4 Tips on Promoting a New Charity Organization

Setting up a new non-profit charity group is a lot like building a new business; only the aim can’t be more different. While a business’ main purpose is to earn profit, charity groups aspire to help the community. If you have just formed a charity group and want to get word out, there are certain steps to do. However wonderful your new charity is, if no one knows about it, it will not be successful.

Promoting a New Charity Organization

Here are some simple tips to market your charity to the public:

  1. Standout with smart branding.

Branding is not just for businesses. This should also be a top priority of nonprofit groups. Think Red Cross, the Salvation Army and UNICEF – all of these have a great branding image that are easily recognizable and standout among others. To build a brand, you must consider things like your group’s image and mission. Work with a professional to help you define a brand and direction that you want to pursue.

  1. Be active in marketing.

One of the worst ways of marketing is to just let someone do all the work, while you sit back not knowing where your charity is headed. Marketing should be a conversation between you (the owner) and the public (your consumer, investors, audience). It is not enough to just put up countless of fliers and ads without effort from your end to get to know the public. The best way to reach out to the public is through social media. No other modern platform allows this kind of engagement with consumers. Take advantage of these modern tools to get to know your followers. Interact with them and ask about feedback, ideas and more.

  1. Invest in SEO marketing.

SEO is one of the most efficient ways to market any form of business. Whether it is a non-profit charity group or a budding e-commerce website, SEO services will spread the word about your brand online effectively. Check on SEO services Bristol and other places to know more information about how this marketing service works. Typically, SEO companies have a variety of plans and packages to choose from so that the service is catered to your business. Take some time to research and compare the best options available.

  1. Schedule fundraising and special events.

To advertise in your local area, make sure you are visible enough. While you are doing Internet marketing, it is also essential that you do some face-to-face promotion. This means that you have to interact and get to know more people so that your network will become bigger. Create fundraising events and invite the local community to attend. Use this opportunity to talk about your charity’s mission and future goals. Do your best to make the event memorable and informative at the same time so that people will be able to remember your group. This face-to-face marketing does not just promote your charity, it can also help you recruit more volunteers and even investors or partners that can help you fight for your cause.

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