Reasons to Help People In Need

Do you even realize that when you help other people, you are changing the world? The people that you help will have the mindset that they should also help others because someone was there when they were truly in need. When you make small changes to improve the world, eventually it will begin to show and the dangerous and grief stricken world that we live in today may eventually disappear.

You may assume that you need to help other people because you need to feel good. If you are only doing it for yourself, you may be a bit selfish. Through helping, you are going to help yourself but you should be more concerned about helping other people.

Admittedly, there are moments when your reason for not helping is because you believe that the type of help that a person needs is not the one that you can give. For instance, a person may need a loan to purchase the flooring that he/she wants from If you do not have enough money to pay for your bills, how can you give the loan?

Reasons to Help People In Need

Still, there are different ways to help and there are different people who are in need of your help even if they do not want to say anything. A few of the things that will be mentioned below are the reasons why you should be of service to people who are searching for guidance.

  1. You will give the type of encouragement that people are searching for. Perhaps what the person needs is a boost, an advice that will strongly state why they are capable of doing what they are set out to do. When you show that you believe in someone, this is already a form of help and you may never know, you may be changing someone’s life for the better.
  1. Helping others will also make you a source of inspiration of other people. Perhaps your children look up to you or even your siblings. When you show that you can help, they may become inspired to help others too. In short, you are spreading it around. You are encouraging everyone to give the help that everyone deserves.
  1. Although you should not only think about yourself when you are giving help, you unknowingly grow better as a person when you are there for other people. You are able to acquire depth and maturity that you will not get with age. This is because your mind becomes more open about the type of hardships that people are experiencing.
  1. When you help others, you are on your way into making this a habit. You will realize that the moment that you start giving, you do not want to stop. It can be a very healthy habit to have because you have so much love and care to give even for people that you do not know.

You need to remember that you are fortunate enough to have all the things that only other people can aspire for. When you help others, you also realize that you should be thankful for the things that you have.

Donating to A Legitimate Charity

You may have different reasons why you are donating to charity. You may be doing it because you believe that you should help those who are in need. You may have an innate desire to provide people with what they cannot get at present time.

While there are different ways to serve various charities, one of the easiest ways to donate is by giving money. There are some charities however who would appreciate it more if you would volunteer and help them out when they are trying to give help to the poor and the needy. Perhaps you can donate food instead of money. For some, they give money because it is what they have available. They may have gotten it from Traffic Monsoon or any of their other jobs but what if the charity that you are donating to is not legitimate?

Donating to A Legitimate Charity

There are some signs that you can watch out for so that you will know if the charity that you are donating to is a real charitable institution or not.

  1. If the charity only requires you to give donations in cash, this may be a sign that they are not a real. The easiest way to steal is by posing as a charitable institution wherein you can easily send in your money through their accounts. Do not get scammed by these fake charities and donate other things instead that people will surely benefit from.
  1. If the charity will not be able to provide the right details on how the money that you have donated may be used, you have the right to be sceptical about what the charity can truly do. Legitimate charities will make the effort to provide details about how your donations will benefit those who are in need. This way, you know that your money is being put to good use but if you ask a charity how they are going to use your money and they do not respond, then this may be a sign that they are not legitimate.
  1. If the charity sounds like another more popular organization then this may be a sign that the charity is only riding on the popularity of another charity in order to make money. Does not be fooled and always double check if the charity that you are going to donate to is the real deal or not.
  1. If you are being pressured by the institution to donate right away then this is a bad thing. It may be because they would like to get your money before they close down their fake website and their fake account. Charities will never pressure you into donating a certain amount of money. You will be encouraged but you will never be forced to donate.
  1. There is no sign of the charity existing even months before they ask for your donation. You need to know the track record of the charity that you are going to donate money to beforehand to be sure that it is real and legitimate.

Hopefully, the things that are mentioned above will help guide you into choosing the right charities to give donations to.

Characteristics of a Helpful Person

Think about the times when you are given the chance to help yourself and to help other people. Who do you help first? Studies show that right now, a lot of people help themselves first before they help other people. This may be because of society and how the new generation thinks right now.

People right now are highly competitive. They believe that they should always be better than their peers. This has made a lot of people more conscious about how they should carry themselves. They like to become better than their colleagues. Some cannot help but compete with their friends.

