Four Creative Ways to Give Charity Without Donating Money

If you look up the word altruism in the dictionary, the definition that comes up says that it is a selfless concern for the well-being of others. Charity is an altruistic act. Often, we meet people seeking help and begging for money on streets. Their helplessness breaks our hearts. We want to help them, but at the same time, we are afraid that they would misuse the money given to them. Our fear is not unjustified, there have been several cases where people who need money are often the ones who waste it, whether by gambling it away or spending it on drugs.

Four Creative Ways to Give Charity Without Donating Money

One thing you can do in this regard is to approach the organization or individual to whom you may like to give charity and ask them about their needs. Sometimes, people do not mention money. Instead, they will ask for food, clothes, a shower, et cetera. Following are a few ways to give charity to people without directly donating money:

  • Look For Things In Your Home:

While you are reading this article, take your eyes off the screen and look around your room. Analyze your surroundings and think to yourself ‘how many of these things do I use? There is a hoarder inside all of us, who does not let us throw the unwanted stuff away. It is time to tackle this problem.

Make a list of all the things you do not need that can be of use to other people. Give those things to a charity or any individual you deem worthy. The list comprises of clothes, shoes, blankets, pillows, household appliances, kitchen utensils, books, tools, et cetera. Thermal suits and heaters can also be donated to homeless shelters, to make the cold winter nights bearable for people. Moreover, you can donate books, toys, stationery items, and computer equipment.

  • Ask Others:

Going door-to-door to collect charity is a tiring task. However, since it is the era of social media, sites like Facebook have made it easier for people around the world to get in touch with each other. Start an online charity, where people can donate any amount that is feasible for them. Many college students are struggling with their educational expenses. To remedy this, you can ask others to pool in money to help students pay off their tuition fees and student loans. Contact your local diners, restaurants, food joints, and ask them not to throw away the leftover food. Instead, they can give the food to shelters, and homeless people.

  • By Arranging Private Parties:

You can ask local musicians, comedians, and other artists to perform gigs where the money collected from the tickets is a donation to charities. If you live in Elland (England), then The Meeting Room is an excellent choice as it is a function room hire for private parties. The turnout of such events is often surprisingly well.

  • Give Medical Help:

It may sound unconventional to the most of you, but you can medically help someone through charity too. People who are not financially well can’t afford their medicines so paying for their prescription is also a form of charity. However, you must be very vigilant with this, as several people become addicted to different medications. Make sure that they are not exploiting you. Furthermore, you can donate medical equipment like glucometers, BP apparatus, Oxygen cylinders, a variety of power supply systems for machines like ECG, Nebulizers, et cetera, to hospitals.

Moreover, if you are a doctor, then you can donate by giving your services free of cost to those who need medical assistance. Blood donation is also a form of charity.

Just make sure that whatever you are donating is in good condition. Most of the time, people give away all their useless stuff with the intention of cleaning out their homes. Don’t do this, remember individuals who need our charity are human beings with feelings.