Donate While You Upgrade

Making donations is a great way to get rid of your old stuff and help out needy people as well. Donation is a blessing given by physical or lawful persons, regularly for beneficent purposes and/or to advantage a person. A donation may take different structures, including money offering, administrations, new or utilized merchandise including garments, toys, sustenance, and vehicles.

Let’s talk about some things that you have laying around in your house, that are old and outdated now, which you can donate so someone else can benefit from them. At the same time, we will tell you about the updates you can make while you get rid of the outdated items.

Donate While You Upgrade

  1. Donate: Landline phone – Update to: Cordless phone

It’s time to give away your landline phone and to update to a nice, tech-y cordless phone. Landline phones are becoming obsolete with time, mainly because of their limited functionality and portability. Privacy concerns also arise with the usage of landline phones. So unplug the wire, put it into its box and donate your landline phone to someone who doesn’t have a phone at all. At the same time, go online or out to a market and start your search for a suitable wireless phone. If you’re still skeptical about buying a cordless phone, you can read the advantages of opting one on You get advantages like convenience, safety, privacy and portability. Additionally, you get to keep up with emerging technological trends as well.

  1. Donate: Desktop computer – Update to: Laptop/Notebook Computer

Desktop computers are also becoming obsolete with time because their advantages are nothing compared to advantages of laptops. They occupy a lot of space, are not portable and laptops with way better features are being released into markets now. So it’s time to detach that desktop computer, pack it up in a box and to give it away to someone who doesn’t have one. You, on the other hand, should go out and get a laptop for yourself. A laptop will have advantages like portability, additional features and convenience. While a computer may have multiple cords, a laptop will have a single cord attached to it. A laptop is also rechargeable which serves as a great benefit. Read here how you can extend your laptops battery life.

  1. Donate: Wired Gaming Console Controller – Update to: Wireless Gaming Console Controller

We have already talked about the advantages of shifting from wired technology to wireless technology. So, whether it’s attached to your Xbox or your PlayStation, it’s time to give away your wired gaming console controller and update to a wireless gaming console controller. Playing games, single or multiple, becomes much easier with a wireless gaming console controller. So what are you waiting for? You can easily buy one online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

The best thing about doing these things is that you can buy yourself something new, and at the same time donate something that can prove to be useful for someone else. So, donate; donate as little or as much as you can, to help those who need it the most!

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