Still, it does not mean that just because a lot of people are like this, there are no more helpful people left in this world. Some people are naturally helpful while others are just trying their best to seem helpful even if they have other intentions. Perhaps you would like to get help from real professionals who can suggest property investment Melbourne. Choosing the right people to help you will be important so that your money will not be wasted.

Characteristics of a Helpful Person

How will you know if a person is naturally helpful or not? There are some characteristics that you have to search for such as the following:

  1. Respect

You will know if a person is naturally helpful if he knows how to give respect to people who deserve it. People who are to be respected do not have to be rich. They do not need to have power in order to command the respect that they deserve. People who are genuine and are worthy of respect should be given what they deserve regardless of their social class and their accomplishments.

  1. Empathy

How can a person be helpful if he does not know how to empathize with what another person is going through? How will you know if a person has empathy? It is when you start to tear up and you see that the other person is mimicking your actions without realizing it. This is the reason why a lot of people cry when watching sad movies. They learn to empathize with the characters that they get to know. This is also the same in real life. Some people naturally have empathy towards the people that they meet and because of this, they strive to help.

  1. Warmth

Do you think that you would want the help of someone who seems to be cold towards you. You will immediately know if a person hates you through his actions. You will also know if the person is warm through the things that he does. If you know how to read body language, it will be easier for you to decipher if the person is warm or not.

There are a lot of helpful people who cannot help but display their inner feelings especially when they are moved by other people’s stories. They desire to help is so strong that they will make the effort to do charity work and to assist those who are in need.

Run a Successful Marketing Campaign for Your Charitable Organization

Effective marketing is the main reason why some charitable organizations are able to generate the needed amount for their needs while so many others fall short and eventually have to shut down.  If people don’t know of your organization, of how you are helping people and of your needs then they will never be able to help you.  When you are running a good and important organization then you need a good marketing plan and you need to market as wide as possible so you can get those needed donations that will make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.

Run a Successful Marketing Campaign for Your Charitable Organization

Top advert types

There are several different ways to promote an organization and to be successful you need to have at least three different advert types because different people take in information in different ways.

Posters – Poster designs are great for creating awareness locally and internationally because you can print them and display them in shops and offices or share them on websites, social sites and via email.

Voice overs – Voice adverts is the in thing right now.  A voice over consists of a text that an expert voice reads to tell people all over the world of your needs.  The voice over artists are great for implementing sound effects to capture the attention of people and to explain to them in a professional way what your business is about.  The best part is that you can share your voice message on websites, social media sites or perhaps get it broadcasted on radio so you can get as many donations as possible.

Video adverts – These adverts are great for charitable organizations because it gives people a personal view of how your organization is helping others and it can be shared on all social sites, blogs and websites.

Don’t be afraid to ask across the globe

You don’t have to stick to local donations.  International donations can mean so much more for your organization because if you are in a third-world country and receive income from a first-world country you earn a lot more money thanks to the exchange rate even though the donor doesn’t feel like they are giving quite as much.  You can even communicate your organizations needs to them in person with the help of cheap translation services who will create the adverts you need in the language you need.

Top places to market for charity

Social media – This is one of the best places to market your organization because the adverts can easily be shared internationally so you can earn those needed donations from all over the world.  The great thing about social media is that every person who watches and likes your adverts is contributing to your organizations popularity.

Blogs – Creating articles and posting as a guest on different blogs is great for creating awareness because you can channel more traffic to your website and get more people interested in your organization.

Website – A website is a must for any charitable organization because it gives the public a professional view of your organization so they will know that they’re not being scammed out of their money and so they can find the information they need when they need it.

Donate Kukicha Tea to Improve the Health of Care Workers and Those in Need

Money is often the first thing that comes to mind when you are donating to charity because it allows the organizations to buy what they need.  Another favorite amongst donations is old clothes, toys and food.  If you want to give a gift that differentiates from that which everyone gives then Kukicha grant tea kukicha is something fantastic that you should definitely consider. Kukicha tea is one of the best gifts that you can donate to not for profit organizations because it can improve the general health of those who care for people in need as well as the needy.

Donate Kukicha Tea to Improve the Health of Care Workers and Those in Need

What is Kukicha tea?

This tea is also known as Twig Tea and originates from Japan.  The tea is made of stalks of the Camellia sinesi tea shrub and goes through a large process of scrubbing, steaming, drying, aging and roasting before it is used by people all over the world as a natural green tea to improve wellbeing and health.

