Make Your Event Standout in the Crowd

We are often made aware of a variety of charitable events taking place in or near our communities for various health conditions or concerns.  At times, it can feel as though they are all the same.  A large number of organizations hold walking events to raise funds, while others may sponsor short runs.  While these kinds of events do play into the concept behind many health-oriented charities, it is possible that by trying something a little more unique that you can inspire a new level of interest in your cause.

If you want to find a way to make your event unique amongst the numerous walking and running events in your area, consider giving these more original ideas a try.

Make Your Event Standout in the Crowd

Consider a Field Day Event

A field day is a combination of physical activities and a carnival.  Instead of carnival rides, you have a variety of physical games and challenges.  Some classic field day games can include three-legged or wheelbarrow races, egg or water balloon tosses, or basketball shootouts.  If you have a larger area to work with, and the time necessary to plan, you may even be able to add larger activities, like a Wiffle ball or kick ball tournaments.  You can also add other activities, such as trampolines (please see here) or bouncy castles.

You can request donations at the point of entry into the event, or through the sales of tickets to participate in certain challenges.  Funds can also be raised through a variety of food and beverage stations.

Even if you offer prizes for some of the events, you will likely find that a well-run field day can be quite lucrative when it comes to pulling in donations.  It will often be seen as more of a community event than a simple fundraiser, too, which can help keep it running for years to come.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can also be designed as a fun charity event.  For example, you can have people form a variety of teams in order to take part, and donors can pledge a certain amount based on how far they progress in the hunt.  While this may be seen as similar in design to some of the endurance events where people pledge a certain amount per mile or per minute of participation, it can add a fun, quirky element that makes it unique.

You can also base your scavenger hunt on a points system, where points are earned through completing various tasks, similar to the GISHWHES event in 2015.  This can not only help raise funds and awareness for a cause, it can also inspire everyday people to do small things to make their community a better place.


If you want to have an upbeat event that is also a great workout, consider hosting a dance-a-thon.  The planning would be similar to a large party.  You would need a venue, a DJ, and refreshments.  You can have people sponsor the participants by pledging a certain amount for every hour they participate, or can donate lump sums to the cause.

Dance-a-thons can be fun for individuals, couples, and families alike, as dancing appeals to people of all ages.  It can also be part of a larger event, such as food and beverage vendors, silent auctions, or raffles.

By taking the time to consider options outside of the traditional walk or run, you can make your charity event unlike anything else in the area.  Not only can that be great for your charity, but it can be fun for your community as well.