Save Up For Your Charity Organization by Selling Compost and Plants

People are much more willing to donate to charity when they can get something out of it.  It doesn’t have to be much.  All they want is something for their money, even if that something is just a reminder of their donation.  A small bangle or a small plant is all it takes to capture the attention of the public and to convince someone to dig up some cash.  When people get something out of the deal they are often much more willing to donate or to donate more.

Get a compost tumbler

When you are running your own not-for-profit organization you don’t have much time left.  Compost making is super easy basically hands free if you have a compost tumbler because these units are incredibly easy to use and if you are using the right materials you can expect a good source of compost in as little as two weeks’ time. This compost tumbler by Good Ideas is one of the best and most affordable compost tumblers on the market that will give you 11 cubic of compost in less time than any other method.  The compost maker is also tidy and completely odor free.

Save Up For Your Charity Organization by Selling Compost and Plants

Top reasons to start selling compost

  • Compost is easy to make. You only have to spend time on your compost when filling the tumbler and then you simply have to wait, monitor the moisture levels and add more compost ingredients as time goes on.
  • You can make compost completely free since all of the ingredients can be found in your garden. You can use dry leaves, twigs, pieces of soft wood, newspapers, sawdust, cardboard boxes, cut grass, veggie and fruit peels and off cuts, eggshells, coffee, tea and more into terrific quality compost.
  • When you sell compost you get a 100% profit on your efforts.
  • You will always have plenty of clients because all gardeners, home owners and nurseries have a need for compost.

Use your compost and start selling plants

Another terrific way to get even more income for your not-for-profit organization is to start selling tiny potted plants which you grow affordably with your own home made compost. You can sell the plants as good garden products or make up tiny gifting plants to say thank you to all of those who have donated to your organizations or to get them to donate by buying a tiny plant.  Some of the best plants for charitable organizations are;

Succulent plantsSucculents are incredibly easy to grow, they look fantastic, there are thousands of different species and the plants are incredibly durable and can withstand long periods without any moisture and in lots of heat.

Strawberries – Strawberries propagate all on their own by simply planting them in the back yard. You can continuously harvest new small plants from the mothering plant and sell them as a sweet thank you for the donation.

Bulb plants – Bulb plants are a lot like succulents.  They are easy and often flower some of the most beautiful flowers in the world.  You can easily get a lot more cash for bulb plants than any other type of plant without much effort at all.