Why Kukicha tea is a great supplement

Kukicha tea is great for both adults and children because it is rich in minerals such as Zinc, Selnium, Coppr, Manganese, Fluoride and contains vitamins C, B1, B2, A, Niacin, Catechins, Theanine as well as Amino Acids.  Basically when you drink a cup of Kuckicha tea, you will be taking in most of the vitamins and minerals that are usually provided in supplements which makes this a great tea for people who comes from poor backgrounds.

The health benefits of this tea

There are tons of health benefits to Kukicha tea such as;

  • The tea reduces high blood pressure levels so the risk of heart diseases will be reduced.
  • Kukicha tea helps with digestion for an improved immune system and general health.
  • The tea combats fatigue and is suitable for children because it contains low caffeine levels.
  • You can enjoy healthier teeth because the tea fights plaque and bacterial infections.
  • Because your immune system and digestion system is maintained, you are able to burn fat much easier.
  • The tea also reduces cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of certain cancers.

Beauty benefits of the tea

Care takers and adults in need will also love you for this tea because it improves your skin since the tea has some benefits such as;

  • Slows down the aging process
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Promotes healing in skin
  • Prevents skin conditions
  • Vitamins and minerals promote skin’s general health

All these benefits make Kukicha tea the perfect tea for care homes and for those who care for people in need.  The tea can substitute for a lot of fruits, vegetables and reduces the need for substances because it contains much more calcium than milk and more vitamins than fruit.   When people and children in care homes drink this tea they can be healthier and happier even if they are not able to eat the healthiest of meals or get access to fruits and vegetables.

Make sure that the investments of your charity are kept in safe hands

When you are a charity, one of the ways you need to ensure that you can stay up and running is making investments in ways in which you can employ the capital that you have accumulated through fundraising and other avenues.

You need to invest in people and thing when you are a charity, whether it is the personnel who can help run the charity and deal with foreign countries administration and transport authorities, or it is investing in certain types of foods and materials that will be used to help underprivileged people.

Make sure that the investments of your charity are kept in safe hands

Don’t be overly risky

Whatever the case may be, you need to analyse carefully whether an investment is safe for you or is overly risky. Martin Chitwood is one of the leading securities class action litigators in the nation and has seen many charities and other organizations lose a lot of money over the years as they have not done their research and invested in things that were a lot riskier than they initially appeared to be on the surface. As a charity, your goal is to help people as best as you can, so to do this you will need to use your resources to the best of your ability.

Without further ado, here are some useful tips that will help you to determine whether an investment is overly risky or not.

Know which types of investments are safe and which are not

When it comes to investing, the greater the level of risk, the greater the level of reward there is for you to take advantage of. However, this is a double edged sword as the risks of losing your entire principal is also a lot greater than it would be.

As a charity, you should avoid at all costs making risky investments, as this will lose a lot of the money that has been hard earned through fundraising and could be going towards helping people survive and thrive. While no investments are going to be completely safe, over the years certain types of investments have shown to be very secure and a great way to invest your money.

You might not get very high returns and interest income on the investments, but you will know that the money is safe and the interest income will accumulate and compound over time. The safest types of investments will be certain government bonds and treasury bills.

Take accost of all of the associated risks

When it comes to making safe investments, there are a number of different risks that are going to be involved. Some investment opportunities may appear to be very safe on the surface, but once you dig a bit deeper you will discover that this is not entirely the case.

The three main types of risk you are going to be  exposed to with any type of investment is the potential of losing your principal amount, a loss of purchasing power due to the effects of inflation and the risk that is associated with having your funds tied up and being illiquid.

Making a Donation? Keep These Things in Mind

Donating to someone less fortunate than you are is always a noble thing to do. However, you always do need to make sure that the place that you’re about to donate to is going to give your items to people that actually need them and not sell them off. Yes, such things do happen. Many people give to charities thinking that they’re doing well, while the used items that they’re giving away are actually being sold to the people in another part of the world. That is precisely the reason why you need to be very careful about such things. That said, here are some other very important things that you need to take into consideration if you’re planning on donating to a charity.

The condition of the items

Of course, it may seem like a no-brainer to some, but this is something that couldn’t be stressed enough. If you’re planning on donating your old things, do make sure that they’re in a useable condition, or otherwise, it would perhaps be best if you recycled them instead. The person who will take your used item will most probably want it because they don’t own it already, meaning that they would want to make use of it. Now whether this item in question is a clothing item, an electronic appliance, or even if you’re donating LED shower heads or shower head for kids, you need to make sure that the item is at least clean and useable.

