Essential items that you never thought of donating to charity

We are all fortunate to have a warm bed and a roof over our head and for that reason it is important to give back. We sometimes don’t realize that canned foods aren’t really doing the trick. It is helpful yes but there are other items that are very necessary for the less fortunate that we never think of donating. As an example after a hurricane clothing isn’t the first thing that people in distress needed but flashlights were useful and batteries plus ways to stay warm. Doing good for others is a great quality and any bit of help is a good thing but really making life a bit easier for those in need will just be so much more fulfilling. Click here to find out why charity is good for the soul. We use certain items daily that we would never consider donating but cannot live without ourselves.

Essential items that you never thought of donating to charity

Toilet paper is always in need at donation centers but an item that is rarely donated. When you drop off a few things at your next trip take along a couple of rolls and you will make a difference to those that need it. You can also take along small bath essentials like shampoo and conditioner. We take these items for granted but to those in need it is a clean and good feeling in a bottle. Toothpaste can for part of this package along with toothbrushes. You don’t have to purchase the most expensive you can find as long as it serves the purpose the ones you donate to would be very appreciative. Also include a few first aid items like bandages and medicated items.  Click here for cheap alternatives for a first aid kit. Female sanitary items believe it or not are definitely an item that is needed and rarely donated.

Diapers rarely get donated unfortunately even though it is one of the most needed items on the list. Make sure you add this to your package. If you are feeling generous take a look at the graco my size 65 car seat which is an item you can purchase for your little one so that you can donate the old one to less fortunate moms out there. This car seat is specifically meant for a convertible which means your little one will be safe even if you decide to go for a joyride. Make sure you invest in this great item to keep your babies safe on trips. Also include underwear and socks in your care package as this is most probably two of the items of clothing that don’t get a second life.

Pantry essentials should include spices because food will taste very bland without spices so make sure you purchase a few containers of salt and pepper. Blankets are also always a welcome donation because you really don’t know where the ones you are donating to sleeps or if they have access to blankets or bedding. Other then these items you can also donate old bicycles, toys and perhaps old mobile phones.

Using Industrial Fans for Charity

Do you have some time to volunteer or donate to charity but you have no idea what to do? Many people have a giving heart, and would like to help those who are less fortunate. Others want to assist in activities that are likely to make the communities that they live in a better place. The problem, however, is that they have little information of what to do when it comes to this. For example, those who have access to, or work in companies that manufacture industrial fans can easily use them for charity. Those who live across Australia, Brisbane, or Perth can easily go this website and see how useful these fans can be when used in a variety of situations.

Using Industrial Fans for Charity

Donating fans to schools other learning institutions

Do you know just how much these fans are important in schools and other learning institutions? Forget about the elite schools that have everything that they might ever need. Let us focus on some of the community schools that are deprived of facilities. In such institutions, the learners may not have the best learning conditions because of the little funding that they get. To make things better for them, you can choose to install an industrial fan in their labs, libraries, large class rooms, or even dormitories. When they have a better quality of air all around them, you can be sure that they concentration will be boosted and therefore, they will end up doing better in their examinations. Although these fans will not cost you too much, you will have used them to give a brighter future to a group of learners.

Giving fans to a local charity foundation

There are many charities around that can make use of industrial fans. For instance, if you take time to move around, you will notice that there are youth groups, women groups, and other community based organizations that often gather people together for certain functions. It is easy to find women weaving sweaters, mats, and carpets at a center. Have you noticed that they may not have industrial fans in that center? This is something that is probably weighing them down. If you can get these fans and ask them to install in the right places, you will find out that everything changes for the better. They will enjoy doing their work thanks to the new quality of air and that is how they become more productive.

Giving fans to young people who want to learn how to make them

There are lots of naturally industrious young people who want to learn about fans and how to make them. These are people who can make a big difference in this industry only that they do not a way to get into it. If they find someone who can donate industrial fans to them, there is no doubt that it will be a major boost. These people need specimens that they can learn from. The require anything that gives them a road map so that they know how they can improve those fans that are already in the market. If they can lean from these, you will be baffled that after some time, they could be joining the big companies that are leading the industry. This is how great minds are born and bred.

