Top Sports Players Actively Involved In Charity Work

Want to know if your favorite sports player is as good at giving as he or she is at playing? Check out the sports players who take active part in charity work below!

David Beckham

Beckham supports innumerable projects, most prominently UNICEF, for which he acts as an ambassador and assists with the Unite Against AIDS Campaign. He additionally has his own charity, the Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust, which, as per, gives youngsters wheelchairs, among different causes.

Top Sports Players Actively Involved In Charity Work

Moreover, Beckham supports various different foundations, including Malaria No More, the Red Cross, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and Peace One Day, to give some examples.

Albert Pujols

Pujols and his better half, Deidre, run the Pujols Family Foundation, which, as its site states, serves to help out people who live with Down Syndrome by promoting awareness, providing hope as well as meeting needs of for the families and children both. The association, which was established in 2005, additionally helps devastated families in the Dominican Republic. The association has masterminded various outings to assist in the Dominican Republic since it was found.

Eli Manning

He supports quite a few charities including the Red Cross, Phoenix House, March of Dimes and St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters. Manning likewise raised $2.5 million for the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s Children’s Hospital, as per He additionally gave $1 million to the University of Mississippi’s Ole Miss Opportunity Scholarship finance.

Larry Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald has a charity called The Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund, and his site records the work he does with (and without) his charity. Obviously, the rundown is somewhat long. As per, Fitzgerald flew out to Ethiopia with Anquan Boldin and Oxfam America to help with different undertakings, including planting trees and irrigation projects.

The First Down Fund additionally gave 1,000 football helmets to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation’s childhood football program.

Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw gives critical parts of his paychecks to causes in Africa, including his program called Kershaw’s Challenge. He and his significant other, Ellen, run the program, which expects to change the lives of in danger youngsters and groups, as per Clayton and Ellen likewise run a halfway house in Lukasa, Zambia, for which Kershaw was respected with the Branch Rickey Award in 2013. The honor respects “people in baseball who contribute unselfishly to their groups and who are solid good examples for youngsters,” per the honor’s site.

Kershaw likewise underpins different projects, including Habitat for Humanity. In 2012, he was given the Roberto Clemente Award, which regards the best philanthropic Major League Baseball player. You can wager that when he capitalizes on an unavoidable nine-digit paycheck later on, Kershaw will put a lot of it toward his charity work.

He is one of the biggest names in basketball whose work towards charity has been highlighted due to its effectiveness. Apart from that, he is a splendid basketball player and that becomes quite evident just after you watch him play one or two basketball matches. If you aspire to be as good as him, both in terms of playing and giving, you need to start practicing right away. Locate the best in-ground basketball hoops and start working on your shoots. Increase the distance from the hoop as you start improving over time. Who knows, you might become as big a player as Clayton Kershaw one day!

Three Great Childrens Charities Everybody Should Support

As you are reading this article on your smartphone’s screen, think about how technology has become a significant part of our lives. However, there are thousands of people out there who don’t have the luxury to afford food, let alone gadgets. Some individuals don’t have a place to sleep and don’t have a single idea about how they are going to feed themselves.

As a human, folks often feel guilty when they see others suffering to get the things they already have (such as food, clothes, home). Hence, people should make donations frequently to contribute to the society. The lack of resources provokes people to get involved in illegal acts. So by donating the money, you won’t be only helping others you will be lowering the crime rate as well.

Children are the building blocks of tomorrow. Every child has the capability to grow into a beautiful adult if given the right opportunity. Your money might give an under privileged child a chance at living a normal life. There are several charities for you to select from but one must be careful and do thorough research about a charity before donating money. Some people run fake charities and use the donations for their personal use. Therefore, to make the matters easier for you, we have narrowed down the three registered children’s charities that need your donations.

Three Great Childrens Charities Everybody Should Support

  • Police Athletic League of St. Petersburg:

St. Petersburg might not be a crime-ridden area, but it still has a high rate of criminal activities when compared to other cities of Florida like Parkland or Weston. The Police Athletic League (PLA) is an organization in several police departments where police department members coach young kids in sports and recreational activities. They also help the children with their homework and other academic activities. Police Athletic League is an organization which prevents the kids from getting into illegal activities such as drug abuse, gang involvement, etc. The president of TJM Properties, Terry McCarthy St. Pete, is an active member of the PAL board. He recently helps raised a pledge of $25.000 to start the Midtown Project. We could learn a thing or two from him as he donates generously from the money he makes from his real estate business.

