Donate Tree Trimming Services for Charity

When you think about possible things to donate to charity, what does usually come to mind?  Clothing, food, beverages, sweet treats, toys and money is probably the most common charity donations that care homes get and yes, these are some of the best donations to give to charity because people in need depend so much on these things to survive.  But something that most people will overlook when it comes to care homes for people with disabilities, children and seniors is the effort that goes into maintaining the property and actual home.  All homes require maintenance such as paint, roof repairs, upgrades, renovations and much more.  And care homes with yards also have a lot of work such as garden maintenance, tree care and tree trimming.  If you are looking for something noble and good to do for charity then try to donate tree trimming services for charity homes instead by hiring Tree Surgeons WA to care for those that cannot do tree trimming themselves.

Donate Tree Trimming Services for Charity

Tree lopping

Trees that grows too big with branches that stretch over rooftops can be dangerous because if a storm hits, these branches can easily damage the home’s structure.  Show a charity home you care by getting their trees pruned for a better look and improved safety.

Tree transplanting

A lot of people are passionate about large trees because it takes so long for some of the trees to grow big enough to provide good shade.  Sometimes a tree is just in the wrong spot where it either endangers the care home or is simply impractical.  A tree surgeon can help you transplant the tree so care homes can enjoy improved safety and flexibility without having to give up the shade.

Tree Pest & Disease control

Infestations can be terrible to beautiful trees as well as those that enjoy the shade of these trees.  A tree surgeon can get trees treated for pests and diseases so helpful and wanted trees will stay healthy and strong for longer.

Tree removal

Removing a tree form a yard is hard and dangerous work.  You can hire a tree surgeon to help a not-for-profit organization with all of the trees that might be in the way of expansion projects so they can expand easier and help more people.

Other great things you can do for charity homes

While you are trying to think outside the box when it comes to charity donations you can also consider these terrific charity ideas;

  • Get your hands a bit dirty and do a bit of charity work in the gardens of care homes so those that suffer will have something beautiful to look at.
  • Yard improvements like a beautiful statue, some sitting benches, a fountain or a fish pond can also make a care home seem much more beautiful and will give residents something more to do while they live there.

You can help the care home with basic restorations such as a fresh coat of paint for some of the rooms.