Donating Antiques to Charity

When it comes to donating something to charity to help someone out; every contribution, no matter how big or small, counts. Antiques have a very high worth and are very valuable, especially for keen collectors.

Donating Antiques to Charity

When you donate any antique item to a charity of your choice, the charity may sell it off to a collector or a museum and use the proceeds to help out those who are in need of it. Make sure that you donate to a charity that supports a worthwhile cause so that the proceeds can be used to help those who deserve it. Here’s a list of antique items that can be donated:

1. Antique Furniture

Antique furniture, especially from the French era or the Victorian era, is not only fashionably classic but also extremely valuable in terms of its worth. Ranging from sofas to chairs to tables to anything made out of wood; can be donated to a charity of your choice. Just as wine becomes more valued and expensive as it ages, similarly, wood is valued the same way. If you own any pieces of antique furniture that you want to utilize in the best way possible, donate it to a charity and let them do the rest on their own. It is the responsibility of the charity to auction it such that they are able to get the best deal out of selling the item. Hiring the auctioneer or setting up selling terms with the museum are all up to the charity.

2. Antique Crockery

In addition to antique wooden furniture, antique crockery also has high worth. Plates, cups, saucers and other crockery items can be donated to a charity of your choice. Most of the items, antique crockery items may have cracks, dents or broken corners. Before you donate the items, make sure that you are not donating any damaged or broken items as they would be useless for the charity and would portray a wrong image of you as well. If you were to fix any of the crockery items, then make sure that you put up proper fixations and the items are submitted in a good condition.

3. Antique Music Players and Radios

One of the most valued and expensive antique items are classic vinyl players and radios. Record players are especially loved by music lovers and are usually priced extremely high. Donating one to a charity ensures that you will be making a huge financial contribution to a cause that you support to help out needy people.

4. Antique Clocks

Some people love to collect antique clocks, and that is why, if you have any antique clocks lying around then you can easily donate them to a philanthropy of your choice. Grandfather clocks are extremely expensive and valued at a very high price. The charity organization then auctions the clock off and uses the proceeds to support its cause. The more antique your clock is; the more beneficial it will prove to be for the charity that you donate it to.