Landscaping for Charity

There are many ways that people can raise money for charities. They could hold functions such as dinners, parties and many other things, but in this case, we are going to concentrate on landscaping for charity. When it comes to landscaping, people or groups can offer to landscape for people their properties, and then send the money to a charity of their choice. There are even some known companies that actually landscape for charity, although we are not going to focus on that right now.

The landscaping activities include the services mentioned below:

  • Weekly cuts, spring and fall cleanups, fertilizer programs, thatching and aeration, tree and shrub care, mulch installation, and more.
  • New Landscaping: new lawn installations, landscape designs
  • Hardscaping: walkways, patios, retaining walls
  • Snow Removal: Plowing, snow blowing, salting and sanding

When setting up such services, people can liaise with professional landscaping companies to assist them, requesting them for discounts so that they can send the overheads to the charities. If you’re located in Perth, you just might be lucky because we have the perfect company for your landscaping, although they only deal with trees and manures. Below is the full profile of Williams Tree Pro.

Landscaping for Charity

Williams Tree Pro Services

Williams Tree Pro is professional arborist services company that provides both commercial and residential services. Founded in 2005, Williams Tree Pro started offering tree services to clients, and no matter the size of the job, they get it done. The company is well equipped and comes along with the most competitive rates, fitting all budgets. The company is a member of the Tree Guild of Australia, being fully insured with public liability coverage, providing customers with further confidence and peace of mind in their arborist services.

Services Offered

Residential Services

Trees are an important aspect in our lives, from adding aesthetic appeal to our properties to providing shade and a home for local wildlife. That is the reason why the trees should be managed by professionals, maintaining them and keeping them healthy. That is what these professional arborists do to keep property in the Perth area attractive and safe for families.

Without proper maintenance of trees, the limbs and branches can contract diseases and die. This could cause them to break and injure people or damage property. That is one of the reasons why tree pruning is important and should be done by professionals. Check out some of the services that Williams Tree Pro provides in Perth:

  • Palm Trees – Prune and Remove
  • Narrow Access Stump Grinding
  • Dangerous Tree Services
  • Large Tree Services
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Pruning

They also provide mulch in their residential services.

Commercial Services

Value is added to commercial properties with the right maintenance of trees that are pleasing to look at. Trees improve the air quality, enhanced climate control, therefore offering better customer experiences and reduced employee absenteeism. Trees on commercial properties need to be well maintained so that they deliver and don’t pose a risk to anyone. Williams Tree Pro can remove any branches and limbs that represent a risk. They can also trim and prune your trees to keep them uniform in size, increase the airflow around their trunks and looking their best throughout the year. They have a huge portfolio of companies in Perth, and below are some of the services that they offer:

  • Golf Courses, Gardens and Parks
  • Large Projects and Tenders
  • Block Clearance & Pick Up
  • Land Clearing

They take on a broad range of commercial projects that include block levelling and subdivision clearing, broad acre land clearing and the removal of tree fire hazards, debris and deadwood, in addition to general arborist services such as stump grinding, tree removal, tree pruning and mulching.


Mulching is important for all plants that grow on our properties, and Williams Trees Pro are glad to provide those services in Perth, keeping the gardens healthy and looking good. The mulch provides a protective cover to the soil as well as other advantages such as:

  • Mulch prevents the rain from washing soil away, preventing soil erosion
  • Mulch retains moisture by absorbing water and limiting evaporation
  • Mulch controls weeds by acting as barrier and covering bare soil
  • Mulch provides valuable nutrients as it gets broken down


Well, if you’re in Perth and you’re looking for professional tree maintenance companies, you have got the company for you. are available to take care of all your tree landscaping needs.