Enlightening the community on the importance of industrial fans

Even when you do not have the capacity to donate industrial fans to various groups, you can still help their course if you teach them about the importance of these products. They say that knowledge is power and therefore, if you share this knowledge with them, there is no doubt that they will know how to use these fans to improve their lives. You may be thinking of having to send hours educating these people. However, as you will find out, some of them will learn from you through simple and short interactions. These are sessions that you will also enjoy. In fact, as you teach them about industrial fans, you too will be leaning from them.

There are many types of industrial fans. A look at those available in the stores reveals that they also vary in quality. They also vary in size and other characteristics. To be sure of the best expedience when using them, you may want to look at the materials. Ensure that you choose fans that can last longer because you do not want to keep going back to the stores to purchase new items, and spend more money all the time.

Dog and Cat Rescue in Bangkok

Noel Coward’s song “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” is a witty rendering of the eccentricities of the English abroad. One of the eccentricities that mark out the true English person is their love of animals, particularly dogs.

Bangkok City of Angels

Bangkok’s Thai name means The City of Angels but is also the city of stray cats and dogs. No one who lives in Bangkok is unaware of the thousands of feral dogs and cats found on many streets, gently snoozing, or lazily watching the world go by. In many other countries these dogs would be rounded up, placed in a pound and, if not claimed or adopted, euthanised.

Dog and Cat Rescue in Bangkok

Soi Cat and Dog Rescue

But Thailand’s Buddhist culture forbids the killing of any living creature, so these cats and dogs are left to roam, scavenge and to procreate. However, a charity established by a small group of British expatriates aims to better the lot of these unfortunate animals so Soi Cat and Dog Rescue (Scad) was born.

Neutering Stray Dogs and Cats

Most of the stray bitches and queens having borne, delivered and seen off one litter are soon pregnant again so they are continually nursing and adding to the stray population. Neutering is one of the cornerstones of Scad’s practice. Vaccination against common diseases and re-homing are also part of the charity’s mission.

Neutering just one bitch prevents over 65,000 puppies being born over six generations. Since the spaying/neutering programme began in mid-2003, Scad has sterilised over 2,300 dogs and many cats preventing much fewer unwanted pregnancies.

Managing Rabies, Mange and Distemper

A significant number of the dogs suffer from health problems like mange, distemper and rabies, although in Bangkok rabies isn’t a significant threat to humans. Every animal that Scad sterilises is also vaccinated against rabies

Re-homing Dogs and Cats

The first of Scad’s lucky dogs to be re-homed was ‘Suay’ (Thai for beautiful) who is now happily living with her US adoptive family. Soi Cat and Dog Rescue has re-homed dogs in the Boston/New York area and in The Netherlands. There are an increasing number of cats and dogs being adopted in Thailand too.

Veterinary Health Checks

It is not just a matter of making the dogs look pretty and then settling them into their new home. Each animal has a thorough veterinary examination, neutered and given all the required vaccinations for life in their new home. Then it goes through a programme of basic obedience skills and socialising with humans and other dogs, using methods such as recommended on Kitty Coaching.

Outreach and Pet Education

Soi dogs may not be cruelly treated but there is still a great deal of indifference to their plight, especially amongst the older population, who have been taught to ignore or fear the animals. To this end, Scad has started an outreach programme to bring dogs and people closer together and to educate them on the benefits of pet ownership. This, like the rest of Scad’s activities, is run on the generosity of its founders, volunteers and well-wishers.

Bangkok’s Soi Cat and Dog Rescue is helping to promote a better life for the city’s less fortunate animals and to help close the gap that sometimes occurs between strays and people. And both humans and animals benefit from the generosity of Scad’s volunteers.

Choosing the best smart casual outfit for a charity event

Choosing what to dress for a charity event should not give sleepless nights ever again. Do not get torn apart between an official out and a something else that lies between casual and tattered dressing all in the name of choosing the best outfit for charity.

One reason why people are always confused on what to wear for charity is that; charity involves connecting with the less fortunate in the society. As such, it important to choose what to wear skillfully in order to connect with the crowd you will meet. It would be inappropriate show up for a charity occasion dressed in extremely formal clothing.

