Host a Child-Friendly Charity Baseball Tournament

When most people think of charity sporting events, they tend to focus on events for adults.  Instead of allowing the adults to have all of the fun, consider creating a tournament that is more child friendly.  Whether you prefer to have a children-only tournament, or parent-child games, you can create an event that is sure to be entertaining to everyone involved while raising funds for your charity of choice.

Create Teams

You can create teams a variety of ways.  In some cases, you can let the teams organize themselves.  If this is the route you want to use, make sure an include guidelines to help keep teams even.  This can include standards for the age of participants, requiring every child to play with a parent, or a combination of the two.

Teams can also be created randomly.  You can have individuals, or pairs, sign up and then randomly choose which players will play with each other.  If you choose this route, it is best to arrange the teams well in advance.  This allows a team to choose to practice together ahead of the event if they wish, or at least coordinate a basic meet-and-greet.

Either way, make sure that teams pay an entry fee to participate, as this will help provide a foundation for the funds being raise for charity.

Host a Child-Friendly Charity Baseball Tournament

Gather Equipment

In order to make the event child-friendly, you will need to have equipment in a variety of sizes.  This can mean adding a few Demarini Vexxum bats to a selection of adult options.  If you want to allow small children to play, you may want to gather tee ball equipment to provide options to children of all ages.

Aside from bats and balls, you may also need batting helmets, face protection for the catcher, and scorekeeping items.  If you include tee ball, you will also need tees.  In some cases, even wiffle balls and plastic bats can make for a fun game, and reduce the chance of injury to all of the players.

Find Sponsors

Sponsors are also an excellent way to raise funds while getting the local community involved.  Sponsors can choose to donate cash in exchange for being advertised as a sponsor, or may be able to provide other items to help with the event, such as prizes to tournament winners.  Charity events are a great way for businesses to advertise to local buyers while also helping out a great cause.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage sales are an excellent way to collect money for charity at tournament events.  Whether you work with area restaurants and food vendors, securing a percentage of the sales for the charity, or focusing on options such as canned soda sales and baked goods with all of the proceeds going to charity, food and fun go hand-in-hand.

In order to make the most out of the opportunity, the ability to bring in outside foods and beverages may need to be restricted, but many participants enjoy the opportunity to have some great food while helping a charitable cause at the same time.

Games of Chance

You can also choose to include the kinds of games you often see at a fair, letting people pay for a chance to win prizes.  Raffles are often quite popular, and simple games like a cake walk can be easy to coordinate.  As with the tournament prizes, sponsors may be open to providing prizes for these games in exchange for the advertising opportunity.