Helping others results in self-fulfillment

Sometimes we tend to take all we have for granted. There are so many people that have to survive with much less. It takes a toll on a person to notice how many people are suffering and how the state of the less fortunate is. Feeling helpless is a familiar reaction. The general feeling is that there are so many sad cases; my involvement won’t make an impact. In fact the smallest contribution makes a big difference. I once started a toy drive with the help of all my neighbors. I was able to collect a variety of toys that I donated to the local orphanage. It took very little time to do this and the smiles on those little faces as we delivered the toys were priceless. Take a look at one of the biggest toy drives recorded on video here. Getting involved in any form of charity does not only make a difference in the one’s lives that you help but will also give your life new meaning. You will be able to feel the wealth of being generous and the high that a selfless act provides you with.

Helping others results in self-fulfillment

There are many things that you can do to help. After the success of the toy drive we decided to go a little further. Many households in less fortunate areas don’t have enough beds for the number of family members that stay in the house. We decided to donate all our extra beds to these people. The beds that we didn’t use were greatly appreciated by those that didn’t have a bed to sleep on. Consider spoiling yourself with a new bed, take a look at With the convenience of the internet you can have a new bed delivered to your home, nothing is easier. Plus you will sleep much better in your new bed knowing you provided someone with a comfy place to lay their troubled head. Another great way of helping is by collecting canned food. Believe it or not there are many people that don’t own a fridge and perishable items might not help. Canned food will last a while and will always be welcome.

The general idea of giving to charity is to make a difference in someone’s life and the smallest gesture goes a long way. I usually find that every time I feel less grateful for what I have or complain a bit too much about silly things a charitable activity saves the day. It gives me time to do some soul searching and realize that there are other unfortunate people that have much less and bigger problems to be concerned about. It is actually scientifically proven that charity is good for the soul, click here to read more. In conclusion there is absolutely no good reason to be a Scrooge and 1000 reasons to be charitable. Take time to decide which cause you feel passionate about, plan your campaign and start giving.  It is as simple as that.

The Benefits of Donating to Charity

Giving is a beautiful act. Not only is it food for the soul, it is also something that refreshes your spirit and makes you grateful for the things that you have. Here are a few benefits of giving to charity:

The Benefits of Donating to Charity

  1. Encounter More Pleasure

In examination led by the National Institutes of Health, members who donated a part of $100 they were given, enjoyed pleasure centers in the brain. In spite of the fact that this trial was controlled and logical, it showed that giving cash essentially improves how you feel, which is something we would all be able to profit by.

  1. Help other people in Need

We don’t live ideally, and there’s never going to be an immaculate time to give—however there are dependably individuals out there needing assistance. Whether loan fees are rising, the economy is in the downfall, or regardless of the possibility that you’re encountering financial troubles of your own, when you give your cash, you help other people who need it.

  1. Get a Tax Deduction

In the event that you provide for an IRS-affirmed charity, you can write off those donations on your tax return. However, there are certain restrictions that apply to this. To take in more about them, alongside regardless of whether a specific charity has IRS endorsement, check the IRS site or The Life You Can Save’s reality sheet about tax deductibility.

  1. Convey More Meaning to Your Life

When you give cash to a charity, there is an increase in the opportunities for you to meet people who believe in the same causes as you do. That, and having a genuine effect on those causes, can inject your regular life with all the more importance. On the off chance that you’ve been trapped in an endless cycle, whether by and by or professionally, infrequently the straightforward demonstration of giving money can do the trap and reinvigorate your life.

  1. Advance Generosity in Your Children

At the point when your children see you giving cash, they’re considerably more liable to receive a giving mentality as they grow up. Do likewise with your children and you may see comparative results.

  1. Spur Friends and Family

When you let your loved ones know of your beneficent gifts, they may get themselves more inspired to embrace their own particular endeavors to give. It takes a town to address issues, for example, world neediness, logical progression, and early youth training. Stirring interests in the people around you is an exceptionally constructive and substantial impact of your own giving.

  1. Understand that Every Little Bit Helps

You needn’t bother with $10,000 to have any kind of effect in somebody’s life. In developing nations, only a couple of dollars could bring about a week of dinners for a starving kid, truly necessary medicinal help, and even enhanced tutoring. Don’t simply think about your money gift from a Canadian monetary viewpoint. If you can make someone’s life easier by installing Top z wave controllers for them, then event that counts!

  1. Enhance Personal Money Management

In the event that you set a planned $100 gift every month for a specific charity, that can rouse you to be more mindful to your own funds with an end goal to guarantee you don’t default or fall behind in your month to month gifts. Anything that inspires you to give careful consideration to your own back account is something to be thankful for—particularly when it helps those in need.

