Great Items for Your Animal Shelter Charity Auction

Many charities find great financial support by hosting auctions. These events can bring in a wide variety of people throughout the local community, and can be a key to sustaining long-term operations when funding is needed. However, hosting a successful auction means having the right items to attract strong bids, and that can be easier said than done.

If you are setting up a charity auction even in support of a local animal shelter, you can actually have great success by choosing items designed to specifically attract the sort of people who would be inclined to bid in support of animals: other animal lovers. One great way to ensure you have a wide range of bidders is to choose items that are available across many price points. By having something for everyone, as well as one or two large showstopper items, you can drum up a lot of excitement and interest, which ultimately leads to more money for your charity.

Great Items for Your Animal Shelter Charity Auction

Selecting Small Items

Your first step is to pick series smaller items that can either be bid on individually or as groups. You can choose classic items like pet toys and treats as well as unique items like LED collars or leashes. By choosing items that any pet owner would find useful, you can increase the likelihood that someone will bid. And, in the end, that is what is important.

Selecting Medium Items

Often, mid-range items can feel difficult to find since they aren’t always everyday needs, but you don’t want to choose something priced too high. Once great way to choose items for these categories is to create gift baskets made of lower priced items. You can often use some of the same pieces that you chose for the smaller item group and simply package them together in an attractive basket or container.

One fun way to create a gift basket of items is to bypass the basket entirely. Instead, choose another item that is guaranteed to be useful to pet owners, such as a dog bed. Then, include the various items that have been chosen and wrap them up, and you have a custom package designed especially for your event.

Selecting a Large Item or Two

Most auctions need one or two big ticket items to draw in additional interest. However, it can be difficult to find an item that will appeal to a large group of individuals. One method of handling this is to find gift certificates for customized items or various services. For example, if you have a local shop that can create a personalized dog house for the winner’s pet that could be a fun addition.

Another option is to choose a commonly used service, like grooming, and provide enough on a gift certificate to cover a year’s worth of appointments. If you work with a local small business groomer, you can avoid having to put a dollar value on the item, as you likely would have to at larger chain pet stores, and simply list the number of included sessions instead. That way, bidders can proceed without seeing the exact value of the prize, and they may bid higher based on the perceived value.

Ultimately, by choosing items with a wide range of values, you give people more chances to bid on items they can use that they can also afford. If you have the opportunity, see if local businesses are willing to donate these items. That way, all of the proceeds go to support the shelter, which is the most important part.