Guide to Donating to College Students



The life of a college student that has to support themselves can be very difficult. Working part or full time while going to school full time, getting very little to no sleep, and having to crank out college paper after college paper, and all the while living on ramen noodles.

Sometimes college students need help beyond what they earn from their jobs. A friend applied to a school for radiation therapy and he already knows how hard it will be to support himself while going by talking to other students who went to the same school. That is why it can be a great idea to donate to college students struggling to make ends meet at school.

But what do you give these students? It can be harder to figure out what to give a struggling college student than it is other groups that you donate to. Here are a few things that you can give a college student in need to help them through their college careers.

School Supplies

This may seem silly and something that you would give to a charity for elementary school students, but college students need help with school supplies.

We aren’t talking about pencils and paper, we are talking about equipment students have to buy for certain classes. For example, there are engineering students that have to buy professional equipment for some of their classes, or scholars of the sciences that must buy field equipment for their work. Mathematics students almost always need to purchase expensive graphing calculators.

These can be very, very expensive, and for a struggling college student, these supplies can be nearly impossible to afford. The best way to help these students to is to find an organization that donates to these college students. You can find organizations, like this one, which donate to college students.


This is a category of things that college students live without, simply because they don’t have the money for it. Students usually choose to purchase food or cooking utensils instead of having something to sit on.

Small tables, small chairs, small desks, and other small pieces of furniture are usually the best when donating these things to college students. The reason for small furniture is that college students usually live in small spaces (ie dorm rooms) and don’t have room for massive couches.

Bath and Bed Linens

Linens are usually far down the list of things that college students think about needing, especially when
worrying about paying for books or food is on their mind. Bath towels and washrags are especially important, since many college students sometimes forget to get these things, especially when they first start college. You can also purchase a small luffa instead of a washrag.

IF you get a student bed linens, make sure to get small sizes, like Twin or Full size linens, since most college students have small beds.

Giving these, and other necessities, to college students in need is a huge help to that student and will help them through the semester, and perhaps through their college careers. Helping someone on the road to becoming a contributing member of society can be a great feeling.

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