How to Travel More Affordably So You Can Do Voluntary Work Abroad

Do you have a special skill that can help those in need?  Then it is time to start considering working abroad so you can help uplift community’s third world countries and give those in need a better chance at life. Charity work is one of the best things you can do and doing voluntary work abroad is one of the best experiences you will ever have because you get to help those in need and see the world all at the same time.  By helping others in need instead of just traveling and being a tourist you can help make the world a much better place and gain so much more satisfaction from your international trips.

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How to Travel More Affordably So You Can Do Voluntary Work Abroad

Stay affordably so you can help more

Most charitable organizations don’t have the money to accommodate you during your stay.  If they supported you with free accommodation while you are doing voluntary work then your work probably won’t be worth much to them since the accommodation can be quite expensive.  But you can find cheaper accommodation by trying to rent with residents or by investing in lower quality guesthouses and bed and breakfasts which will be much cheaper than rated accommodations.  You are after all going for the experience and for helping those in need and not for a luxury holiday.

Try to work with not-for-profit organizations

If you have exceptional skill such as a medical, educational or engineering qualification that can transform lives then you might be lucky enough to qualify for sponsorship for all of your voluntary travels.  Some not-for-profit organizations will sponsor your entire trip and your accommodation for you so you can travel for free while you are changing lives.  Other organizations will try to cover a certain part of your trip for you by supplying you with free lodging or discounted flights when you enroll with them.  If all else fails then it is time to raise money for your voluntary trips by hosting fundraisings.

Seek out voluntary projects

Every now and then governments and not-for-profit organizations will launch a major voluntary project to try to help out countries in need. You should keep your eye on the news and on all of the major organizations in your area to see if you could perhaps be lucky enough to fit into their next missionary group which might just land you a free trip to another country and enable you to make a big difference in the lives of others.

Charities Keeping it Clean

With so many new 501c3’s springing up all over the place it is sometimes hard to know which ones are valid and worthy of trust. As much as we would all like to believe that people who claim to want to help others are really pure at heart, we know there are scammers in our midst. These people are doing great harm to legitimate charities worldwide.

We could delve into some of the best ways to spot fake charities, and perhaps we should, but that is not the actual goal of this piece. Rather we would like to discuss the best ways to keep the carpets clean in your fine charitable establishment.

Before you clean it you might need to get it fixed. So, for Carpet Repair & Carpet Restretching – Click Here. For all other carpet cleaning needs, keep reading.

Charities Keeping it Clean

Steps to Clean Carpets

These tips come from some serious carpet cleaning pros. Check them out whenever you get stains on your rugs. Keeping your offices clean will be demonstrative of the value you hold for your charitable endeavors. If you portray cleanliness, people will be more apt to believe you run a (fiscally) clean organization (and you better). Here are the carpets cleaning secrets you’ve been waiting for:

  • Your mom probably taught you this one: Blot, don’t rub. When you blot you are better able to soak up the problematic substance. Go from the outside in so as not to spread the stain further.
  • Household materials are probably good tools for the office. You can actually remove some stains with club soda, but you might want to consider vinegar and water too. Here are some more great household cleaning goods.
  • You’ll never believe this, but plain ole shaving cream can do wonders on just about any stain you can imagine. Squirt some on the offending area and let it set for 30 minutes. Blot and finish with the water and vinegar mixture mentioned previously.
  • Gum can be removed with the assistance of some ice cubes. This is probably the number one offender in offices today. Freeze the gum and then lift it up high enough to cut the carpet as close to the gum as possible.
  • Grease fighting dish detergents are great grease fighters, period. Put some in a spray bottle and use it on greasy stains. Don’t give up after one try. Some grease balls are harder to get rid of than others (pun intended).
  • You can get blood out with hydrogen peroxide. Hopefully you won’t have any uncalled for violence leading to bloody situations, but you could accidentally cut yourself on the letter opener.
  • Crushed candy in the shag can be scraped out with a butter knife. Then wash it up with a mild soap and a sponge. It is imperative that you get all the sugar out because that will attract other unwanted materials, dirt, dust, bugs, etc.
  • Invest in a good deep cleaning machine or company. You can handle a lot of the surface issues but carpet can hold dust and dirt pretty deep.

Keeping your carpets clean is probably a good deal easier than ensuring that your employees are all there for the right reasons. You can learn a lot about hiring the right people by clicking here. And, if you’re still a little concerned about embodying the height of cleanliness for future donors, here are some more excellent office cleaning ideas.

Why is giving better than receiving?

