Make Sure Your Online Charity Marketing Gets Seen

Many charities rely on a variety of marketing techniques to gain attention for their cause and reach potential donors. However, making sure your ads are seen can be a challenge, especially for advertising efforts online. To help make your online ads stand out from all of the other visuals on the screen, here are some tips to give you a hand.

Choose the Right Websites

You can place ads on almost every kind of website currently live online. But that doesn’t mean that every option is right for you or your charity. To help ensure that your ads are placed on the right kinds of sites, you will need to put some controls in place.

Make Sure Your Online Charity Marketing Gets Seen

Many advertising mechanisms allow you to specify certain keywords to help identify which sites are a good match. You can even choose individual sites or pages if you have an ideal location in mind. In some cases, you can even provide information about your target demographics, such as interests and physical locations, to help the ad network such as the one provided by Google, place your ads more effectively.

These controls help you narrow down when your ad is or is not displayed. It can keep your ad from being shown on sites that do not fit with the message or goals of your charity, keeping the ad from contradicting the views of those most likely to visit certain sites and displaying the ad to potentially like-minded individuals.

Use Social Media

Social media allows you to connect directly to those who support your cause. As people like, friend, or follow your organization, you can send updates and messages out to those people. While it initially seems like you are advertising to those who don’t need to be convinced of your charity’s value, it also gives them the opportunity to share the information with other people in their network.

Often, people connect with individuals on social media based on shared perspectives and interests. This can allow your message to reach more people organically, providing a digital equivalent to word-of-mouth advertising.

Social media outlets do provide advertising options to businesses and charities, but basic use of the system does not have any cost. If you send out a tweet about your charity, you can do so without having to spend any money. When followers see the message, they can choose to forward or retweet, the information so that their followers can see its content. Again, this happens at no cost to you or to your followers. That means the information can spread freely to help your organization garner attention, receive donations, or for any other purpose on which you choose to focus.

You can even host events, like live feeds and conversations, to engage potential donors directly and in real-time.

Beat Ad-Blocking Software

Even if you have great content displayed on the ideal sites, your efforts can ultimately be thwarted by ad-blocking software. It often seems as though defeating these blocks isn’t possible, but it is possible. Services like Advertise World can help make sure your ads are seen by as many people as possible. Not only does this help ensure your advertising dollars are getting the most back in return, but it can also help get your cause in front of more eyes than you may without the service.