How to protect your eyesight when you are at work

Where would you be without your eye sight? While it is something that many people take for granted, every day they are doing things that are causing their eyes to degenerate at a rapid rate. Many people are in bad habits that continue to cause degeneration and they fail to do anything about it until it is too late. As you get older, your eye sight will naturally worsen somewhat, but the degree of this depends on how you have looked after your eyes throughout your life.

Many people suffer from conditions such as macular degeneration and cataracts, with some people even becoming blind as they move into old age. This makes you very dependent on other individuals on a daily basis and you will no longer be able to enjoy the things that you previously loved.

For a lot of people, their working lives do not do anything to help their eye sight, only worsen it. Here is some advice on how to take some preventative measures when working in order to protect your eye sight.

How to protect your eyesight when you are at work

Using screens for long periods of time

In this day and age, most workers will be exposed to screens right throughout their days. Some people wake up to their phone and browse on it until they get to work, where they proceed to stare at their computer screen for many hours, before going home to watch television. In the past, most people switched off from technology by reading and playing games, but now everywhere you go, you are surrounded by screens.

This leads to a number of different problems, such as eye strain, blurry vision, trouble focusing into the distance, headaches, neck pain and dry eyes. While you may have some of these symptoms, there are a few ways you can prevent them from worsening or even improving them by getting into some good habits.

Resolving these computer related symptoms

You should visit one of the eye doctors in sugar land to ensure that your glasses or contacts are suitable for prolonged computer use, or else you will be excessively straining your eyes. Certain glasses can help with the computer glare and eye strain in front of a computer. Make sure that you position the monitor in such a way that your eyes are level with the top of it, so you can slightly look down on the screen.

You can change the brightness settings on your computer in order to reduce the amount of glare. Every twenty minutes or so, you need to take a break from the screen, looking away for a minute or so. For every couple of hours that you are sitting at a screen, you need to take a fifteen minute break to rest your eyes.

Your diet

One of the biggest things that affect your eye sight is the food that you eat. There are a few important nutrients that you should constantly be consuming, such as vitamins C and E, lutein, zinc and omega fatty acids. The main food sources of these nutrients are oily fish, leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits and non-meat sources of protein.

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