How to Get the Word Out About Your Charity Event with Social Media

Holding an event to benefit a charity is definitely something worth talking about. Social media provides an excellent platform to reach out to members or your network and to find ways to reach out to potentially interested parties easily. If you aren’t sure how to approach social media for marketing your event, here are some tips to get you started.

Use Calendars and Integrated Invitations

One of the more popular social media sites is Facebook. Within the construct of the platform, you have access to calendars and the ability to send out invitations to events. An easy place to begin your marketing campaign is to list the event on your calendar (and the calendar of the associated charity, if they are willing) and create a quality invitation that can be sent throughout your network.

How to Get the Word Out About Your Charity Event with Social Media

When people accept the invitations, it can be added to their calendar, which may get more people interested by association. And word-of-mouth via social media is an excellent tool.

Plan Posts for the Event Highlights

Don’t worry about cramming every detail into a single post. Instead, plan a series of posts that highlight different key features of the event. Make sure every post has the necessities included, such as the date, time and place of the event, but introduce a new point of interest with every post. This can include information on invited speakers, silent auctions, provided meals, and more.

Use the slow release to keep the information fresh while keeping it in digestible chunks. It might make the post more readable, especially when being read on smartphone screens.

Invest in Retweets

Twitter is another great platform for reaching the masses. You can send links to your Facebook posts and create tweets containing key information about the event being planned. Interested people in your network can retweet the information, allowing it to show up in their followers’ feeds. If you want to reach new circles, you can even buy Twitter retweets. That means your tweet is more likely to be seen by someone to whom you don’t already have a connection, and may bring in new interest to your cause.

Take Pics Along the Way

You can document your progress as you work to get everything in order and share the pics with your followers. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow pictures to be included in posts, so you can show everyone what is to come. For example, if you create flyers or paper invitations, feel free to post a pic when you get the proof or pick up the batch.

The idea is to drum up excitement while engaging your followers in a new way. By using different approaches, you are more likely to be noticed by followers with different preferences. Some people may prefer to read posts, but others may be more visually oriented. By using both approaches, you have a chance to reach a wider audience.

Connect with Bloggers

If there are bloggers that cover topics similar to the goals of your charity or simply believe in your message, use social networks as a way to reach out. If they believe in your cause, they may agree to create a post about your event, or at least retweet the information to their followers. While this isn’t entirely a social media marketing technique, it is a way to use social media to the benefit of your charity.