  • My Stuff Bags Foundation:

If you are a parent, imagine how frantic your kid would become if they get left alone. In America, more than 300,000 children are every year rescued from dangerous home environments. The child protective services then bring them in foster care and shelters. The trauma these young kids go through disturbs them mentally.

At a time like this, they need comfort. Unfortunately, children sometimes retreat into themselves as they get separated from their homes, parents, and personal belongings. So, My Stuff Bags Foundation helps bring a smile to children’s faces by giving them a bagged filled with personal belongings like the stuff the kids had left behind.

Now you can support this charity by donating either money, or some of your “stuff” such as coloring books, crayons, stuffed animals, school supplies, small toiletries, books, handheld games, clothing, and other things that might be useful for kids.

  • Canines for Disabled Kids:

Mentally or physically disabled children often grow up to be introverted adults. The reason behind it is because they don’t have many friends when they’re young. Not having friends lowers your confidence. It also makes the kids feel inferior by shattering their self-esteem.

Therefore, Canine for Disabled Kids is an organization which allows kids who have deformities and mental disorders to have a pet friend of their own. These canines are service dogs, so they help in increasing the independence of your children despite the child’s disabilities such as paralysis, autism spectrum disorder, blindness, etc.

Cycling for Charity

Cycling for Charity

For many of us, there are those times when we have thought of doing something good for those around us. We have thought of doing something for a worthy cause to help those that are less fortunate, or those that are in dire need. There are many things that people can do to support such causes, with the most common one being through monetary donations. Not everyone can be in a position to donate funds, knowing the harsh economic times that we are going through. People can opt to spend time with orphaned children, playing with them. Others can opt to treat or teach the kids for free. The truth is that there are countless things that we can do to help those that are less fortunate in society. In this article, however, we are going to look at how to cycle for charity.

Cycling for Charity

Organized Charitable Rides

Here, there are organized charitable rides to raise money for charitable causes that one can join. In this case, the charity usually plans things like the routes, the gear, accommodation, food, and other support services. There are usually many organizations sponsoring the cause, and the winners of the ride can even emerge with prizes. To join the ride, one pays a small participation fee. These are usually extremely fun and can be attended by the whole family.

Independent Charitable Rides

If you’ve never pedaled in your life before, this is probably the ride for you. This also works best if you you’re running for a cause that is not very well known such as a rare disease, or something that touched your life. In most cases, you get to do all the planning by yourself, including the fund raising for the event.

Independent Ride for Existing Charity

This is sort of just like the personalized version of an organized charitable ride, and the charitable organizations can help you raise the funds. The only hitch is that most of them are very rigid in their structure and operations and would be reluctant to spend money in ways that could stir up trouble. They would also worry because you would be practically representing them. If you however, plan to sponsor yourself, I’m pretty sure that the nonprofit organizations would have a problem with that. It is not advisable to hope for compensation, though, as this could scare them away.

Completely Independent Charity Ride

This would not be focused on making money, but rather riding for a cause such as a political cause since there wouldn’t be any organization to have your back. This is unless you’re willing to form your own nonprofit organization, and this comes with its challenges.

The Truth About Bike Trailers for Kids and Pets

Now that we are talking about bike rides, we might as well talk about bike trailers, great solutions to tag your kids and pets around with you as you ride. This information is all courtesy of, and you can always check back there for more information. A bike trailer is a trailer or cart that can be attached to the back of your bike, and there are those that can carry one child, and those that can carry more than one. The same goes for pets. Nowadays, most of them can also be converted into strollers for convenience.

The Different Types of Bike Trailers

  • Cargo bike trailers
  • Bike trailer for kids
  • Pet bike trailer

Things to Consider When Buying a Bike Trailer

  • Use
  • Budget
  • Available attachments
  • Size of trailer
  • Brake systems
  • UV resistance and weatherproof
  • Storage and folding
  • Suspension


People can raise for charities through bike rides in many ways. Remember, there are also bike trailers for those that want to take their kids or pets along. The trailers can also be used for cargo, groceries, and other things. Just know what you’re going to use the bike trailer for before you purchase it.

How to Save & Raise Funds for Charity

Raising cash for your most loved charity sounds like an extraordinary idea. Holding events for charities can be a lot of fun, yet it can likewise be a ton of work, as well. In any case, you can utilize an assortment of approaches to raise cash, keeping both you and your charity happy.

