Does Your Charity Organization Need Car Insurance?

Charity organizations usually have a lot of expenses to cover.  There are so many people and animals out there that need a bit of extra help.  To top it off, your charity organization also has running costs like salaries, building rental fees, mortgages, vehicle payments and more that needs to be covered.  All of these expenses in a not-for-profit organization make your business rely on those often small donations that are utilized as best as possible.  It is only natural to want to cut a few corners when it comes to the organization running cost.  But your organizations auto insurance is the last thing you should skip out on for all the following reasons:

Does Your Charity Organization Need Car Insurance?
Does Your Charity Organization Need Car Insurance?

You probably won’t get a donate fix after a breakdown or accident

Yes, your business does operate for a noble cause but that doesn’t mean that you will get your vehicle fixed for charity after a breakdown or after making an accident.  Vehicle repair companies are businesses just like yours and they cannot fix the vehicles of charity organizations at the cost to the company.  You will have to dish out the repair cost from your organization which could be terribly expensive.

Auto insurance is much cheaper than vehicle repairs

Auto insurance is incredibly affordable compared to vehicle repair rates.  Check out and you will quickly see just how affordable most auto insurance companies in your region are.  When you have insurance you only pay that small monthly fee.  When you don’t have insurance you have to pay for all of the repairs instantly out of your pocket which often accumulates to a much bigger sum than your premium.

Auto insurance also protects you and your passengers

Plenty of auto insurance premiums also cover medical expenses that are obtained during accidents.  Your insurance company will assist in paying for injuries, hospital visits, doctor bills and surgeries of the driver and perhaps even for the passengers inside the car. This is especially important since most people in charity programs don’t have money for proper medical care.

Protect others involved in the accident

Bystanders and other vehicle drivers also enjoy protection from your vehicle insurance if you have liability coverage.  With a good insurance company and a liability plan, others involved in the accident can also get coverage for their injuries or medical treatments.

Financial protection for yourself

When you get in a vehicle accident you are very likely to be held liable for property damage or other vehicles, buildings and more.  Auto insurance helps you in these circumstances and might even cover all the property damages which you are held accountable for.

They help you stay legal on the road

An insurance company can help you stay legal after accidents and will ensure that you follow all the right procedures when it comes to repairing the damage.

Get covered for a new vehicle in case of wreckage

If your vehicle is completely wrecked after an accident then your auto insurance company will help you get a new set of wheels instead of attempting costly and futile repair jobs on the wreck.

Auto insurance is important for everyone, especially for charity organizations where there just isn’t enough money to cover expensive vehicle accidents.