On the other hand, showing up in worn out clothes is not an option one would want to consider, hence, the need for choosing a smart casual outfit. Smart casual mens outfit  offer you that perfect blend that will ensure you comfortably mingle with the less fortunate without feeling an out of place. For this reason, below are four steps aimed at guiding you into choosing the best outfit for the occasion.

Choosing the best smart casual outfit for a charity event

Step one: Getting the basics right

Recently, there has been a major shift in the way people view charity. For instance, corporate gather together for meetings aimed at raising funds to cater for the less fortunate, while college students or members of a neighborhood might also gather for the same course. Thus, it’s important you get it right on the charity event you are likely to attend; as such information gives you the power to choose what best suits the event.

  • Though a casual blazer might be a proper choice while attending a corporate charity event, it might not have the intended impact while visiting children home. Consequently, it’s important to get the facts about the charity event you are attending.
  • Second on the list to consider in getting the facts right is choosing the best shoes for an event. While getting a pair loafers might be the suit one charity occasion it might not suit some. Hence, get to know the location of the event and the list of activities you are likely to engage in making an informed choice.
  • Finally, get the matching casual shirt and pair of chino pants for the occasion. Since you need to appear presentable for the charity event and ensure you still get to enjoy yourself while remaining focused on the purpose of the occasion. Choose the best casual shirt and pan for the occasion and get creative with the colors.

Step two: Judging the occasion

Evaluating the seriousness of an occasion or crowd you are likely to encounter is very important. For instance, if you are visiting an elderly home, you need to appear smart to ensure you win their trust and be able to converse with them effectively. While attending a charity event to children’s home might require you to appear as youthful as possible.

Step three: Dressing up or down for charity

Making the actual choice of dressing is very important especially on matters concerning charity as people might expect more from you while attending the function. Ladies particularly are faced with challenge of under dressing especially if you are attending home for the elderly who might be more conservative.

Thus, get yourself a fitting trouser and a top/shirt that does not reveal much of yourself to ensure you do not deviate all the attention to yourself. On the other hand, avoid overdressing and appear ridiculous. Hence get your choice of dressing very accurate to ensure you get the most out of any charity event and still uphold a nice image for yourself.

Step four: customizing your outfit

Although you are not the center of attraction for any charity event, always choose to have your personality incorporated in the choice of dressing. Thus, know how to best combine the colors and the choice of clothes and shoes to communicate of your character to the world.

How You Can Donate Fishing Equipment

After going through a fishing rod guide in detail and buying a whole new range of fishing gear, you are at a misfortune for what to do with the majority of your old apparatus. It is still fit as a fiddle, yet you realize that you will utilize your new apparatus solely. Rather than giving it a chance to gather dust, give the old stuff to a neighborhood charity or any organization that accepts secondhand or used equipment. Whenever you cast on a quiet lake, you’ll feel incredible knowing you have allowed a kindred fisher to do likewise.

How You Can Donate Fishing Equipment

  • Get together the greater part of the fishing gear you mean to give. Include any unused rods, reels, spools of line and draws. Keep it in mind that most of the charity organizations will not accept opened containers of bait, so either throw those out or keep those for your own use.
  • Clean your old hardware using a scrubbing bristled brush, a wipe and a solution of warm water and dish cleanser. Utilize the brush to clean away dried fish mess on your draws and the wipe to wipe up any spilled snare in your fishing supply bag. Dry all hardware with a delicate towel.
  • Arrange your hardware and place it perfectly in a few boxes. Fold up any foldable rods and poles to save storage room. Put all small, delicate things, for example, baits or snares in extensive plastic sacks and set them on top of the heap.
  • Contact neighborhood charities and religious foundations and check whether they are accepting donations of used or secondhand products. The YMCA, Salvation Army and Goodwill are incredible spots to start, and there are drop-off areas in many urban areas. Most church groups will happily acknowledge your commitment too.
  • Go on the internet and search for more donation options. There are numerous online associations that represent considerable authority in secondhand or used equipment. You will be alluded to a drop-off area; or, now and again, it may be arranged for the equipment to be picked up from you


  • On the off chance that you wish to get a tax deduction for your donation, request a receipt from the charity organization or association to which you contribute. They will survey how much your gear merits (utilizing equitable esteem) and make out a legitimate receipt to you, for use at the time of taxation.
  • Make sure that the equipment is clean and spotless before you submit it to the charity or organization of your choice.
  • Guarantee that all the equipment and gear you submit is in good condition, and can be used without needing any repairs or touch-ups. If any repairs or touch-ups are needed, go out and get them done. Get any broken or loose parts repaired and fixed, and then submit the fishing gear as a donation.