How to Save & Raise Funds for Charity

Pick a charity. The most ideal approach to pick a charity is to discover a reason you’re enthusiastic about. On the off chance that you love animals, support an animal shelter. In case you’re crazy about books, raise cash for library. On the off chance that you think about ensuring everybody gets fed, pick a soup kitchen to raise cash for. It’s imperative to ensure your charity is honest to goodness. In the event that possible, visit the charity’s workplaces, and ensure they have charitable status before raising cash for them.

Make your own contribution. Charity begins at home. If there’s a charity whose cause you support deeply and you want to raise funds for them, you can start with yourself. Set aside a little bit of cash from your salary at the end of every month and donate it to your favorite charity. People who work at awesome companies like Carvision not only get to work in a comfortable work environment but also get paid really well. The employees at Car Vision are extremely appreciative towards the company and strive to offer the best customer service to the customers along with reasonably priced deals!

Converse with the charity. On the off chance that you call the charity, they’ll have the capacity to give you more data about raising funds for them. Also, they might have the capacity to offer you a couple of instruments, for example, official stickers or pens to pass out to individuals who give. What’s more, they’ll have the capacity to prompt you about what you can’t do when raising cash.

Join a sponsored event. Numerous foundations hold events occasionally, ones where you can join and help them to raise cash. For example, you could join a fundraising run or walk, where you inspire individuals to support you.

Arrange a carnival. You can hold a carnival at the park or in the city, in the event that you contact the city and pay a specific sum. In any case, you may likewise get a congregation building or other substantial group working to give space in the event that they additionally have confidence in the charity. Charge a little section expense to the occasion, and get individuals in the group to have little games, where the cash backpedals to the charity. You may likewise have the capacity to get nearby organizations to give food with an end goal to get individuals out to the event.

Have a competition. You can hold a competition for anything from a singing competition to a drawing one. Inspire somebody to give prizes, and have every individual pay a participation fee (the part that raises cash). This even can raise significantly more cash on the off chance that you get big names to judge the event.

Top Charity Gifts For Special Needs Kids

There are few things in this world that will make you feel as warm and fuzzy inside as giving to charity.  Yes, when you donate to charity the money, goods, gifts or coupons will go to aid those in need but you will also be giving yourself a very special gift at the same time and that is the gift of feeling proud of yourself.  It isn’t always easy to decide on the perfect gift for charity, especially if you are donating gifts to special needs children.  Where do you start?  What is best for these types of children; toys, money, food or clothing?  Well, all of these charitable donations will be fantastic for any special needs children but if you really want to contribute something useful then you can definitely consider the following gift types.

Top Charity Gifts For Special Needs Kids

The right education

The right education is at the top of our list because the gift of an education is the best possible gift you can give.  Special needs children find it hard to cope in a normal learning environment.  They require a different approach to learning and often rely on therapy to get them to overcome their challenges or deal with trauma.  The right education for a special needs child is in the right type of intuition.  Green Chimneys is one of the best institutions to consider for a special needs child because their school offers a state approved education and they offer a lot of added programs such as animal therapy, outdoor learning and much more.  If you really want to make a huge difference in the life of a special needs child then you can definitely consider a scholarship in this school.

Sensory toys

Sensory toys are essential for special needs children.  These toys enable kids to fidget, feel, shake, touch, explore and have fun.  The top sensory toys to consider for your next donations include the following; fidget spinners, fidget cubes, sensory boards, stress balls and more.


Children’s books are always a terrific charity gift for especially special needs children. Books are one of the best ways to learn and there is nothing more fun for kids than reading a new story that they have never heard or read before.

Educational toys

Educational toys are also some of the best gifts for special needs children.  Puzzles, building blocks, counting toys, alphabet toys, flashcards 3D puzzles, wooden blocks and more are all terrific gifts to special needs children.

Special needs gear

Most charity homes don’t have the money to buy special needs children the gear they need to get along easier in life.   Another terrific gift that you can definitely consider is to provide a special needs child with specially designed gear to help him or her get along better in life.  This gear can include anything from a wheelchair, stroller, special swim gear, walkers, special shoes, the right spectacles, to helmets or anything else that will make life a little bit easier for disabled or special needs children.

Crazy Charity Events!

One of the most important things we need in this world is humanity. Individuals usually turn a blind eye towards homeless people all around the world that do not even have bare necessities like food, drinking water, clothes, and a shelter to live. In fact, we tend to overlook the riches we have since we do not think they are enough. We keep on wanting more. It is imperative to look at people that do not have half of what we own and play our part in making their lives a little better. Being involved in charitable activities is very easy in today’s world. All you need is a sound plan and a few volunteers, and you can collect donations to help the needy people. You can also collect clothes or other items of sheer necessity to give to others.

