Shop for a cause! The power of charity is a great thing. When shopping for clothes why not look for a cite that will donate some of their earning to charity. Not only will you get what you are looking to buy but you will also get the satisfaction of knowing that some of your money is going to help those in need. Whether it be a person or an animal there is always a good reason to donate.

There are four very good reason why you should donate to charities whether it be from buying clothes or just because you want to do something good.

  1. Giving to charity may improve your sense of well being- the act of helping others can give you inner satisfaction something that isn’t easily self given. People are always so hard on themselves and being able to give to those in
    need is a great way to lift some of the weight of your shoulders.
  2. Helping support a cause can keep you informed about important issues.- when you are thinking about donating in any form it may be important to research what you are donating to, to make sure that it is important to you.
  3. Giving to charity out of spiritual conviction can strengthen your spiritual life.- selfless giving is a key component to bringing a sense of inner peace and contentment to your everyday life.
  4. Giving back to a charity may result in physical and social benefits.- By giving to charity or by volunteering you have the opportunity to build your social circles while reaping the physical, mental and spiritual benefits that you will receive for your charity.

The current top ten charities according to Forbes magazine are:

  1. United Way
  2. Salvation Army
  3. American Cancer Society
  4. Food For the Poor
  5.  YMCA of the USA
  6. Feed the Children
  7. Americares Foundation
  8. Catholic Charities USA
  9. Gifts in Kind International
  10. World Vision

Not only can giving back make you feel good but its also a good way to create job opportunities in the future. Nowadays employers are looking for individuals who have a lot of volunteer experience on a resume. Donating your time is something that companies are starting to look for more and more.

Sure you can sit there and not donate to charity and go along with your day like always, or you can feel the overwhelming sense of satisfaction knowing that you made a difference. And that somewhere out there, there is a person or an animal that is being helped because of your generosity.

If you would like to read more about why you should donate click here to see the 7 good reasons to give back.


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