Be Charitable in a Smart Manner

People are always recommended to be charitable towards people who are in need. It is true that there are a lot of people who are seeking for help because they do not have enough to live comfortable lives. At the same time, there are people who have too much and yet they do not share. If you want to make the most out of your life, you need to make an effort to help those who are in need.

There are a lot of times when we feel uncharitable towards people because we feel that they do not deserve it. For example, you may not be feeling too charitable about your co – worker who has gotten a promotion even though you know that he does not deserve it. Perhaps you are not feeling charitable towards your cousin who is trying to borrow money from you for what seems to be the nth time. There will be days when you want to focus on yourself first and this is okay.

Be Charitable in a Smart Manner

When you become charitable, you need to make sure that you will be smart about it. For example, you will not choose an artwork if you feel that it is not good enough, right? If you do not want to be disappointed with illustrations, you can check out Stephen Collins. For sure, you will like his portfolio that showcases what he has done so far. It can guarantee that he will do a good job if in case you would need his work in the future.

Let us go back to being smart about the works of charity that you plan to do. Here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Choose the right charity. When you choose a charity, make sure that the charity spends the money that it gets on what it is supposed to be for and what it is supposed to do. There are some charitable institutions that just get the money from the people and only provide a small amount to those who are in need. Not all charities are the same so research and choose the right one.
  2. Check if the charity is legitimate. There are a lot of people who have been duped into donating money to a charity that sounds like the one that they wanted to support. Double check the website of the institution and check out its cause. If it is different from the one that you want to support then look for the right charity.
  3. There are more things that you can do to help people that are not merely cantered on donating money. Donating may be the easiest thing that you can do to help but this is not enough. There will be times when volunteering to be the cook in the soup kitchen or the server will be appreciated better. Sometimes, your presence will be enough in order to help those who are in need realize that there is always a rainbow after the rain.

Can you think of more ways on how you can be charitable in a smart manner? Feel free to share your thoughts too.

Wonderful Ways to be Charitable Everyday

You may always say that you would like to help other people. You want to make sure that people will get the help that they deserve but you do not do anything about it. You reason out that when you find time to do it, you will volunteer, you will become charitable. What if you can be charitable every day? It does not matter whether you are checking out the advantages of investing in or you are just doing online shopping. There are different things you can do everyday that will make you charitable. Are you already curious to find out what these things are?

Wonderful Ways to be Charitable Everyday

  1. Dedicate A Hobby to Charity

What if you can do something that you love and be charitable at the same time? For example, you may like painting and you can ask people to get your paintings for a donation. All of the proceeds that you will get will be donated to the charity of your choice.

  1. Join Charity Events

You do not have to organize a charity event in order to help. You can simply join and you would be making a big difference with the event and even with your life. Whenever you help someone, your tendency is to feel good. It makes you feel like you have done something worthwhile in your life which is not something that you can feel every day unless you would do something about it.

  1. Do Not Forget to Help Animals Too

There are moments when we tend to be focused on what human beings need in order to let them be comfortable that we forget about our furry friends. Cats and dogs are in need of love as much as humans and there are only a few who are given second chances every day. Whether you would like to adopt or donate food for cats and dogs will be up to you as long as you will not forget about them.

  1. Donate Stocks or Bonds

At this point, you may be shaking your head because you cannot imagine yourself giving away the stocks and bonds that you have accumulated over the years. You have to remember that by donating your stocks or bonds, you are also decreasing the taxes that you have to pay for them. Perhaps you even want to donate real estate investment trusts. It will be up to you.

  1. Do Not Make Excuses Anymore

Perhaps you are always tempted to make excuses. You may say that you would rather dedicate your time with the rest of your family but what if you and your family can all be charitable together? Remember that you do not need money all the time in order to give wonderful and life changing donations. You can just offer what you can and you can be sure that it will be returned to you a hundred fold.

You can get more ideas on other things that you can donate if you would check this out. If in case you would like to stick with giving “usual” donations, it will help if you can organize everything first and label them before you send them to your local charity so that they know exactly what to expect.