Making a Donation? Keep These Things in Mind

Your donation is an investment

You shouldn’t just see your donation as giving to the poor. It is easy to just give money to the poor and not think about it, but what you’re really doing is actually improving someone’s life and making it a little better than it previously was before. That is why it is suggested that you look at your donations as though they’re investments.

It would be a better idea to “invest” in a charity organization or 2 rather than putting money in many different organizations. That way it would be easier for you to track their achievements later on and you would personally be able to involve yourself in it. You can then form a relationship with the organization and continue to support them over time, which would allow you to lend a helping hand to their achievements, making it a lot more satisfactory.

Never donate to an organization over the phone

This usually refers to financial donations, and although the person on the other end of the call would tell you all the good things that they’ve achieved and just how passionate they are about doing well for the people, don’t give them the money or your personal information just yet. Look into it some more, and try to donate online if possible, as that would allow you to track the progress of the donation instead of just donating over the phone, which could possibly do you more harm than good.

For more pre-donation tips, click

Pay for a Child’s Law Studies So They Can Transform the World One Day

It can be tough to decide on which charitable organization to support.  It can also be tough to decide what you want to donate.  Are you going to give cash? Do you prefer to give large amounts of food?  Is clothing the best gift for charity?  In truth, all of these donations are good because anything can come in handy for those who have nothing.  One of the donations that most people will overlook is a good education.  Most of the children who are raised through charity hardly ever receive a proper education simply because money is limited and there are plenty of mouths to feed.  And because their education levels are poor, many of them will continue living their live on welfare.  If you want to make a complete difference in a child’s life then you should definitely consider funding tertiary qualifications.

Why law studies are perfect for children in need

Children in need are those who know better than anyone else how tough life can be and how unfair people can be.  It would be perfect if a child who grew up under hard circumstances could one day contribute to the world and make life easier for others by upholding justice.  Law studies is perfect for these kids because with a law degree they can one day live rewarding lives and feel good with what they have achieved.

Pay for a Child’s Law Studies So They Can Transform the World One Day

Draw inspiration from the best

Law studies create much more than just lawyers.  Martin Chitwood for instance started out with law when he obtained his bachelor’s degree and continued to become one of the most successful and inspiring litigators there is.  Today he has his own firm, authored several articles that are used in seminars and is one of the best lawyers when it comes to large case litigation.

Get the entire community involved

Law studies can be quite expensive and you can’t stop your financial support when a child is halfway through his studies.  If you start on this path, you will have to continue to support them until they are done because no one else is going to have a kind enough heart to pay for a strangers law studies.  It could be great if you could get the entire community involved and perhaps support even more children by paying for their studies.

The basics of law studies

Law studies are expensive and time consuming.  The first thing a child will need is a high school qualification.  After that, he or she should complete a bachelor’s degree and take a LAST test before he or she will be accepted into law school.  When in law school it takes about three years to obtain a J.D. degree after which the student will have to start on his or her clerkship at a law firm.  You will only have to support a student until they passed their J.D. degree because they can earn an income as a clerk and pay for their own state bar examination after which they will be able to practice law legally.

Donating to Charity in the USA

Donating to charity is like feeding the soul. You get that feeling of satisfaction when you help someone who is in need of help. It is however important to keep in mind that while you donate to a charity or non-profit organization you do your research beforehand.

You may give cash or give property to charities. Your donations can be useful for therapeutic research, help endeavors after disasters, or on-going operations of different organizations and firms.


Before you give cash or merchandise to a charity, look at organizations background. Be sure that the organization is really a proper and legal charity. A few offices and organizations offer tips, databases, and reports that help you assess the operations of charitable organizations:

  • The Internal Revenue Service offers charge tips for givers and an absolved organization database to figure out whether the charity is a 501(c)3 organization (the organization must have this number so you can deduct your donations on government taxes).
  • The lawyer general or customer protection office in your state regularly supervises the authorizing of charitable organizations. They may likewise have records of complaints about foundations.
  • The Better Business Bureau permits you to get to detailed reports of numerous huge foundations, including charities’ administration, utilization of assets, and fund raising activities.

The US government cares about you and wants you to donate your money to authorized charitable organizations where your money will be in good hands. Just like Mark Dubowitz wants the Federal Reserve and money of the US to be in good hands.

