How to Use Showbox to Raise Funds for Charity

There are a lot of ways that you can raise money for not-for-profit organizations such as market days, pancake sales or online donation requests.  One of the most fun ways you can raise charity and help those in need, is by hosting a movie night in at a nearby school.  Parents are always looking for a safe and child friendly activity that can get everyone out of the house and summer is the perfect time to lure everyone to an open rugby field for a night of fun.

Get movies from ShowBox

ShowBox is a free app that allows you to download or watch movies and popular TV shows on your Android device.  The software is also available for other devices like iPad, iPhone or PC.  You can get the software installed on an old computer and download the most popular movies onto your hard drive.  The best part about ShowBox is that it is completely free and legal.   ShowBox consists of the best collection of great movies and they update their content frequently so you can lure everyone in your area to the sports fields for a camping theater session.

How to Use Showbox to Raise Funds for Charity

Get the right gear

You will also need a good quality projector and a nice and big sheet or white wall on which you can play the movie.  A good quality surround speaker system will also be required for your night of fun.  Luckily there are plenty of DJ companies who might be willing to rent you their gear or perhaps even lend it for free to help support your organization.

Start advertising

You need to reach as many people as possible but it is important to lure the right type to your theatre night.  You don’t want anyone who is going to be drinking around the kids so set your focus on adults with young children by perhaps choosing a Disney movie or two.   You can promote your charity event on social media sites as well as pre-schools or crèches.

Set standards early on

Rules are important when you are responsible for a lot of people so make it clear that certain sustenance’s are not allowed and that littering is a big no if you are hiring a sports field from a school.  You should also be strict about the times and make it clear that all night camping is not allowed, if it is not allowed.

Make it affordable

Most parents are already in debt with expensive school fees so don’t make things worse by charging too much.  It is better to rather do a theatre night a couple times a year rather than kill everyone with expensive rates for just one night of fun.  Keep your rates affordable so large families can also enjoy a bit of fun.

Sell snacks

Beverages and snacks are a great way to earn extra for your organization and should definitely be part of your theatre night, after all, what is a good movie without popcorn.

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