Easy Home Improvements to Help Those in Need

Just because someone is a homeowner, doesn’t mean they aren’t also in need.  Many low income people and families live in homes that are in serious disrepair.  If you work with an organization that has the means, coordinating to handle certain home improvements for those who cannot manage them personally can be an excellent project.  While certain projects will require the assistance of professionals, there are a number of things you can do to help out too.  Consider these options to get you on your way.


A variety of interior and exterior painting projects can be done, even if you are not a professional painter.  If the exterior siding of the home is in otherwise good shape, a new coat of paint can bring new life to the structure, and may even increase the value of the property.  Start by making sure you have access to all of the tools you will need.  This includes paint brushes and rollers, paint trays, plastic sheeting and painters tape, and an appropriately sized ladder.

Since keeping costs down will be a necessity, talk to the homeowner about paint color options that are available within the projects budget.  If there is a color theme in the neighborhood, try to work with selections that work well with neighboring properties.  For properties that are part of a homeowners association, speak with the members to find out what paint color limits are in place.  That helps you make sure you pick a color that will work within the rules.

Easy Home Improvements to Help Those in Need


Many older homes have floors that are in need of serious repair.  Even if a professional is going to be needed for the project, there are certain portions that can be completed by volunteers.  Removing existing flooring can speed the process along.  You can remove vinyl flooring, pull up old carpeting, and even demo out tile in a lot of cases.

Once the underlying structure is assessed, you can also assist with the flooring install.  Laminate flooring can be installed by many with basic do-it-yourself skills, as well as some vinyl options.  Carpet tiles can be installed quickly and do not require a lot of skill.  Installing tile can require special equipment, and may be easier by working with a professional.

Basic Landscaping

Cleaning up the landscaping of a property can also significantly improve the overall look of a house.  Pulling weeds, adding grass seed, and trimming hedges can be managed by volunteers in a lot of cases.  If you plan on digging into the yard, make sure to contact local utilities companies to have any important lines marked.  That way, you won’t accidentally dig into a water pipe or electrical line while trying to plant something new.  Most of the time, this service is provided at no cost to encourage people to make the call before starting.

Work for Professionals

Certain projects require professionals, especially if permits are required.  Issues with the roof or foundation should be addressed by professional contractors, as well as issues with plumbing and electrical.  Any structural changes should be managed by a professional, as managing them incorrectly can cause serious damage.

Before choosing a professional to assist, speak with them about the mission of your project.  Since the cause is charitable in nature, they may be able to offer discounts to help keep the total costs down.  Many people, when given the opportunity, enjoy giving back to their neighborhoods.