the responsibility of the charity to auction it such that they are able to get the best deal out of selling the item. Hiring the auctioneer or setting up selling terms with the museum are all up to the charity.

2. Antique Crockery

In addition to antique wooden furniture, antique crockery also has high worth. Plates, cups, saucers and other crockery items can be donated to a charity of your choice. Most of the items, antique crockery items may have cracks, dents or broken corners. Before you donate the items, make sure that you are not donating any damaged or broken items as they would be useless for the charity and would portray a wrong image of you as well. If you were to fix any of the crockery items, then make sure that you put up proper fixations and the items are submitted in a good condition.

3. Antique Music Players and Radios

One of the most valued and expensive antique items are classic vinyl players and radios. Record players are especially loved by music lovers and are usually priced extremely high. Donating one to a charity ensures that you will be making a huge financial contribution to a cause that you support to help out needy people.

4. Antique Clocks

Some people love to collect antique clocks, and that is why, if you have any antique clocks lying around then you can easily donate them to a philanthropy of your choice. Grandfather clocks are extremely expensive and valued at a very high price. The charity organization then auctions the clock off and uses the proceeds to support its cause. The more antique your clock is; the more beneficial it will prove to be for the charity that you donate it to.

How to Get the Word Out About Your Charity Event with Social Media

Holding an event to benefit a charity is definitely something worth talking about. Social media provides an excellent platform to reach out to members or your network and to find ways to reach out to potentially interested parties easily. If you aren’t sure how to approach social media for marketing your event, here are some tips to get you started.

Use Calendars and Integrated Invitations

One of the more popular social media sites is Facebook. Within the construct of the platform, you have access to calendars and the ability to send out invitations to events. An easy place to begin your marketing campaign is to list the event on your calendar (and the calendar of the associated charity, if they are willing) and create a quality invitation that can be sent throughout your network.

How to Get the Word Out About Your Charity Event with Social Media

When people accept the invitations, it can be added to their calendar, which may get more people interested by association. And word-of-mouth via social media is an excellent tool.

Plan Posts for the Event Highlights

Don’t worry about cramming every detail into a single post. Instead, plan a series of posts that highlight different key features of the event. Make sure every post has the necessities included, such as the date, time and place of the event, but introduce a new point of interest with every post. This can include information on invited speakers, silent auctions, provided meals, and more.

Use the slow release to keep the information fresh while keeping it in digestible chunks. It might make the post more readable, especially when being read on smartphone screens.

Invest in Retweets

Twitter is another great platform for reaching the masses. You can send links to your Facebook posts and create tweets containing key information about the event being planned. Interested people in your network can retweet the information, allowing it to show up in their followers’ feeds. If you want to reach new circles, you can even buy Twitter retweets. That means your tweet is more likely to be seen by someone to whom you don’t already have a connection, and may bring in new interest to your cause.

Take Pics Along the Way

You can document your progress as you work to get everything in order and share the pics with your followers. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow pictures to be included in posts, so you can show everyone what is to come. For example, if you create flyers or paper invitations, feel free to post a pic when you get the proof or pick up the batch.

The idea is to drum up excitement while engaging your followers in a new way. By using different approaches, you are more likely to be noticed by followers with different preferences. Some people may prefer to read posts, but others may be more visually oriented. By using both approaches, you have a chance to reach a wider audience.

Connect with Bloggers

If there are bloggers that cover topics similar to the goals of your charity or simply believe in your message, use social networks as a way to reach out. If they believe in your cause, they may agree to create a post about your event, or at least retweet the information to their followers. While this isn’t entirely a social media marketing technique, it is a way to use social media to the benefit of your charity.