Donate Kid’s Softball Gear the Next Time You Want to Give Something Different

Children in charity homes are no different than any other child.  They also have the desire to play, have fun, make friends and enjoy great activities.  But these kids miss out on a lot of opportunities like sports and more because there usually isn’t money for these types of activities in charity homes.  Any parent can quickly tell you just how expensive a school sport can be.  The outfits, protective gear, sports gear is already a nightmare not to mention the transportation fees and spending money.  If you want to give something a bit different than just cold cash this year then consider giving softball gear for charity.

Why softball?

Kids need exercise to develop strong muscles and enjoying sports is a great way to do just this.  Sports also has some tremendous other benefits such as good teambuilding skills and gives kids a way to make new friends and to feel a sense of belonging which is especially important to children that already have a tough time with fitting in and feeling connected with those that care for them and grow up along with them. Softball is a great game for needy kids because it gives children plenty of exercise, the sport promotes teamwork and it is great fun.

Donate Kid’s Softball Gear

How to choose the best softball gear? is the best website you can check out for all the latest info on all of the best softball gear, especially if you aren’t too familiar with the sport.  You can read up about all of the best softball bats, gloves, protective gear and much more so you will have a good idea of what to buy when you are shopping the team’s gear.

Gear that every softball team need

The downside of donating sports gear is that you will have to donate everything that is needed for the sports and enough gear so an entire team can have fun and play.  Just a bat and balls will be a complete waste of your money because kids won’t be able to really enjoy the sport if just one or two can play or if all the gear they need isn’t there.

Softball bat – There are quite a few different bats for this sport like the BBCOR bats, fast pitch bats and slow pitch bats.  It is important to identify the best ones for kids and to invest in at least two bats.

Balls – Balls get lost easily and is definitely a sports item that you can stock up on.

Softball gloves – A large team has nine players at a time and each one of them needs a good glove to play.

Safety gear – Safety gear like a helmet is quite important for this type of sport.  Softball helmets have two ear flaps that will protect the little player’s ears and head against bat swings and flying balls.

Uniform – Casual play doesn’t require a uniform but if the charity home’s team shows great potential then they will need a uniform to start competing with other schools and institutions.