Three Great Childrens Charities Everybody Should Support

As you are reading this article on your smartphone’s screen, think about how technology has become a significant part of our lives. However, there are thousands of people out there who don’t have the luxury to afford food, let alone gadgets. Some individuals don’t have a place to sleep and don’t have a single idea about how they are going to feed themselves.

As a human, folks often feel guilty when they see others suffering to get the things they already have (such as food, clothes, home). Hence, people should make donations frequently to contribute to the society. The lack of resources provokes people to get involved in illegal acts. So by donating the money, you won’t be only helping others you will be lowering the crime rate as well.

Children are the building blocks of tomorrow. Every child has the capability to grow into a beautiful adult if given the right opportunity. Your money might give an under privileged child a chance at living a normal life. There are several charities for you to select from but one must be careful and do thorough research about a charity before donating money. Some people run fake charities and use the donations for their personal use. Therefore, to make the matters easier for you, we have narrowed down the three registered children’s charities that need your donations.

Three Great Childrens Charities Everybody Should Support

  • Police Athletic League of St. Petersburg:

St. Petersburg might not be a crime-ridden area, but it still has a high rate of criminal activities when compared to other cities of Florida like Parkland or Weston. The Police Athletic League (PLA) is an organization in several police departments where police department members coach young kids in sports and recreational activities. They also help the children with their homework and other academic activities. Police Athletic League is an organization which prevents the kids from getting into illegal activities such as drug abuse, gang involvement, etc. The president of TJM Properties, Terry McCarthy St. Pete, is an active member of the PAL board. He recently helps raised a pledge of $25.000 to start the Midtown Project. We could learn a thing or two from him as he donates generously from the money he makes from his real estate business.

  • My Stuff Bags Foundation:

If you are a parent, imagine how frantic your kid would become if they get left alone. In America, more than 300,000 children are every year rescued from dangerous home environments. The child protective services then bring them in foster care and shelters. The trauma these young kids go through disturbs them mentally.

At a time like this, they need comfort. Unfortunately, children sometimes retreat into themselves as they get separated from their homes, parents, and personal belongings. So, My Stuff Bags Foundation helps bring a smile to children’s faces by giving them a bagged filled with personal belongings like the stuff the kids had left behind.

Now you can support this charity by donating either money, or some of your “stuff” such as coloring books, crayons, stuffed animals, school supplies, small toiletries, books, handheld games, clothing, and other things that might be useful for kids.

  • Canines for Disabled Kids:

Mentally or physically disabled children often grow up to be introverted adults. The reason behind it is because they don’t have many friends when they’re young. Not having friends lowers your confidence. It also makes the kids feel inferior by shattering their self-esteem.

Therefore, Canine for Disabled Kids is an organization which allows kids who have deformities and mental disorders to have a pet friend of their own. These canines are service dogs, so they help in increasing the independence of your children despite the child’s disabilities such as paralysis, autism spectrum disorder, blindness, etc.