One of the most popular fundraising ways is “the walk.” People walk for miles to earn prize money that eventually goes to charity. Hiking is another way of collecting funds. Everybody starts at one track and the group or individual that reaches the top wins. Both of these ways are very simple and do not require much capital to hold. For hiking, all you need is beginner hiking boots along with a determination to win and help the poor and hungry people. There are various choices for buying a hiking boot like weather protection hiking boots, light weight leather and water proof hiking boots for both men and women. Moreover, if you would like to get a proper guideline about hiking boots, you should visit You can find out the best hiking boots for each season there.

Crazy Charity Events!

There is so much to do around the world, and folks are not afraid to do anything to collect money for charity. Following are some wild but very popular activities people do. These events are arranged to collect donations:

  1. Worm charming:

This game needs skill and courage to play. All you require is a determination to collect as many worms as you can. A certain radius is allotted to all the players, and they are required to collect as many worms as they can within a time limit. Worms are more likely to get out of their holes when it gets noisy, so players stamp and shout while collecting worms. The winning prize goes to charity while the medal proudly hangs around the winner’s neck. Even though this is crazy, the event turns out to be a fun way to pass the time.

  1. Shaving you head:

Most charities ask you to shave your head and donate the hair to a wig foundation that makes wigs for people who are undergoing cancer treatment. However, some organizations offer thousands of dollars to charity in exchange for someone voluntarily shaving their head. Individuals who are daring do this for goodwill and raise hundreds and thousands of dollars every year. Moreover, you can nominate people to do this, and they decide whether to agree to it or not. Besides shaving your head, people choose each other for waxing their bodies in exchange for money to charity.

  1. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

A few years ago, the ice bucket challenge gained hype on the social media. The challenge required people to throw a bucket of ice water on themselves so that their bodies got numb and so that they could empathize with ALS patients that feel numb all the time. The challenge raised millions of dollars for research and treatment of ALS. However, the challenge took a step ahead when people decided to sit in ice baths for a couple of medically supervised minutes to raise money for different charities. Players started nominating their friends and family to do the same in extreme temperatures and ended up raising thousands of dollars. Eventually, it helped many people live a comparatively better life.

Giving Charity Entails Five Incredible Factors

Various charity organizations are working all over the World. These charity organizations look forward to providing the required resources to those underprivileged who really require them. According to the latest research, these charity organizations are progressing with every passing year owing to the abundance of donations being given by the public to them. With every passing year, the awareness to provide the charity to these charity organizations is increasing.

However, if you are still skeptical about it and cannot take a decision whether you should be giving some of your hard earned money to a charity institute or not, some of the below stated reasons would be enough to convince you.

Giving Charity Entails Five Incredible Factors

  • Self-Worth:

Giving charity not only is beneficial to the person you donate. Rather, the person who gives it away gets numerous benefits as well. When someone donates the charity, he/she provides financial satisfaction to others. Moreover, individuals who give it get personal satisfaction, immense self-worth as well as gratification. As a human being, your soul feels satiating.

  • Be a part of something vital:

Even though when you donate some amount of money, it might not seem quite significant to you. However, when that small sum of money is combined with other small amounts donated by others, it becomes enormous! The little amount of money donated by you turns into a massive amount and in the end, provides someone shelter or food that he seeks. Even if you cannot give great amount to charity every month, set apart a small portion and within a year, you would be able to provide shelter or clothes to folks who desire for these things but cannot have!

  • Saving Lives:

Just like donating your money to charity organizations, you can donate it to hospitals as well. Hospitals come with this option, and you can give your money directly to these institutions. Bequeathing money to hospitals comes with several benefits. It helps in saving lives, and you can aid those people who are in dire need of money but have no sources to arrange it.

  • Gives you a meaningful life:

Giving charity assists dealing with depression tremendously. Even though this is a selfish motive, yet it can aid you in having a meaningful life. When you give donations, you get aware of the help you are rendering others, and the benefits people are getting from you. It gives a meaning to your life, and with the passage of the time, your subconscious starts telling you that you are actually not as useless as you might consider yourself. Rather than going to a psychiatrist, try helping others, and it will turn out quite favorable for you.

