7 Great Charity Fundraising Ideas

Creating a 501c3 is quite an undertaking. There is a vast array of paperwork and a lot of people that have to be unified and devoted to the organization’s dreams and goals. However, once those hoops have been dutifully hopped through, the unending issue of raising money becomes very real.

Charity fundraising ideas proliferate the web, but we have chosen our favorite 7 suggestions for your perusal. The key here is remembering why you started your non-profit in the first place. The money you make is designed to aid someone, in some way, or else your 501c3 paperwork would not have been approved. So use these suggestions to further the reach of your enterprise’s helping hand.

7 Great Charity Fundraising Ideas

7 Fundraisers for Your Charity

No doubt some of these will seem a wee bit farfetched but if you are truly devoted to the design and dream of your non-profit you will gladly step out on a limb to make them happen.

  1. Artists- Everybody loves art based events. Try to acquire help from Juan Pablo Molyneux. Ask him to offer a quick class on interior design. Or perhaps donate a piece from his own collection. Make sure attendees buy tickets to the class or participate in some sort of raffle to win the donated objects.
  2. Chefs- With the great attention attached to Food Network’s influx of cooking shows, contacting a well-known chef might be a glimmer of brilliance in your fundraising repertoire. Get him or her to donate utensils, or make a guest appearance at an auction. You could always have a cook off with other foodies where people pay to taste test.
  3. Scavenger Hunt- Sell tickets for participation and add extra tips for those who donate predetermined amounts of money. Then get local stores and businesses to supply the objects everyone is hunting for.
  4. TieDye- It’s kind of old school (read more) but tie-dying clothes can be a lot of fun. You can get local businesses to donate the supplies and then sell tickets to make tie-dyed clothing. Or, you can charge a fee to tie-dye clothing pieces brought from home. Either way, you’re promoting your cause and having fun simultaneously.
  5. Sacrifice– People who are really interested in your organization will be willing to sacrifice for it. In this fundraising idea you ask them to give up their morning Starbucks or Dunkin Donut tradition. Then whatever money they would have spent on those indulgences get donated to the non-profit. If you want to make it more intense, set a time length on the sacrifice and allow them to set their own financial goals. They will be competing against themselves for your benefit.
  6. Recycle Round-up- Organize some local artists to create avant-garde pieces using nothing but recycled material. Then have a high-brow art auction for their unique pieces. Or, go a totally different route in which you get kids to make recycled art and sell that at the auction. It’s fun, eco-friendly, and can be quite lucrative if the right people attend.
  7. Dodgeball- Teams pay an entry fee to play. Then it’s dodging balls left and right. You could also sell tickets to the event and refreshments while there. Additionally, a local business could donate trophies or medals for the winners. This is a fundraiser everyone is sure to love. Click this for dodgeball rules.

There are so many great fundraising ideas available online. Don’t just stick to these. Do your research here.