Even though it has been scientifically proven that contributing to charity and helping the less-fortunate is good for your soul there are other more important benefits to mention when it comes to random acts of kindness. There are so many things you can do that will not take a lot of effort or money, just a little bit of your time. There have been various selfless acts committed by many selfless people that made a huge impact on people’s lives. With so many homeless people squatting in abandoned buildings that don’t offer decent living standards it would be a great act of charity to get involved in a couple of DIY projects that include painting and odd construction jobs. With pest problems in these abandoned buildings it would be a great help to visit pest killed, a website that provides tips on how to easily and safely get rid of unwelcome bugs.

Why is giving better than receiving?

There are so many worthwhile causes that need a contribution that can include funds or a bit of allocated time and effort. There are easy and convenient ways to raise funds, click here for more information. To justify undertaking something like this will allow you to gain so much spiritual growth and a feeling of fulfillment. Giving inspires giving, if you do something completely selfless you will inspire someone else to give in turn. The whole “pay it forward” movement hit the world with a bang and so many people got involved. Click here to read more.

Even though you might feel that your small contribution means nothing and doesn’t make a difference you are making a big dent in the safe bubble that we all find ourselves in. Stepping out of our comfort zone to make a difference is soul food and philanthropy goes a long way. The best part of giving to charity and supporting a worthy cause is actually going to make you happier. There really is nothing better than seeing the grateful and welcoming faces of those that aren’t as lucky as we are after you provide them with something that will make their life easier. Even if it is a set of blankets to keep the cold out or food packages that relieve hunger, anything counts to those that have less than you have. There are some informative websites that list some wonderful causes that might cause a tear in your eye but will also motivate you to get started.

Another option that you can start with is volunteer work at a nonprofit organization. This would include performing various tasks and taking part in various activities that will change the lives of the less fortunate. You might even want to include your fellow employees or the company that you work for. There are various corporate companies that contribute to charities and use this wonderful method for team building exercises, involving their employees. Find a course that you feel passionate about and pitch the idea to your employer, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

3 Odd Yet Extraordinary Things You Can Donate to Charity

Are you some who loves to give and donate but don’t always have the cash to do so? Other than clothes, furniture and appliances; there are endless possibilities of what you can donate to help others. Check out this list of 3 odd yet extraordinary things that you can donate.

3 Odd Yet Extraordinary Things You Can Donate to Charity

  1. Your Voice

This one might seem weird but if you are literate then we know you have what it takes to give an important support of the visually impaired and vision-weakened occupants of wherever you live. While cutting edge developments are continually rising, infrequently the more straightforward things still simply have a human touch to them. What’s more, considering the huge number of elderly individuals around the globe who are used to reading the paper.

In a few ranges, this equitable means volunteering to show up reliably and read whatever is given to you; a few urban areas really streamline the procedure by conveying recordings of somebody reading the daily paper among the individuals who agree to the service. Whether you are planning to kick off your profession as a voice performing artist, or basically value that not all that matters on the web gets in a split second changed over to braille, you have the chance to help people who are in need of it to stay associated with a world they can no more see, just by reading to an individual or into an amplifier.

  1. Marrow

It’s as simple as that; there is no money substitute for bone marrow. In today’s time, marrow extraction is the most painful procedure that exists, even more painful than childbirth. In reality, it looks much like donating blood.

About 70% of the time, giving marrow is really done through peripheral blood stem cells. The giver gets a medication that invigorates their solid marrow to work extra time, until it spills into the general circulatory system, and is sucked out through the veins—simply like blood is. For the other 30% of patients who require only somewhat more care, marrow extraction (and transplant, so far as that is concerned) includes sliding a needle into the hip bone; regardless of the utilization of topical anesthesia. This is exacerbated by the trouble of finding a feasible benefactor; marrow conveys all the health preconditions of giving blood. The database of potential benefactors is so constrained, there is just a 1 in 540 possibility of really experiencing either technique; so basically joining can have any kind of effect in evening the odds for blood growth patients.

  1. Hair

Not all tissue gifts have to be delicious or gross. Giving hair is an easy, needle and surgical tool free approach to share something the vast majority with patients (frequently youngsters) who can’t develop their own. Given the corrective significance (and now and again, MacGyver-esque common sense) of hair in many societies, losing one’s hair can be a staggering intensifying component to managing a weakening sickness or its treatment. That is the reason foundations have sprung up over the U.S. to bring out individuals willing to shave their heads with patients who have lost their hair for therapeutic reasons.