If you want, you can refer to online fishing gear guides which can help make things easier for you in terms of the new gear that you want to purchase.

Great Items for Your Animal Shelter Charity Auction

Many charities find great financial support by hosting auctions. These events can bring in a wide variety of people throughout the local community, and can be a key to sustaining long-term operations when funding is needed. However, hosting a successful auction means having the right items to attract strong bids, and that can be easier said than done.

If you are setting up a charity auction even in support of a local animal shelter, you can actually have great success by choosing items designed to specifically attract the sort of people who would be inclined to bid in support of animals: other animal lovers. One great way to ensure you have a wide range of bidders is to choose items that are available across many price points. By having something for everyone, as well as one or two large showstopper items, you can drum up a lot of excitement and interest, which ultimately leads to more money for your charity.

Great Items for Your Animal Shelter Charity Auction

Selecting Small Items

Your first step is to pick series smaller items that can either be bid on individually or as groups. You can choose classic items like pet toys and treats as well as unique items like LED collars or leashes. By choosing items that any pet owner would find useful, you can increase the likelihood that someone will bid. And, in the end, that is what is important.

Selecting Medium Items

Often, mid-range items can feel difficult to find since they aren’t always everyday needs, but you don’t want to choose something priced too high. Once great way to choose items for these categories is to create gift baskets made of lower priced items. You can often use some of the same pieces that you chose for the smaller item group and simply package them together in an attractive basket or container.

One fun way to create a gift basket of items is to bypass the basket entirely. Instead, choose another item that is guaranteed to be useful to pet owners, such as a dog bed. Then, include the various items that have been chosen and wrap them up, and you have a custom package designed especially for your event.

Selecting a Large Item or Two

Most auctions need one or two big ticket items to draw in additional interest. However, it can be difficult to find an item that will appeal to a large group of individuals. One method of handling this is to find gift certificates for customized items or various services. For example, if you have a local shop that can create a personalized dog house for the winner’s pet that could be a fun addition.

Another option is to choose a commonly used service, like grooming, and provide enough on a gift certificate to cover a year’s worth of appointments. If you work with a local small business groomer, you can avoid having to put a dollar value on the item, as you likely would have to at larger chain pet stores, and simply list the number of included sessions instead. That way, bidders can proceed without seeing the exact value of the prize, and they may bid higher based on the perceived value.

Ultimately, by choosing items with a wide range of values, you give people more chances to bid on items they can use that they can also afford. If you have the opportunity, see if local businesses are willing to donate these items. That way, all of the proceeds go to support the shelter, which is the most important part.

Donate Tree Trimming Services for Charity

When you think about possible things to donate to charity, what does usually come to mind?  Clothing, food, beverages, sweet treats, toys and money is probably the most common charity donations that care homes get and yes, these are some of the best donations to give to charity because people in need depend so much on these things to survive.  But something that most people will overlook when it comes to care homes for people with disabilities, children and seniors is the effort that goes into maintaining the property and actual home.  All homes require maintenance such as paint, roof repairs, upgrades, renovations and much more.  And care homes with yards also have a lot of work such as garden maintenance, tree care and tree trimming.  If you are looking for something noble and good to do for charity then try to donate tree trimming services for charity homes instead by hiring Tree Surgeons WA to care for those that cannot do tree trimming themselves.

Donate Tree Trimming Services for Charity

Tree lopping

Trees that grows too big with branches that stretch over rooftops can be dangerous because if a storm hits, these branches can easily damage the home’s structure.  Show a charity home you care by getting their trees pruned for a better look and improved safety.

