Essential Tips for Prospective Law School Students

A law school is an essential that no one hoping to become a practicing lawyer can afford to do without. It is a fact that it is not an easy thing gaining admission into a law school. This is because a high number of other people like you with good academic credentials are also trying to secure a slot. To increase your chance for success and to ensure you are making the right choice of school, here are some essential tips you can use as a prospective law school student.

Consider passage rate

Before applying to any school at all, it is advisable that you give a thought to the bar exam passage rate of the law school in focus. This could be indicative of the quality of learning provided. Choose a school with a high passage rate and go further to see how that rate compares to the overall passage rate for the state.

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Think finance

It is not exactly cheap attending law school. But some schools also cost more money to attend than others. This is not necessarily a sign that these expensive law schools are the best around. A number of factors, including location of a school (whether in an urban or suburban area), play a role in how much you should expect to pay. However, you can get useful information on accessing financial aid and student loans on sites such as to help reduce how much you will need to pay immediately. If you have recently graduated you may be able to consolidate or refinance student loans.

Make your personal statement work for you

For you to succeed in your law school admission, it is important that you make sure that you get it right with your personal statement, also known as application essay. This has to be compelling, to the point and well prepared. You will need to be convincing about your chances of success in the law school if given a slot.

Manage your online reputation

You will likely be surprised to learn that some law schools now monitor what you do online to consider if you are a fitting candidate for admission. There have been reports of law schools hiring social media experts to help evaluate what applicants do with their online profiles. Therefore, you want to ensure that your online reputation is in good order.

Get law-related work experience

If it is possible, you should consider getting work experience in a law office before making your application. Having previously held a position like that of a copy person or paralegal in a law office may be considered as a sign that you are truly interested and determined to become a practicing lawyer. Your work experience could still count even if it is not in a law office, provided you performed functions related to law.

Apply early

Many people fail in their law school applications because they waited too long before making such. Law schools often treat applications as they come rather than waiting until deadline. You will do well to ensure you get your application in early. You should ideally get your file in by the end of November and, in worst case scenario, before December runs out.

These tips should help you in securing that elusive law school admission. It is also advisable that you consider how easy graduates of your chosen school get jobs before settling for it.

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