Donating Valuables to Charity

There are many different things that you can donate to charity nowadays. There was a time when charity organizations refused to take properties as donations, but nowadays more and more organizations accept properties as donations. The same goes for valuables as well. Some organizations were against it, but there are many others that accept valuables nowadays. That said, there are many times when one realizes that they have no use for a valuable item, and that someone else can make better use of it, and so, they decide to donate them.

Donating Valuables to Charity


When donating, check with your charity organization to see if they accept donations of valuables and check and see what kinds of valuables can be accepted. Many places accept watches, and so, this is your opportunity to give away your Rolex watches that you have never worn, or one that used to belong to a relative of yours that has passed away.

Instead of keeping your valuables locked away in a bank account, you can donate it and help the poor and the unfortunate that need the money that the watch can bring more than you do. Donate your valuables and help other people, it is for a good cause.

Also, if you don’t want to donate the entire value of your Rolex, for instance, you can always sell it and only donate part of the value that the watch will bring. Even that will be of great help for the people out there who do not have much and need the help of the people who are more fortunate. This is also an excellent fundraising idea. If you’re passionate about helping other people, this will be a great opportunity for you to help an already existing fundraising program, or to start a fundraising program of your own to raise enough cash to donate to a cause or to the homeless, etc.

Finally, for those that also have financial problems themselves, this is one way by which you will be able to get some cash for yourself and still be able to do a good deed. You can choose to keep half of the profits while giving the other half away, or you could donate all the money, it’s entirely up to you.

Rolex watches

Perhaps the most well-known luxury brand around the world, Rolex is one of the most coveted brands around the world as well. The name itself screams luxury, and those that can afford a Rolex would most probably buy one because of the status associated with it. To know how much a Rolex costs, simply do a Google search, and you will know exactly what we’re talking about.

Additionally, there are also Rolex watches that are limited edition, ones that can be bought as family heirlooms and passed on through the generations.

This should give you a good idea of how expensive and coveted Rolex watches are. If you own any or if you have any other valuables that you don’t use anymore and think that someone else could make a better use out of, why not donate to charity? If you want to donate your Rolex or other valuables, visit

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