How can Charitable Organizations and Individuals Support Patients on Dialysis?

People with CKD or chronic kidney disease often need help and support from various volunteer groups. This much needed help can be given by community support groups, kids from colleges who wish to do charitable work for their resumes as well as various other organizations. Helping patients on dialysis is a great cause that anyone can participate in. College going kids who are looking for information on how to become a dialysis technician can even get hands-on experience by volunteering for such causes.

There are many ways in which communities or individuals can help patients who need regular dialysis.

Give a ride to the patient and their family members to the dialysis clinic

In-office dialysis could leave a patient feeling exceedingly weak. Many patients need 4-5 sessions a month which could each last for few hours. Often such patients are unable to drive themselves back home after the procedure. Many elderly patients on dialysis live alone as their kids are away for work or education. In such a case, a helping hand is more than welcome. If you can reach out to someone you know requiring dialysis, please offer to drive them to and from the dialysis clinic. Naturally, you need to have a car and also some time to spare on the day of the treatment. You could always drive the patients and then spend the time they are undergoing treatment either studying, reading, or watching a movie or shopping/running errands.

charity for kidney patients

Counsel the patients and their families

Sometimes, elderly people need more than physical help-they only need someone to talk to and hear them out. Keeping emotions bottled up can also take a severe toll on the spouses of patients undergoing dialysis. In such a case, student volunteers can simply visit the family, ask them if they can shop or do chores for them around the house including simple tasks like fixing or repairing stuff or even talking or playing games that can help one take their mind off this disease. Volunteers can even drive the patients on their better days to the town for shopping, watching a movie or for a simple outing to the park or beach etc.

Cook meals for Kidney patients

For people living alone while suffering from chronic kidney diseases, cooking healthy meals can be a problem. Volunteers can help such patients by cooking larger portions of nutritious meals that are balanced in their potassium, sodium and phosphorus content. Patients can eat and freeze the leftovers so that they can take break from cooking on days they are feeling weak or tired to cook. One can even bake cookies or other desserts for these families as such thoughtful gestures certainly go a long way in brightening up their otherwise lonely lives

Raising money for dialysis patients

Through their charitable organizations, volunteers can also raise funds for Kidney patients. There are plenty of resources elsewhere on this site where we have discussed ideas for fund raining which can be done with children and families. Additionally, if you are into fitness, you can even participate in walks or runs for Kidney related causes.

Volunteering for this great cause is one of the ways to become involved in the betterment of the lives of Kidney patients. Student volunteers can get an insight into the kind of job they would have should they decide to become a kidney technician. We hope these ideas come in handy for organizations and individuals looking to help kidney patients.

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