How to Turn a Home into a Shelter

Everyone falls every now and then.  Some just fall harder than others.  You never know what homeless and people in need have been through or what circumstances have led to their current situation and it is so easy to end up in their exact situation after making a simple financial or even emotional mistake.  Home shelters are some of the best charitable organizations out there because they are helping those in need find their way back onto their feet again.  If you are looking for a terrific not for profit organization to start then a homeless shelter is probably the simplest and most noble organization to start.

How to Turn a Home into a Shelter

How to transform a home into a shelter

The first thing you will need for your homeless shelter is a home.  Even the smallest of homes can make a big difference in the lives of those in need.  Once you have your home you can follow these simple steps to transform the home into a shelter;

Decide on your target group – Are you going to accommodate general people in need or do you have a specific target group such as young adults, teens, children, seniors or women?  The first thing you need to do is decide who your target group is so you can transform your home according to their needs.

Maximize limited space – The more people you can help at once the better.  Look for ways to maximize the space you have, even if that means calling in the assistance of an architect.  You could invest in bunk beds or built in beds to make the most out of each room or perhaps even remove dividers between rooms and create a single large shared room with bunk beds to accommodate as many people as possible. Sharing a room with others is after all still much better than sleeping on a cardboard box on the street.

Invest in a proper kitchen – Buying readymade food is not an option for those who shelter at your organization.  You should invest in a proper kitchen and set up some clear ground rules for kitchen use so those in need can cook their own meals.

Clean the home properly – Once your major home transformations are done with you should get the shelter cleaned properly.  The easiest way to fumigate a home properly is to invest in carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast. Most of these carpet cleaning companies have added services such as tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more so you can get your shelter squeaky clean and disease free for those in need.

Remember maintenance – It is important to maintain good hygiene for your shelter, especially since you will be harboring a lot of people who don’t have access to good medical care.  You should get your shelter fumigated at least every six months to ensure that diseases and infestations do not break out in the shelter.  A good cleaning service is an absolute must to ensure the safety of everyone who will be making use of your home shelter.