Great Charity Gifts for Children’s Homes That Does Not Include Toys

Toys are fantastic gifts because children always feel love and important when they receive beautiful and fun toys. Toys are the most popular gifts that people usually give during charity and holiday events and even though toys are fantastic for educational development, it might not be the best gift for children in need. This year when you consider giving to charity, try and dig a bit deeper and find useful gifts that will improve the lives of these kids instead of toys that will comfort them for only a few minutes.

Great Charity Gifts for Children’s Homes That Does Not Include Toys

Water bottles

You are always trying to get your kids to drink more water, but who is spurring children in need on to drink water? Beautiful water bottles are a fantastic gift to children in need that no one probably thinks about. They can take their water bottles along to school or sport events and stay hydrated. One of the latest and best water bottles is the fruit infuser water bottle. This bottle has an interior canister that contains fruit and an exterior that contains water. Fruity water is fantastic for kids who hate water. Visit to read more about fruit infuser water bottles. These bottles are a great way to tell children in need that someone is watching over their health.


Books are and will always be fantastic gifts for children in need. There are so many wonderful and beautiful story books out there that will improve their reading and help keep them busy during lonely evenings. You can also arrange a wonderful reading evening when you go and deliver these gifts and read a few books to children in need so they can feel special and get some well-deserved attention.

School supplies

Your kids might not enjoy getting school gear for gifts but that does not mean that less than fortunate kids will mind. They are probably already receiving toys from other donors and supplying them with proper school gear will help them fit in with society. Try and get them good quality backpacks, pencil cases or calculators. Consumable school gear such as rulers, pencils, rubbers, pens and crayons are also fantastic for children in need and if you add a coloring book or two, they are sure to love you.

Dental kit

Sure, kids in need will probably not adore a dental kit but it is something that every child desperately need. You can create them a beautiful travel dental kit that contains a toothbrush, floss, nail clippers and, sunblock, razor and some mints so they can have beautiful smiles.

Puberty kits

If you are donating to a teenage group then try and put together a puberty kit for these kids. You can include fantastic facial wash products, scented products like aftershave and perfume, some grooming tools like clippers and brushes, a few beauty products like lip gloss and nail polish and include a fun teen magazine that they can enjoy. These kits are a fantastic idea for teenagers because this is usually the age when children feel most vulnerable and shy. Looking good is important to kids and with these baskets you can help boost their self-esteem and make life easier.

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