10 Least Effective Charities

When we think about donating we often think about how good such companies will be for people that are in great need. Although this is the reality of millions of people all over the USA that donate in order to make people’s lives better, it is not all roses. It is very important to know whether or not the company you plan to donating is truly efficient. Thinking of that we have brought this article to you. Here you will be able to see a list of the 10 least effective donation companies. These are the places not worth investing your money for charity!

1 Kids Wish Network

The Kids Wish Network was one of the worst results of the whole country. They were able to get $127.8 million raised by the solicitors and only paid $109.8 million back to the solicitors, which means that they were only able to use 2.5% of the money as direct cash aid.

2 Cancer Fund of America

The famous Cancer fund of America was able to raise $98.0 million as the amount raised by the solicitors, giving them back only $80.4 million and being able to give the lowest direct cash aid of only 0.9%, which is a true disaster in this world.

3 Children’s Wish Foundation International

The results of this one was not one of the worst, however it could have been better. They got $96.8 million last year and then gave to its solicitors $63.6 million. The direct cash aid was of 10.8%.See more in effective charity at http://www.thelifeyoucansave.org/wheretodonate.aspx.

4 American Breast Cancer Foundation

Another very famous foundation in the USA was able to give as direct cash aid last year a total of 5.3%, gathering $80.8 million from solicitors and giving back $59.8 million.

5 Firefighters Charitable Foundation

Although not one of the most famous options in this field, this foundation only gave 8.4% of direct cash aid last year. They got $63.8 million and only gave back$54.7 million

6 Breast Cancer Relief Foundation

This one was only able to help with as little as 2.2%. They got from solicitors $63.9 million and were able to return last year $44.8 million.

7 International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO

This association showed one of the worst results of the whole country. They were only able to give as direct cash aid the equivalent of 0.5%. They were able to gather $57.2 million and were only able to return $41.4 million.

8 National Veterans Service Fund

This one was able to give as direct cash the equivalent of 7.8%. They were able to get $70.2 million and return to its solicitors the amount of $36.9 million.

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9 American Association of State Troopers

The State Troopers gave as direct cash aid 8.6% and were able to get as much as $45.0 million and return close to $36.0 million last year.read latest news for more information.

10 Children’s Cancer Fund of America

Another very famous place that did not have good results. They only gave the total of 5.3% of direct cash aid and gathered $37.5 million to return $29.2 million.

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