How you can use your tanning bed to raise funds

There are a lot of charitable organizations that are always in desperate need of some funds.  Schools, pre-schools, nursing homes, frail care homes and disability centrums mostly survive through the good graces of people.  It is each and every person’s responsibility to do their best to help those in need because you could just as easily have been in their shoes.  If you have always dreamt of giving back to the community then now is your time to put that home tanning bed of yours up to good use so you can raise funds for the needy and help create awareness.

How you can use your tanning bed to raise funds

How to use your home tanning bed for charity

You already own your very own home tanning bed and already have glorious skin thanks to the tanning bed.  It is time to spread the love by putting your tanning bed’s services up for sale.  You probably have great experience on the right tanning bed lotions and amount of tanning bed sessions that people will need to get great skin.  You can also use your own beautiful skin to lure in prospective clients.  Create a comprehensive package that includes enough tanning sessions so your clients can get a good tan from their investment.  You should ensure that your clients can enjoy tanning sessions in a private room and you can even make the tanning sessions available after hours so you can raise more funds.  It might be wise to order a new set of tanning bed bulbs in advance so you can replace the older ones if they start to get worn out form excessive use.

Remember to be safe

It is important to keep your clients safe when they are using your tanning bed or they might end up canceling on the sessions.  Keep your tanning room and tanning bed clean and have the right tanning bed lotions to your client’s disposal so they can also benefit as much as they can from the sessions.  If they are happy with the tanning sessions then you are much more likely to sell even more tanning sessions to their friends.

Advertise for free

Word of mouth advertising is some of the most successful advertising methods there are.  You can tell all your friends of your wonderful plan to raise funds for those in need so they will be eager to use your tanning bed.  You can also advertise for free on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so you can get as many clients as possible to raise funds for charity.  You can also include some information on the organization that you are supporting to perhaps soften up your clients so they will donate a bit more to the organization.

Get everyone involved

The more people who are involved in helping others, the more funds you are likely to raise.  If one of your friends has a special talent to give massages or do manicures and pedicures, why not try and get them on board and use your tanning room as a salon to raise even more funds.

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