Tree transplanting

A lot of people are passionate about large trees because it takes so long for some of the trees to grow big enough to provide good shade.  Sometimes a tree is just in the wrong spot where it either endangers the care home or is simply impractical.  A tree surgeon can help you transplant the tree so care homes can enjoy improved safety and flexibility without having to give up the shade.

Tree Pest & Disease control

Infestations can be terrible to beautiful trees as well as those that enjoy the shade of these trees.  A tree surgeon can get trees treated for pests and diseases so helpful and wanted trees will stay healthy and strong for longer.

Tree removal

Removing a tree form a yard is hard and dangerous work.  You can hire a tree surgeon to help a not-for-profit organization with all of the trees that might be in the way of expansion projects so they can expand easier and help more people.

Other great things you can do for charity homes

While you are trying to think outside the box when it comes to charity donations you can also consider these terrific charity ideas;

  • Get your hands a bit dirty and do a bit of charity work in the gardens of care homes so those that suffer will have something beautiful to look at.
  • Yard improvements like a beautiful statue, some sitting benches, a fountain or a fish pond can also make a care home seem much more beautiful and will give residents something more to do while they live there.

You can help the care home with basic restorations such as a fresh coat of paint for some of the rooms.

Charities Can Benefit from Your Old Cell Phones

If you are like the rest of the general populace in developing countries, you probably have at least one, if not more, unused cell phones collecting dust in your home. Have you ever considered the fact that charities can benefit from your old cell phones? They can even, in some cases, still put those antiquated flip phones to good use. If you have excess cell phones at your disposal, please continue reading to learn how you can make a difference by donating them.

At Izengate you will find some of the best cell phones on the market. This might be just the right place for you to visit so that you can prepare to make a cell phone donation to a charity that needs your assistance. So, whether you are considering an Apple, Samsung, or LG, you can get your phone at Izengate and then donate your old ones to the charities we will reveal shortly.

Charities Can Benefit from Your Old Cell Phones

Charities that Need Your Phones

There are charities that need your phones so why keep hoarding them? Seriously, go get all the excess, non-functioning, no longer connected, cell phones in your home and then determine which of these charities will best appreciate your cell phone donations. You might want to consider the type of charity so that it aligns with your personal helping goals. So, here they are:

  • Cell Phones for Soldiers- If military personnel are at the forefront of your charitable giving desires, this is the organization for you. Each donated phone gets recycled or resold and buys one hour of talk time for soldiers. Soldiers don’t get a lot of time to talk to their loved ones, they are busy defending the country. Therefore, this is a very positive way of bringing a smile to a soldier’s face. You can learn about this important organization by clicking this link.
  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence– They too will recycle or resell the phones you donate. Their mission is to help end domestic violence. No one should ever be subjected to physical or emotional violence. Help the NCADV fight that trend by offering up your old phones. Take the time to learn more.
  • NASCAR’s Recycle for Victory– NASCAR fans finally have a charitable organization that makes sense to support. The moneys gained from donated phones help fund Victory Junction Gang Camp, which is a NASCAR themed camp for kids with serious illnesses and/or chronic medical conditions. Help these sick kids go to camp! Visit this site.
  • Flipswap- If you are not sure whether or not the above-mentioned charities are the ones for you, this may be a good answer. Although you could potentially make money for yourself by utilizing their services, we recommend you pick a charity of your choice from their list so that the money gets used for far more important things than a cheeseburger.
  • American Cell Phone Drive– This organization offers another method of determining somewhere that needs your assistance. You can contact them to discover what local entities are utilizing cell phone collections as a means of funding their projects. Not only will you be able to tell who needs the phones in your locale, but they will also tell you where you can drop the phones off for those companies.

You can learn about other ways to donate your cell phone right here.

How You Can Travel For Free

Traveling is one thing that you can do in order to enrich your life. This is one thing that you can purchase that will make you richer because definitely, the things that you will see and learn when you are traveling will not be readily available from where you are from. If you do not travel much, you will have the tendency to be sheltered and to steer clear from your comfort zone.