  • Quite an easy process:

Giving away charity is comfortable and tranquil! You can use numerous sources and ways to fulfill this task. Several charity organizations are authentic and send away your money to the needy people. Furthermore, you can use additional ways as well.

You can involve your kids in the process of collecting charity by telling them to click various pictures through the kids digital camera. If you are looking for a guide to buy digital cameras for your children, you must research before purchasing. A Polaroid camera can be used in his scenario as it provides fastest results. If you are not comfortable with that, go for W800/S 20 MP by Sony or COOLPIX S33 by cannon. Selling off these pictures will help you in collecting money that can be given away for charity.

Charity Dog Shows

There are many ways to raise money, and one of the most creative ways of doing so is through charity dog shows . Here you can plan in such a way that dog owners come to parade their dogs, showing off various skills and beauty. In return, the audience pays for entry and most of the returns go towards certain charitable needs. Below is one of the ways that you can organize a charity dog show:

Find a venue

It is important to get a good venue such as outdoors if the weather is excellent. Halls with playing fields are excellent, and you also need to zero in on parking facilities and competition.

Plan the dog show

The seriousness of the show will determine things like the sort of judges to come. Know the number of classes that the show will need, dog food provision, provision of adequate space for dog poop. What are the advertising requirements you’ll need for the show so that you can attract competitors and spectators?

Charity Dog Shows

Decide on what classes to have

Depending on the nature of the show, you can have pedigree classes as well as others to make it more fun. Below are some suggested pedigree classes:

  • Puppy – Any breed (6 – 12 months)
  • Yearling – Any breed (12 – 24 months)
  • Gundog – Any breed
  • Hound and Terrier – Any breed
  • Working or Pastoral – Any breed
  • Toy and Utility – Any breed
  • Any Variety – Open

Suggested Novelty Classes

  • Best Veteran – Any breed (7 years and over)
  • Best Crossbreed
  • Best Rescue Dog – Any dog that has come from an animal shelter.
  • Most Handsome Dog
  • Prettiest Bitch
  • Most Appealing Eyes
  • Waggiest Tail
  • Best Condition
  • Best Brace – 2 dogs alike
  • Best Irish Brace – 2 dogs of different types
  • Best 6 legs – Dog and Owner
  • Best Junior Handler
  • Dog the Judge Would Most Like to Take Home

Once that is done, you might want to consider the judging and prizing. You can make deals with dog accessory companies to co-sponsor the events. That way, they can prize the winners with their products, and besides, it is a good marketing pitch for them.

In order to carry your pet around, you would either need a leash or a crate, and that is why in the next segment, we are going to review dog crates. comes with all the information that one would need regarding dog crates.

The Best Dog Crates of 2017

New World Dog Crate

The New World Dog Crate comes with all of the features you will need to provide a convenient, safe and secure pet home for your dog. This dog crate includes a plastic, leak-proof pan for easy cleanup in the event of an accident and a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Every New World single door metal dog crate folds down for convenient storage and portability making the metal New World Dog Crates a great choice if you plan to travel or stay at home with your dog.


  • Single door metal dog crate, measures 42L x 30W x 28H inches and is ideal for dogs 71 – 90 pounds
  • Includes leak-proof plastic pan and a 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Two slide-bolt latches securely lock door in place
  • Dog crate folds flat for convenient storage, travel and portability
  • Strong and sturdy structural metal crate design creates a safe place for your pet while you’re away

AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate

Dog crate with double-door design for convenient front and side entry two slide-bolt latches on each door for increased safety and security. Sturdy metal construction. Folds flat for easy storage/portability, designed with mini dividers (1.35 cm between each bar) on bottom perimeter to prevent paws from slipping through. Optional divider panel and removable composite plastic pan included. Measures approximately 36x23x25 inches (LxWxH).


  • Dog crate with double-door design for convenient front and side entry
  • Two slide-bolt latches on each door for increased safety and security
  • Sturdy metal construction; folds flat for easy storage/portability
  • Designed with mini dividers (1.4 cm between each bar) on bottom perimeter to prevent paws from slipping through
  • Optional divider panel and removable composite plastic pan included
  • Measures approximately 36x23x25 inches (LxWxH)

Midwest iCrate Pet Crates

The “all inclusive” Double Door iCrate, folding metal dog crate by MidWest Homes for Pets includes all of the features you will need to provide a convenient, safe and secure pet home for your best friend. This metal dog crate includes a free divider panel allowing you to adjust the size of the dog crate while your dog is still growing, a plastic leak-proof pan for easy clean-up in the event of an accident, a strong plastic carrying handle for easy portability and rubber “roller” feet on the bottom of the crate to protect your floors inside the home.

