Creative and Inspirational Ideas for Fundraising with Kids

In this guide, we will present some tips and inspirational ideas that can help parents and kids get involved in charity activities. Today, fund-raising can be easily done online especially through social media. Kids aged 16 and above can help promote, share and manage fundraising pages to save time and raise awareness regarding their charities. Word of mouth advertising as well as emails can be used to get more people to participate in the activity.

kids fundraising

Here are some more tips to help kids and parents get involved in charity work:

  • Get everyone involved: the more the better. You can ask your children’s friends, school members and groups to participate.
  • Keep things simple– Avoid disappointment by making sure that the children keep realistic expectations.
  • Handle the money carefully– Make sure that the money collected is handled safely by an adult and returned to the organization for which it is raised.
  • Keep it fun– When everyone has a good time, more people feel encouraged to support your charity.
  • Think about the timing– Timing is everything, so hold the fundraiser at the right time that does not clash with any other event like the Super Bowl etc.
  • Do not spend more than you make– An ideal fundraiser is the one in which you raise at least 3 times more than you spend. Try and minimize your expenditure. Use your best foot forward and a cheerful attitude to get more donations.

Some Ideas for raising Funds with kids

Provide a service– These include ideas like dog wash, car wash or other services. In case of dog wash, make sure you call the city council first and hold such a service in a park. Use products that are safe and will not harm the surrounding grass as well as the pets. Similarly, car wash tickets can also be sold a couple of days prior to the event. This will help create a buzz about the event and get more people involved in the process.

Yard work– Through ‘rent a youth’ day, older kids can be made to do yard work around the neighborhood. These could include painting the fence, mowing the lawn or other landscaping jobs as required.

Coffee circulation services– Tie up with the local coffee shop. Take orders for coffee around the neighborhood and deliver them. Split the costs with the shop.

Student film or drama festival- Students can set up dramas or plays and sell tickets around the neighborhood.

Recycle cans and bottles– Children can collect recyclable cans and bottles and collect money from recycling centers after depositing them.

Walk-a-thon– Parents and students can collect money by having people pledge money for every mile they walk or run.

Seasonal Ideas– Halloween is a great time to ask people to insure their homes from Halloween related pranks like TP’d houses, squashed pumpkins etc. If these do occur, children can clean up the mess the next day or else keep the money. Likewise, Christmas is a great time to offer to help with decorations, or even pick up and dispose the tree once the season is over. Gift wrapping services can also be offered.

Tips for keeping kids safe

Prior to choosing any fundraising activity, make sure you keep children safe and healthy. Just as you do a risk assessment for self managed super funds, do a risk assessment regarding the charity activity. For children aged below 16, adult supervision is a must at all times. Children should also be warned against approaching strangers. They must only raise funds from people they know and areas or neighborhoods they are familiar with.  Kids must also be taught how to handle food safely where necessary.

Teach children to say thank you and help them appreciate people who help them in their efforts. Encourage and congratulate the kids for all their hard work.

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