Organizing a Charity Garage Sale

Organizing a Charity Garage Sale

One of the most effective ways to raise funds for an event or charity is to organize a garage sale in your neighborhood. Unlike most other fundraiser events, a garage sale does not require a lot of expenditure on the occasion. Everyone from your community or organization can simply pitch in whatever they have and a successful garage sale can be organized easily, raising a lot of funds and pleasing crowds. There is, however, a lot of prior preparation involved before actually organizing a garage sale for fundraising. With quick thinking and organized planning, a garage sale can be organized in a hassle-free way. The following things need to be done to prepare for a garage sale:

Date and Time

It is best to hold multiple day sales so that people can arrive at their convenient time, plus the ‘last day’ has a bit of an appeal to customers looking for discounts. Choosing a weekday and a weekend is great. Instead of choosing hot days, choose your sale days when weather is relatively nice to avoid crowd discomfort and less turn up.

Setting up Shop

Tables, lots of them, are necessary to place your items upon. Crates and cartons also make excellent tables to keep your things on. You can also borrow tables from whoever is willing to help out. As for clothing, use hangers or a rack to keep them hanging. If you are using boxes, these can multitask to keep several items. For example, if you tilt the box to make the open end face the crowd, then some soft toys can peep through the opening and some cutlery items can be placed on top.

Getting Ready

Besides getting your selling area ready, you need to look presentable on the day too if you are one of the sellers. Get a good shave that morning with an electric shaver, because razors are just too much of a hassle. You might want to check some beard trimmer reviews here. Fresh breath, a crisp white shirt, and well groomed hair is all you need; along with a jolly personality. Say hello to customers from where you are stationed, and let them choose whatever they like.

Putting Labels

Adding labels to your stuff will get rid of a lot of pricing enquiries. For example, have a paper sign that says, “Books: $2 each” or “Soft Toys: $1.5 each” attached to crates that carry these items. This will help you organize things better. Also, make sure the signs let the buyers know which of the items are fragile and should be handled with care.

Keep Change

While selling items, make sure you have a lot of change handy. Chances are that your customers have paid $19.5 to you and you are struggling to find change. In order to avoid this, load your cash box with change and keep an account of how much change you have provided. To know more about successful fundraisers, read this article-

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