The iCrate Double Door metal dog crate configuration (with front and side door access) allows you to situate the dog crate to best fit your floor plan and folds down for convenient storage. MidWest Homes for Pets understand that your dog is a part of your family and that’s why they ensure their dog crates are manufactured with the highest quality control standards creating a safe home for your pet that you can feel confident with. MidWest Homes for Pets stands behind the quality of their products with a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.


  • Double door metal dog crate, 42L x 28W x 30H inches
  • Includes free divider panel, leak-proof plastic pan, a strong carrying handle, rubber feet to protect floors and a 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Two slide-bolt latches securely lock door in place
  • Dog crate folds flat for convenient storage, travel and portability
  • Strong and sturdy metal crate structural design creates a safe place for your pet while you’re away

Carlson Secure and Compact Single Door Metal Dog Crate

Give your pet a place to feel secure and safe with our Compact Single Door Wire Dog Crate, Medium. This crate is constructed of all steel making it dog-tough, highly durable and secure. The Compact crate features a single door with secure bolt locking system to ensure your pets safety. Includes a black removable and washable composite pan. Quick and easy to set up with no tools required. The Compact crate folds flat and locks in place for complete portability or storage. Perfect for car travel or on the go. For indoor and outdoor use. Great tool for house training. This Compact Crate, medium is ideal for small and medium breeds or puppies. Assembled crate dimensions 30-inches long by 19-inches wide by 21-inches tall.


  • Durable all steel construction
  • Single door design with secure locking system for your pets safety
  • Includes a black removable and washable pan
  • Fold and go system for portability, storage and car travel
  • For medium sized breeds and puppies, up to 45 pounds

Petmate Compass Plastic Kennel

The Petmate Compass plastic kennel design was fueled by fifty years of experience in the kennel category. The unique Slide N Snap assembly with no tools required takes only seconds. Increased ventilation, doorway size and the addition of a 2-way opening door with dual turn-dial door latches provide the ultimate convenience for pet owners and extra comfort for pets! Nut and bolt compatible for airline travel. Pet parents should always confirm the airline travel requirements for each trip. Made in the USA.


  • 360-degree ventilation on both top and bottom
  • Oversized doorway for easy entry
  • Quick assembly with slide & snap features- no tools required
  • Meets IATA & USDA standards
  • Recommended for pets up to 11 inches in height and 19 inches in length

ProSelect Easy Dog Crates for Dogs and Pets

A bargain-priced dog crate that’s easy to use, clean, move, and store. ProSelect Easy Crates are wire dog crates with dual latching doors on most sizes. Lightweight, folding crates have a top handle for easy transport. ProSelect Easy Crates are easy to use and easy on the wallet.

  • Each wire crate comes complete with a dual latching door to safely secure pets (except X-Small 18″L)
  • Folds for effortless storage or travel
  • Includes a slide-out, easy-clean floor tray and a removable divider panel
  • Easy Crates are available in a range of sizes from extra small to extra-large. Assembly instructions included.

Merry Products Cage

A solid crate cover that comes with metal crate turning the crate into a functional table surface, while its original structure is kept intact to keep the pet confined, without limiting the pet’s visibility or comfort.


  • Panels cover the main components of the crate giving the crate a more finished and interior-appropriate appearance like furniture.
  • Solid crate top allows personal items to be stored on top, taking full advantage of the surface area with no effect on the crate or pet inside.
  • Available in three sizes to accommodate a pet of any size. External: 32.5″ x 21.5″ x 23.5″, Internal: 30″ x 19″ x 21″ and Door: 15″ x 13″
  • Includes removable plastic tray that can be pulled out for cleaning purposes

Petco Classic 1-Door Dog Crates

Safe, secure, and affordable, this crate comes assembled and ready to set-up. Divider panel and crate training guide are included (divider panel allows you to adjust the size of the crate).


  • Slide out plastic pan for easy cleaning
  • Pet crates offered in a variety of sizes to accommodate breeds of every size
  • Improved wire dog crates- now with a baked powder coat finish!
  • Can be used with a variety of crate pads and blankets for an added layer of comfort and warmth
  • All sizes except x-small include a divider panel

OxGord Double-Door Easy Folding Metal Pet Crate for Dogs

These premium quality OxGord Metal Pet Crates are crafted using commercial-quality materials and superior manufacturing. They are built for long-lasting durability and security using an all-steel, high tensile-strength wire that is securely formed and welded into a tight mesh pattern. The crates feature multiple doors that lock easily with a slide-bolt latch. Finished with a durable black Electro-coat finish, these crates are rust, corrosion, and fade resistant even in extreme climates.