That doesn’t mean just anybody can begin saving their hair clippers; contingent upon the charity, the base lengths acknowledged extent from eight to 12 inches, and for the most part they lean toward hair that isn’t artificially treated, so no perms or wacky shading hair jobs. Be that as it may, for those eager to confer a couple of months to braids, this is an intense, easy approach to inspire a helpless group of individuals.

Why Sponsoring a Child for an Interior Design Degree Is a Terrific Idea

Most people who donate to charity will donate clothes, food, blankets and cash.  While these are terrific donations to people in need they are just a fraction of things that could be done for children in need and the donations are mostly temporarily solutions.  Before you know it, the food or money is gone and the child in need is still there right where he or she started out.  One of the best things that you can possibly give to those in need is an education because an education can never be taken away from them and can help them get out of their terrible situation permanently.  If you want to give a full term solution and not just a temporarily one then it is time to dig a little bit deeper and pay for a child in need’s studies.

Why interior designing?

Interior designing is one of the most fun career choices there is which is a terrific beginning to a child who have already lived a life of suffering.  Interior decorating is a high paying job that will ensure that the child in need has a strong future ahead of him or her and the sky is the limit for this fun career path since interior designing is quite diverse and flexible.  With a degree in interior design you can work for a design firm, work on your own as a freelancer, start your own firm, work locally or even work all over the world.  It is the ultimate dream job and one that any child in need is sure to benefit from.

Why Sponsoring a Child for an Interior Design Degree Is a Terrific Idea

What an interior decorating degree entails?

Before you decide to sponsor a child you will have to decide on how much you are willing to spend and how long you are willing to commit.  Interior design degrees take about two years to complete and there are plenty of colleges, universities and even online courses that will ensure that the child gets an accredited qualification.  If you want to take things even further then you can also sponsor the child for architecture which takes about five years to complete but goes hand in hand with interior decorating.

Find children to support

You can spend millions on a child’s education and it will be worth nothing if the child is not interested in interior designing.  It is important to find a child who actually has an interest in interior designing and the best way to do so is to either speak to children homes or to advertise your sponsorship in a newspaper so you can scout through interested children.

An interior decorator that made it big!

If you are not convinced that interior designing is an ultimate career path for children in need then you can definitely do some research on the world famous interior designer Juan Pablo Molyneux.  Molyneux started out small along with his wife and is currently transforming homes, apartments, buildings, businesses and even castles all over America and Europe. He has his own firm in interior designing and is constantly making headlines all over the world with his work.  His life is a life that any child in need can only dream off and is definitely worth your investment.

Opportunities for Giving Go Beyond Traditional Causes

When most people thing of charities, or non-profits, there mind immediately goes to a variety of traditional causes, including, but not limited to, providing food and shelter to those in need, medical care for those suffering from certain diseases or conditions, or supporting pet adoption efforts.  For those interested in donating to causes that may be a little outside of the norm, here are a variety of options with unique causes.

The Cary Creative Center

Located in the state of North Carolina, the Cary Creative Center looks to promote the reuse of items that might otherwise end up in landfills through the use of upcycling techniques.  Whether it is to use discarded items for the purpose of art or to create new, usable household items, the organization offers courses for adults and children to help them learn to take trash and use it to create treasures.

Opportunities for Giving Go Beyond Traditional Causes

Child’s Play

A charity focused on the value of play, Child’s Play works to bring toys and games to the many children currently receiving treatment in over 100 hospitals worldwide.  Not only does this help provide a form of entertainment to patients, it can also encourage higher levels of social interaction between patients, friends, and family members, as well as provides a needed distraction from the more challenging aspects of their care.

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies focuses on policies designed to help free nations remain free.  The FDD focuses on protecting basic human rights, assisting in the defense of other free nations, and fighting the use of terrorism to achieve political gains through the use of quality research that can be transformed into actionable ideas.

Heifer International

Heifer International works by taking the concept of providing food to those in need one step further.  Instead of just providing food, the organization provides farm animals to help families lift themselves out of poverty through sustainable practices and providing skills that can lead to self-sufficiency.  The assistance provided is adapted to the region in which the families live, creating the kinds of connections and resources that are needed most in their areas.

Finding the Right Opportunity for You

If you are looking for a charity that provides the types of services and resources you would like to support, consider using a charity matchmaking service.  This allows potential donors to search for causes they truly believe in based on a variety of parameters.  For example, you can search based off of the area of need, such as clothing, books, appliances, or toys and games.  Additionally, you can narrow choices to those in your local area, if you prefer the option of a more hands-on giving approach.

