Charity doesn’t have to begin at home

We live in a society where typically we tend to put our family and friends first, and of course that’s a good thing, but it’s also important to consider others during a time when many people are in crisis. Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine other people can be worse off than ourselves but the reality is that many people really need our help and if everybody had the same attitude that charity begins at home then thousands of people would be enduring horrendous suffering.

People strive to protect their loved ones but it’s worth sparing a thought for those less fortunate who do not have loved ones to look after them. Orphaned children for example, or asylum seekers that have been forced to flee their home country to their lives being at risk. As parents and as members of society we protect our families and friends, our homes and our possessions to the best of our ability. We do this by working hard and bringing in an income, or by securing our homes from burglars or even through finding a holster to ensure no accidents take place with a firearm. We all find ways to put our loved ones first and provide for them and protect them from danger.


But charity is not just about donating money or items. If you are not in a position to donate these things then donate your time. So many charities need help fundraising or raising awareness and this is an area where volunteers are of utmost importance. Most people can spare an hour or so to help give out leaflets or walk around the town with a charity collection pot. Other examples of becoming a volunteer could mean you spend a few hours a week with an elderly person and help them with household chores or take them shopping. These small things can change people’s lives and give them a sense of hope and belonging.

One doesn’t even have to join a charity to be charitable. Perhaps you know an elderly person that could do with a bit of help, or you have a neighbor that is from another country and might appreciate someone assisting them with form filling or explaining to them some things they don’t understand about our culture. Perhaps you know of a children’s home and you would be happy to go and visit a few hours a week and read stories to the children, or simply spend some time with them.

If you have always been the type of person that thinks charity should begin at home why not think that you do everything you can for your family and you still have a little something to give someone out with your own environment? Not only can you help change other people’s lives but you can also gain as well simply by knowing that you are making a difference to the world and being a good person.

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