To set-up, simply unbox and fold open; no tools are required. Each crate features a lightweight, slide-out tray made of durable ABS plastic. The tray features a lip around the perimeter and is held in place with a retaining bar making it easy to remove and clean without needing to open the crate door. With the rounded edges of the crates, your pet is contained in a safe environment where they cannot injure themselves on any sharp metal pieces. Also included is a free divider panel that allows you to adjust the size of the living area for your pet while it grows.

When not being used, the crates collapse into less than 4 inches tall, which is perfect for easy storage or carrying with the included removable top-mounted handle. For maximum comfort, the crate should be sized 4 to 6 inches longer than your pet’s body length and 4 to 6 inches taller than its shoulder height. With a crate as rugged and versatile as this, you can take care of housebreaking and behavioral problems for many years to come.


  • Simple to Install – versatile design allows for extremely easy set up and take down to fold and store it away – no tools required
  • Convenient space saving design means it can be stored practically anywhere when not in use
  • Materials are made from solid metal – maximum security refuge safe – easy to clean 100 washable
  • Dimensions 42 length x 27 width x 30 height split divider multiple doors versatile carry handle

MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

The Life Stages Double Door folding metal dog crate by MidWest Homes for Pets includes all of the features you will need to provide a convenient, safe and secure pet home for your best friend. This metal dog crate includes a free divider panel allowing you to adjust the size of the dog crate while your dog is still growing, a plastic leak-proof pan for easy clean-up in the event of an accident, a plastic carrying handle for easy portability and rubber “roller” feet on the bottom of the crate to protect your floors inside the home.

The Life Stages Double Door metal dog crate configuration (with front and side door access) allows you to situate the dog crate to best fit your floor plan and folds down for convenient storage and portability. MidWest Homes for Pets understand that your dog is a part of your family and that’s why they ensure their dog crates are manufactured with the highest quality control standards creating a safe home for your pet that you can feel confident with. MidWest Homes for Pets stands behind the quality of their products with a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.


  • Double door metal dog crate, 36L x 24W x 27H inches
  • Includes free divider panel, leak-proof plastic pan, carrying handle, rubber feet to protect floors and a 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty. We manufacture the iCrate and the Life Stages Dog Crate. The main difference is the Life Stages is made of heavier gauge steel and has a tighter wire mesh making it stronger than iCrate.
  • Two slide-bolt latches securely lock door in place
  • Dog crate folds flat for convenient storage, travel and portability
  • Strong and sturdy structural metal crate design creates a safe place for your pet while you’re away


If you’re planning on a dog charity show, you can advise those that wish to compete that the crates mentioned above are the excellent choices for their dogs. There is even an IATA approved one that you can use to fly pets to other countries. These are the best in their league.

Donate Kid’s Softball Gear the Next Time You Want to Give Something Different

Children in charity homes are no different than any other child.  They also have the desire to play, have fun, make friends and enjoy great activities.  But these kids miss out on a lot of opportunities like sports and more because there usually isn’t money for these types of activities in charity homes.  Any parent can quickly tell you just how expensive a school sport can be.  The outfits, protective gear, sports gear is already a nightmare not to mention the transportation fees and spending money.  If you want to give something a bit different than just cold cash this year then consider giving softball gear for charity.

Why softball?

Kids need exercise to develop strong muscles and enjoying sports is a great way to do just this.  Sports also has some tremendous other benefits such as good teambuilding skills and gives kids a way to make new friends and to feel a sense of belonging which is especially important to children that already have a tough time with fitting in and feeling connected with those that care for them and grow up along with them. Softball is a great game for needy kids because it gives children plenty of exercise, the sport promotes teamwork and it is great fun.

Donate Kid’s Softball Gear

How to choose the best softball gear? is the best website you can check out for all the latest info on all of the best softball gear, especially if you aren’t too familiar with the sport.  You can read up about all of the best softball bats, gloves, protective gear and much more so you will have a good idea of what to buy when you are shopping the team’s gear.

