Donating Used Sports Equipment

There are many of us in this world that are a lot more privileged than others, which is why those that are more privileged should always try and make the lives of those that aren’t as privileged a much better place. You really don’t need to do much, just give some of your thing away that you don’t use anymore. It’s that simple. Instead of throwing away any of your old things that you know you will never use again, why not donate them and give them to someone else who can put those things into better use?

Old toys and sport equipment

We all end up cleaning our houses at one point or another eventually, and when we do, we suddenly discover the piles of things that we just had lying around and we never got around to using. For instance, you may suddenly realize that all of your children’s old toys and sports things are lying around and they don’t even use them or play with them anymore. So give them away. Instead of putting on a garage sale and giving it to people who can afford it, why not give it all away for free to some charity or the other?

Donating Used Sports Equipment

Those charities will be able to find good homes for such things and give them to other children around the world that would be able to make much better use of them than the other child in the neighborhood who just wanted to strike a cheaper deal when buying the football, for example. So instead of giving your things away to people who can already afford them, give them to kids around the world who can’t.

For instance, if you have sneakers or running shoes lying around that you have only used a few times and which are still in great condition, give them away to charities as such as Soles4Souls that give such shoes to people that actually need them. Or you could also donate your well worn out exercise shoes to Nike’s initiative, Reuse a Shoe, so that they can ground up the material of the entire shoe and make padding for basketball courts or tennis courts.

If you also have old sports equipment, such as archery equipment, then you can give those away too. Not only will someone else be able to become physically fit through archery, but they would also be able to have a lot of fun, since archery also happens to be a social sport. That said, you don’t always have to donate things that are used. If you really want to contribute and make a change in society, donate new things. Buy a best hunting compound bow, for example, and donate it to a charity institution that would be able to make good use of it and give it to people that can’t afford it.

Your philanthropic initiatives will make the lives of at least some children around the world a better place, as they will now have new toys to play with when before they had none.

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