Donate Your Hair to a Good Cause in 4 Easy Steps

If you’re someone who is blessed with long, beautiful locks, and thinking of ways to get involved in charities, then donating your hair can be a good start.


There are many people out there who are in need of hair, including cancer patients and people with alopecia. People who are suffering from cancer lose their hair due to the effects of their chemotherapy. However, while this hair loss is usually just temporary, many cancer patients still need hair donations to help maintain their confidence. And the same goes for those who are suffering from alopecia. However, the only difference is that hair loss for people with alopecia can become permanent. So if you have long, healthy hair, you can help by donating some of your hair. The hair that you will donate will help make wigs for them and bring back smile to their faces. If you’re ready, here are the steps how:

Donate Your Hair to a Good Cause in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Choose A Charity. Decide where you would like to give your hair. There are several charities out there that accept hair donations and make wigs for those who are in need. Some of them include the Wigs for Kids, Locks of Love, and Pantene Beautiful Lengths. After you have chosen one, know the organization requirements regarding hair donation, and fill out subscription forms, if there’s any.


Step 2: Prepare Your Hair. Keep in mind that charities have certain guidelines when it comes to donating hair. Although requirements may vary from charities to charities, most of them want hair donations to be clean and in good condition. So take good care of your hair, and make sure that it is not chemically damaged. Keep in mind that short hair is also not often accepted. Make sure that your hair is long enough (at least 8 inches long) before you donate it. (Read more about how to achieve and maintain your beautiful locks by visiting the Hold the Hairline website. This hair loss website contains tips and information about how to keep your hair beautiful, as well as how to treat and prevent hair loss.)


Step 3: Make the Cut. Whether you do it on your own or with the help of a hairstylist, make sure that your hair is secured in a ponytail or braids before you cut it. Then, cut the hair just above the ponytail ring or elastic band to keep it together and avoid the strands from touching the floor. The hair must be dry for it to get accepted. Do not wash or style it after it has been cut off.


Step 4: Send it to your chosen organization. Place your hair in a zip-lock bag, then mail it to your chosen charity with your contact details on it. Keep in mind that charities also have varying requirements when it comes to sending donations. So it’s important to know them first, and follow them strictly.


Hair is needed by many people. So aside from donating your hair, you can help further by letting other people know about the essence of donating hair. Spread the word and encourage each and everyone to donate locks. Let them know how easy the process is, and how good it feels to help people in need.

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