Make a Child Smile

Charity is a virtue. It gives you instant happiness and reassurance. Yes, you can make the world a better place. What better way to help out and bring a change in the society than helping out poor kids? It is not necessary to give away a chunk of money; you can make a child happy in a lot of different ways. Get a refrigerated van at refrigerated sprinter van for sale fast to give away free ice cream to kids on the street. You could even go to your local thrift store and buy all sorts of story books or clothes, or maybe you could to go a toy store and get toys for those little souls.

Make a Child Smile

Bringing joy to kids

  1. Give away free ice cream: Kids love ice cream. It is one of those treats that even an adult loves. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such luxury in life especially poor kids living on the streets. Just picture yourself in a refrigerated van ringing a bell to call out all kids. Imagine the joy it would bring you to hand out multi scooped ice cream of different flavors to those children. Think about the hundreds of small smiling faces looking at you.
  2. Books: I am sure you loved reading those Cinderella and Snow White fairytales as a kid. Kids on the streets hardly see a story book unless one is left in the dumpster. Don’t they deserve learning about Hercules and Peter Pan? Moreover, every story book teaches kids about certain values. Take Pinocchio as an example, he taught us that lying is bad. Those kids are deprived from all these values and you can change that. It is not necessary for you to buy hundreds of books to give away. Ask your neighbors or friends for old story books which they want to get rid of. You can collect all those books and give those to the children.
  3. Free clothes: We have the luxury to buy different types of clothing for every season and occasion. However, there are some children who just have one pair of clothes to keep them covered. Sometimes these children do not even have a sweater to keep themselves warm during winter. You can visit your local thrift store to get clothes for kids for cheaper. You could buy shirts for boys or skirts or dresses for girls. In addition to, you can buy them a new pair of shoes which is a basic necessity.
  4. Give away toys: Poor children living on the streets do not even know the happiness of owning a Buzz light-year or dinosaur toy. They play with rocks that they collect or use coal as a chalk to scribble on the streets. A new toy can mean everything to a homeless kid. You can give those kids crayons and coloring books so that they can learn while playing.

You can make a homeless child happy by following the aforementioned ideas. For more ideas, check out

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