There are some people who would like to travel but cannot because they do not have enough money. Do you consider yourself to be one of these people? You know that now is not the time for you to acquire a lot of material possessions but you do not have enough money to travel to various places that you want to see. Do not worry about this because there are some ways that you can travel for free if you truly want to.

One option is to check out Rustic Pathways. Through the website, you will be able to create your own page wherein you can state what you would like to achieve. It will make things easier for you so that you can spread your goal to your family members and friends. It is highly likely that they are going to donate so that you can easily reach your dreams. There are still other options available though so you can travel for free:

How You Can Travel For Free

  1. Work at Summer Camps

When you become a summer counselor, you will be given different opportunities to show that you love doing physical activities. At the same time, you will be in charge of different people who are usually younger than you that you can guide so that they can mingle better with other people. It will also help that you are going to get paid for your work without having to worry about where you are going to stay.

  1. Teach English in Another Country.

If you are a native English speaker or you have a good grasp of the English language then you are needed in other parts of the world. This will give you an opportunity to travel with the help of the company. All of your expenses will be paid for and you do not have to worry about board and accommodation. Usually, it will only take a few months before you come back to your own country.

  1. Work in A Cruise Ship

Not everyone will be allowed to be part of the cruise. There are some who will not pass because of the tests that they had to undergo. If you would be lucky and strong enough to handle being away from your family for months and sometimes even years, being on a cruise ship will allow you to see different parts of the world while being paid at the same time.

It is obvious that the options that are mentioned above will require you to work in order to travel but this will not be a problem as long as you love what you are doing.

Want to Volunteer for a Charity, But Don’t Have the Energy? Here’s How to Find It!

Many of us would love to do more for the charities and causes that are dear to our hearts. But finding the energy at the end of a long work or school day isn’t always easy. If you find yourself coming home drained and can’t imagine concentrating on anything, then the idea of heading back out from the house to work on a charity project may seem impossible.

Before you give up on your dream of giving back to your favorite cause or your community, consider these tips for getting your energy levels up, so you can do some good for those in need.

Eat a Healthy Dinner

After you leave work, your focus is most likely on food and not on helping the less fortunate. And, you know what, that’s okay! We all need proper nutrition to help keep our energy levels up throughout the day, and you are no exception.

Want to Volunteer for a Charity, But Don’t Have the Energy? Here’s How to Find It!

To help you get the energy you need to do some charity work, you need to take some time to have a high-quality dinner. Plan for a meal that combines a source of lean protein with some fresh vegetables. That way, you will get the calories you need while providing a source of longer-term energy than more sugary options.

In fact, excess sugar could actually cause you more harm than good. While it could give you a boost at first, the corresponding sugar crash could leave you feeling even foggier and more lethargic than you did before.

Have Some Water

Another common reason for general feelings of tiredness and a lack of energy is mild dehydration. Not only that, but it can also leave your feeling irritable, which isn’t the mindset you want when looking to volunteer for charity. So, before you head out the door after dinner, make sure you have some water.

Ideally, you should drink water regularly throughout the day before you intend to add some charity work to your evening plans. Even when the symptoms of dehydration are mild, they can still be very distracting, so it’s best to avoid them entirely all day, every day.

Supplement Your Diet

Another approach to raising energy and improving cognitive function is through supplements. Vitamin and mineral supplements can help make up for shortcomings in your diet and may help fight off fatigue caused by certain deficiencies. You can also look into options like nootropics. If you aren’t familiar with nootropics, review this beginner’s guide to nootropics to help familiarize yourself with the principles behind them.

Don’t Forget to Sleep

Missing out on sleep is a guaranteed way to end up fatigued and unfocused. However, for many people, sleep is the first thing they cut when life gets busy. But missing out on sleep can lead to poor cognitive function, including a lack of attention span and memory issues. Ultimately, many of these side effects make it harder to get things done, and that means it takes more time than it would have before. So, even though you missed sleep in order to get more done, you may actually get less done because you can’t focus.

So, if you really want to provide the most benefit to a charity organization, make sure you are getting everything you need to stay focused and energized. Then, you’ll be able to give everything you have to making the world a better place, and that is really what it is all about.