Making a Date Worth it

Sure, we go on dates with people to get to know them. We spend time together to determine our compatibility. But, what if we could make a date worth more than a self-serving event? What if our time invested in dating was also beneficial to charitable organizations? This might start a dating revolution!

You could waste days and nights searching dating guide reviews for the best dating ideas. Or you could just spend a few minutes perusing these selections. And then have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people whose organizations you support. Dating guides are great for regular dating opportunities, but this list is for those who want their dating time to equate with heartfelt generosity as well.

Making a Date Worth it

Dating for Charity

That heading may be a bit misleading. Surely you’re not going on a date because you feel the guy or gal is a charity case. Rather, you are utilizing your date time to give back to a charity you find worthy. Here are some great ideas:

  • Charity Dinner- Attend or design a charitable dinner that represents the types of organizations and programs you believe in. The money invested in the fancy three course meal will be utilized to support a good cause. If you design the event for you and your friends, sell tickets, hire babysitters, and then donate the money to an entity that focuses on the well-being of children.
  • Animal Shelter- Spend some time helping at a local animal shelter. You’ll get the opportunity to be with the one you love while enjoying the company of some ultra-precious animals. You have the unique potential to bond more deeply over a cause that is important to you both. And the animals will surely appreciate the added attention. Learn more about volunteering.
  • Soup Kitchen- Investing in people that have significantly less than you have can really open your eyes to the blessings that abound in your life. When you volunteer at a soup kitchen you will be given a chance to make an immediate difference in someone else’s life while also being able to see how your date interacts with the less fortunate. This will quite readily weed out those people who are snobbish or judgmental. Read more about soup kitchens.
  • Habitat for Humanity- Gain new perspectives by investing blood and sweat equity into another individual’s home. The people who benefit from Habitat for Humanity homes are generally families with minimal funds and children to take care of. Your assistance in building their home opens new doors for their future and feelings of value. Plus you will gain the ability of ascertaining what kind of home improvement and DIY skills your date has, or doesn’t have.
  • Bake Sale- Time in the kitchen can be romantic. Plus, baking things requires team work when it comes to measurements and timing. There have been some studies that suggest couples who work together in the kitchen for cooking and baking endeavors are generally happier. You can organize your own bake sale for friends and family and then donate the funds to a charity you want to support, or you can provide your baked goods for an already organized charitable event. Here are some great recipes for your bake sale.

Making a date worth it is far better when there are other people benefiting from your time together. And, a lot of these suggestions are free!