Gear that every softball team need

The downside of donating sports gear is that you will have to donate everything that is needed for the sports and enough gear so an entire team can have fun and play.  Just a bat and balls will be a complete waste of your money because kids won’t be able to really enjoy the sport if just one or two can play or if all the gear they need isn’t there.

Softball bat – There are quite a few different bats for this sport like the BBCOR bats, fast pitch bats and slow pitch bats.  It is important to identify the best ones for kids and to invest in at least two bats.

Balls – Balls get lost easily and is definitely a sports item that you can stock up on.

Softball gloves – A large team has nine players at a time and each one of them needs a good glove to play.

Safety gear – Safety gear like a helmet is quite important for this type of sport.  Softball helmets have two ear flaps that will protect the little player’s ears and head against bat swings and flying balls.

Uniform – Casual play doesn’t require a uniform but if the charity home’s team shows great potential then they will need a uniform to start competing with other schools and institutions.

Landscaping for Charity

There are many ways that people can raise money for charities. They could hold functions such as dinners, parties and many other things, but in this case, we are going to concentrate on landscaping for charity. When it comes to landscaping, people or groups can offer to landscape for people their properties, and then send the money to a charity of their choice. There are even some known companies that actually landscape for charity, although we are not going to focus on that right now.

The landscaping activities include the services mentioned below:

  • Weekly cuts, spring and fall cleanups, fertilizer programs, thatching and aeration, tree and shrub care, mulch installation, and more.
  • New Landscaping: new lawn installations, landscape designs
  • Hardscaping: walkways, patios, retaining walls
  • Snow Removal: Plowing, snow blowing, salting and sanding

When setting up such services, people can liaise with professional landscaping companies to assist them, requesting them for discounts so that they can send the overheads to the charities. If you’re located in Perth, you just might be lucky because we have the perfect company for your landscaping, although they only deal with trees and manures. Below is the full profile of Williams Tree Pro.

Landscaping for Charity

Williams Tree Pro Services

Williams Tree Pro is professional arborist services company that provides both commercial and residential services. Founded in 2005, Williams Tree Pro started offering tree services to clients, and no matter the size of the job, they get it done. The company is well equipped and comes along with the most competitive rates, fitting all budgets. The company is a member of the Tree Guild of Australia, being fully insured with public liability coverage, providing customers with further confidence and peace of mind in their arborist services.

Services Offered

Residential Services

Trees are an important aspect in our lives, from adding aesthetic appeal to our properties to providing shade and a home for local wildlife. That is the reason why the trees should be managed by professionals, maintaining them and keeping them healthy. That is what these professional arborists do to keep property in the Perth area attractive and safe for families.

Without proper maintenance of trees, the limbs and branches can contract diseases and die. This could cause them to break and injure people or damage property. That is one of the reasons why tree pruning is important and should be done by professionals. Check out some of the services that Williams Tree Pro provides in Perth:

  • Palm Trees – Prune and Remove
  • Narrow Access Stump Grinding
  • Dangerous Tree Services
  • Large Tree Services
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Pruning

They also provide mulch in their residential services.

Commercial Services

Value is added to commercial properties with the right maintenance of trees that are pleasing to look at. Trees improve the air quality, enhanced climate control, therefore offering better customer experiences and reduced employee absenteeism. Trees on commercial properties need to be well maintained so that they deliver and don’t pose a risk to anyone. Williams Tree Pro can remove any branches and limbs that represent a risk. They can also trim and prune your trees to keep them uniform in size, increase the airflow around their trunks and looking their best throughout the year. They have a huge portfolio of companies in Perth, and below are some of the services that they offer:

  • Golf Courses, Gardens and Parks
  • Large Projects and Tenders
  • Block Clearance & Pick Up
  • Land Clearing

They take on a broad range of commercial projects that include block levelling and subdivision clearing, broad acre land clearing and the removal of tree fire hazards, debris and deadwood, in addition to general arborist services such as stump grinding, tree removal, tree pruning and mulching.


Mulching is important for all plants that grow on our properties, and Williams Trees Pro are glad to provide those services in Perth, keeping the gardens healthy and looking good. The mulch provides a protective cover to the soil as well as other advantages such as:

  • Mulch prevents the rain from washing soil away, preventing soil erosion
  • Mulch retains moisture by absorbing water and limiting evaporation
  • Mulch controls weeds by acting as barrier and covering bare soil
  • Mulch provides valuable nutrients as it gets broken down


Well, if you’re in Perth and you’re looking for professional tree maintenance companies, you have got the company for you. are available to take care of all your tree landscaping needs.