Opening Roofs for Charity

charityWe live in a world of convenience. This age of convenience is clearly demonstrated as we carry within our pockets the same technology and computer storage that once required larger and cumbersome units.

Additionally, this convenience can extend to one’s personal home. For example, through wireless connections, an individual can control their thermostat, lighting and security all through technology within their pocket. Also, an individual can basically control the climate outside through an electrical device that controls the louvers of an outside awning.

This is accomplished by merely flipping on an electrical switch. By activating the switch, the louvers can be opened to enjoy the fullness of the sunlight or the reverse of this process can close louvers and provide the needed shade.

The benefit of installing such a system is not only in providing comfort for the homeowner but a savings in energy costs as they are able to reduce the outside temperature by at least 10° and therefore decrease their dependence upon energy.

What a wonderful and creative idea it would be to partner with the charity and select a needy family or elderly couple to install such an awning system.

In order to provide such a charitable benefit for a needy family, a contest could be held in which a family member, neighbor or other interested party could submit a video or essay saying why this family should be chosen. Then the selection panel comprised of influential members in the community, business leaders, political leaders or other high-profile citizens could be formed. Then this panel would meet and go over the entries that have been submitted. The panel then could grade the entries and based on that grading system select the fortunate family.

In order to get the word out on this wonderful charitable event, the participating charity could partner with an entity from the media. It could be a television station, radio station or newspaper.

Once the fortunate family has been selected then there could be a call for workers so that the awning could be installed at a reduction in price or at no cost at all. In addition, the company, for media relations, purposes could donate their product as well as waive any installation fees for the benefit of the chosen family.

In order to learn more about the particular product that could be installed, a suggested website could be opening roofs Sydney.

Of course, all of this would be for a good cause. However the bottom line is that an appropriate family would be chosen and this awning system would help improve their quality of life as well as decreasing any potential financial stress placed upon them.

Another option would be that when the community rallies behind such an event, there may be a residual benefit in that the community may support this particular family in other ways as well or bring attention to needs in the community.








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