Donating to Charity in the USA

Sorts of Donations

Money related

Offering cash to an organization is the most widely recognized charitable donation. Your cash is regularly utilized for project endeavors and helps the organization accomplish its main goal. On the off chance that you give a financial donation, make the donation with a check or Visa, instead of with money or by wiring cash. This will shield you from tricks and help with your record keeping.

Merchandise and Personal Property

A few charities acknowledge non-money donations, for example, garments, family things, or hardware. On the off chance that you give these things, they should be in great (or better) condition. Make sure to keep up a rundown of the things you gave. Additionally, on the off chance that you give a phone or PC, make a point to delete the majority of your own data, contacts, and personal data beforehand.


You can give your auto, truck, watercraft, or any other vehicle to a charitable organization. The organization may give your gave vehicle to a man who needs it or use vehicle for its own particular transportation needs. Frequently the organization offers the vehicle at closeout. In the event that you give a vehicle, remember that you should exchange the title of the vehicle to the charity. Additionally, expel tags and enrollment records before you give the auto.

Charity Scams

Not all organizations that claim to be charities or individuals are trustworthy. Some people put up fake organizations, exploiting people in general’s liberality instantly after a disaster or something similar. Take after these tips to help you identify scammers:

  • Look at the charity with the lawyer general or the Better Business Bureau before you give.
  • Confirm the name. Fake charities regularly pick names that are like settled foundations or use watchwords that inspire sensitivity, for example, “youngsters”, “growth”, or “disaster relief”

Try not to pay by cash. Pay with a check or credit card.

De-clutter Your Home and Donate At the Same Time

Living an improved, uncluttered existence with less stuff sounds appealing to numerous. They have considered the advantages of owning less belonging: less to perfect, less obligation, less to sort out, less stretch, more cash and vitality for their most prominent interests. They are prepared to clean up yet some get immediately stumbled up by the exact next inquiry… where on the planet do I start?

De-clutter Your Home and Donate At the Same Time

Consider this rundown of 10 innovative approaches to clean up your home:

  1. Give yourself 5 strong minutes. Leo Babauta at Zen Habits suggests 18 diverse 5-minute cleaning up tips. Pick one today that sounds engaging. Then again even better, pick an arbitrary number 1-18, read the particular tip, and confer 5 minutes to finishing it.
  2. Give away one thing every day. Colleen Madsen at 365 Less Things gives away one thing every day. In the course of recent years, she has encountered a significant change essentially lessening her stuff each day by itself. For example you can get rid of your old bed by donating it and invest in some cool beds to revamp your rooms look.
  3. Fill one waste sack. Right off the bat in our trip towards straightforwardness, one of my most loved cleaning up systems was to get a basic huge waste sack and perceive how rapidly I could fill it. While a lot of what I gathered was waste, this could likewise be utilized to fill a sack for Goodwill.
  4. Attempt the Oprah Winfrey Closet Hanger Experiment. While this thought didn’t start with Oprah, she was the one to give it reputation. To recognize closet pieces to get out, hang all your garments with the holders in the opposite bearing. After you wear a thing, return it to the storage room with the holder confronting the right heading. Following six months, you’ll have an unmistakable picture of which garments you can undoubtedly dispose of. This trial could likewise be connected to various disorder zones in your home (cleaners, toys, cloths, apparatuses, leisure activities and specialty things).
  5. Make a rundown. Dana Byers prescribes making a rundown of spots/ranges in your home to clean up starting with the most straightforward… which doesn’t sound all that innovative until she includes this note, “When you’re finished with one zone, STOP.” This rundown could be made as simple or troublesome as you longing based upon what zones of your home make up the rundown (drawers/storage rooms/rooms). Furthermore, could without much of a stretch fit into any calendar.
  6. Take the 12-12-12 Challenge. A basic undertaking of finding 12 things to discard, 12 things to give, and 12 things to be come back to their appropriate home can be a truly fun and energizing approach to rapidly arrange 36 things in your home. Time and again, this test really turned into a speedy rivalry between my better half and me… and your children don’t need to be excessively old, making it impossible to take part also.
  7. Try different things with numbers. For instance, Courtney Carver concocted Project 333 to test individuals to wear just 33 pieces of attire for 3 months. On the off chance that 33 pieces of attire appears to be too little, modify the tenets as you need by picking another number. The imperative thing is to test yourself to live with less and see what you gain from the trial.