If you find yourself having trouble deciding which cause to support, consider organizations like the United Way who coordinate the efforts of a large number of donors to a variety of projects across the world.  Their adaptive approach reaches those in need all across the globe, providing the types of resources that are needed today based on the specific situation, whether it be a long-term development project or emergency assistance after a natural disaster.

With some many unique offerings within the non-profit sector, there are many ways you can make a difference in the lives of others while remaining aligned with the areas that matter to you most.

Save Up For Your Charity Organization by Selling Compost and Plants

People are much more willing to donate to charity when they can get something out of it.  It doesn’t have to be much.  All they want is something for their money, even if that something is just a reminder of their donation.  A small bangle or a small plant is all it takes to capture the attention of the public and to convince someone to dig up some cash.  When people get something out of the deal they are often much more willing to donate or to donate more.

Get a compost tumbler

When you are running your own not-for-profit organization you don’t have much time left.  Compost making is super easy basically hands free if you have a compost tumbler because these units are incredibly easy to use and if you are using the right materials you can expect a good source of compost in as little as two weeks’ time. This compost tumbler by Good Ideas is one of the best and most affordable compost tumblers on the market that will give you 11 cubic of compost in less time than any other method.  The compost maker is also tidy and completely odor free.

Save Up For Your Charity Organization by Selling Compost and Plants

Top reasons to start selling compost

  • Compost is easy to make. You only have to spend time on your compost when filling the tumbler and then you simply have to wait, monitor the moisture levels and add more compost ingredients as time goes on.
  • You can make compost completely free since all of the ingredients can be found in your garden. You can use dry leaves, twigs, pieces of soft wood, newspapers, sawdust, cardboard boxes, cut grass, veggie and fruit peels and off cuts, eggshells, coffee, tea and more into terrific quality compost.
  • When you sell compost you get a 100% profit on your efforts.
  • You will always have plenty of clients because all gardeners, home owners and nurseries have a need for compost.

Use your compost and start selling plants

Another terrific way to get even more income for your not-for-profit organization is to start selling tiny potted plants which you grow affordably with your own home made compost. You can sell the plants as good garden products or make up tiny gifting plants to say thank you to all of those who have donated to your organizations or to get them to donate by buying a tiny plant.  Some of the best plants for charitable organizations are;

Succulent plantsSucculents are incredibly easy to grow, they look fantastic, there are thousands of different species and the plants are incredibly durable and can withstand long periods without any moisture and in lots of heat.

Strawberries – Strawberries propagate all on their own by simply planting them in the back yard. You can continuously harvest new small plants from the mothering plant and sell them as a sweet thank you for the donation.

Bulb plants – Bulb plants are a lot like succulents.  They are easy and often flower some of the most beautiful flowers in the world.  You can easily get a lot more cash for bulb plants than any other type of plant without much effort at all.

Reasons to Help People In Need

Do you even realize that when you help other people, you are changing the world? The people that you help will have the mindset that they should also help others because someone was there when they were truly in need. When you make small changes to improve the world, eventually it will begin to show and the dangerous and grief stricken world that we live in today may eventually disappear.

You may assume that you need to help other people because you need to feel good. If you are only doing it for yourself, you may be a bit selfish. Through helping, you are going to help yourself but you should be more concerned about helping other people.

Admittedly, there are moments when your reason for not helping is because you believe that the type of help that a person needs is not the one that you can give. For instance, a person may need a loan to purchase the flooring that he/she wants from If you do not have enough money to pay for your bills, how can you give the loan?

Reasons to Help People In Need

Still, there are different ways to help and there are different people who are in need of your help even if they do not want to say anything. A few of the things that will be mentioned below are the reasons why you should be of service to people who are searching for guidance.

  1. You will give the type of encouragement that people are searching for. Perhaps what the person needs is a boost, an advice that will strongly state why they are capable of doing what they are set out to do. When you show that you believe in someone, this is already a form of help and you may never know, you may be changing someone’s life for the better.
  1. Helping others will also make you a source of inspiration of other people. Perhaps your children look up to you or even your siblings. When you show that you can help, they may become inspired to help others too. In short, you are spreading it around. You are encouraging everyone to give the help that everyone deserves.
  1. Although you should not only think about yourself when you are giving help, you unknowingly grow better as a person when you are there for other people. You are able to acquire depth and maturity that you will not get with age. This is because your mind becomes more open about the type of hardships that people are experiencing.
  1. When you help others, you are on your way into making this a habit. You will realize that the moment that you start giving, you do not want to stop. It can be a very healthy habit to have because you have so much love and care to give even for people that you do not know.

You need to remember that you are fortunate enough to have all the things that only other people can aspire for. When you help others, you also realize that you should be thankful for the things that you have.