Choosing the Right Venue for A Charity Event

The venue of an event has a big influence on how the vent will turn out. The venue has a way of influencing the mood and the vibe of the event and that is what will determine the success of the event. It is therefore very important that the charity event organizers choose an appropriate and suitable venue for them to have a successful event. Some of the factors to consider in choosing a charity event venue include:


The location is very important. It should be easily accessible. Since the role of the event is to have as many people as possible cause that means more contribution, an easily accessible even will make many people attend it and that will make the event a success. The location should be a nearby place that can be easily accessed by any means and not interior, considering not everyone will be driving to the event. It should be easy to get public transport from the venue. The venue should also be clean and have a good ambiance to make sure that those attending the event are not uncomfortable.

Choosing the Right Venue for A Charity Event

Target number of people

Your target number of people will define the amount of space that you will need for your event. The more people you are planning to have the more the space you will require. This will help you in choosing the venue of the event.

The theme of the event

Even though it is a charity event, it may have different themes that may act as a guideline in choosing the venue. The venue should be in synchrony with the theme for it to be a success.

Venue extras

Some venues offer extras that others don’t. In some venues there are enough parking lots that are free to those attending the event. Some venues have first aid kits and offer free catering services as an incentive to their customers. Some venues may offer their music system and DJ as an extra.  Different venues are different and thus in some venues you may get more value for money than others.

Event organizers

It is important to work closely with event organizers as they will make your work way easy. Since they have dealt with similar events before, they will be in a good position to advice on the venue and all that is needed to make the event a success. They may also know about discounts and where to get the best deals which will help you cut on your budget.


As much as the venue is important for the event, the marketing of the event is equally important. The internet has made things way easy as marketing and finding a good venue can all be done over the internet. Some companies such as that of Terence McCarthy St. Pete have a diverse range of properties and hence may have cool venues for the event. The best venue needs research and comparison to be found.

Choosing the best smart casual outfit for a charity event

Choosing what to dress for a charity event should not give sleepless nights ever again. Do not get torn apart between an official out and a something else that lies between casual and tattered dressing all in the name of choosing the best outfit for charity.

One reason why people are always confused on what to wear for charity is that; charity involves connecting with the less fortunate in the society. As such, it important to choose what to wear skillfully in order to connect with the crowd you will meet. It would be inappropriate show up for a charity occasion dressed in extremely formal clothing.

On the other hand, showing up in worn out clothes is not an option one would want to consider, hence, the need for choosing a smart casual outfit. Smart casual mens outfit  offer you that perfect blend that will ensure you comfortably mingle with the less fortunate without feeling an out of place. For this reason, below are four steps aimed at guiding you into choosing the best outfit for the occasion.

Choosing the best smart casual outfit for a charity event

Step one: Getting the basics right

Recently, there has been a major shift in the way people view charity. For instance, corporate gather together for meetings aimed at raising funds to cater for the less fortunate, while college students or members of a neighborhood might also gather for the same course. Thus, it’s important you get it right on the charity event you are likely to attend; as such information gives you the power to choose what best suits the event.

  • Though a casual blazer might be a proper choice while attending a corporate charity event, it might not have the intended impact while visiting children home. Consequently, it’s important to get the facts about the charity event you are attending.
  • Second on the list to consider in getting the facts right is choosing the best shoes for an event. While getting a pair loafers might be the suit one charity occasion it might not suit some. Hence, get to know the location of the event and the list of activities you are likely to engage in making an informed choice.
  • Finally, get the matching casual shirt and pair of chino pants for the occasion. Since you need to appear presentable for the charity event and ensure you still get to enjoy yourself while remaining focused on the purpose of the occasion. Choose the best casual shirt and pan for the occasion and get creative with the colors.

Step two: Judging the occasion

Evaluating the seriousness of an occasion or crowd you are likely to encounter is very important. For instance, if you are visiting an elderly home, you need to appear smart to ensure you win their trust and be able to converse with them effectively. While attending a charity event to children’s home might require you to appear as youthful as possible.

Step three: Dressing up or down for charity

Making the actual choice of dressing is very important especially on matters concerning charity as people might expect more from you while attending the function. Ladies particularly are faced with challenge of under dressing especially if you are attending home for the elderly who might be more conservative.

Thus, get yourself a fitting trouser and a top/shirt that does not reveal much of yourself to ensure you do not deviate all the attention to yourself. On the other hand, avoid overdressing and appear ridiculous. Hence get your choice of dressing very accurate to ensure you get the most out of any charity event and still uphold a nice image for yourself.

Step four: customizing your outfit

Although you are not the center of attraction for any charity event, always choose to have your personality incorporated in the choice of dressing. Thus, know how to best combine the colors and the choice of clothes and shoes to communicate of your character to the world.

Raffle and Door Prizes that are Sure to Gain Attention for Your Charity Event

A staple of many charity events, ranging from live auctions to formal dinners, is the door or raffle prize. These items can serve as great advertising points while also bringing a level of fun and excitement to any occasion. But to really get the most out of having a door or raffle prizes, you have to make sure at least one item is truly spectacular.

So, how do you choose that one item that is sure to draw attention (without necessarily busting the budget)? By focusing on the perception of luxury.

Understanding Luxury

A prize doesn’t have to be expensive to be considered a luxury; all it has to be is highly desirable and not a necessity. For example, many households consider having a coffee pot is be a necessity. It is also a need that can be met with a $20 drip coffee maker from any big box store.

However, some of the new single-serving brewers are seen as a luxury even if they are still under $100. Why? Because it isn’t the version you need to meet the need, and it costs more than some perfectly reasonable solutions. So choosing a nice single-serve coffee maker can be a great prize, and it doesn’t have to bust the budget.

Raffle and Door Prizes that are Sure to Gain Attention for Your Charity Event

Define the Budget

Now that you understand what makes an item feel like a luxury, you can begin to narrow down your list of potential prizes. The first step is to outline your budget and to determine how it needs to be divided. In some cases, you only intend to give away one prize, so you can dedicate your entire budget to that item. But you may also want to divide your budget across multiple prizes.

In cases where multiple prizes will be awarded, consider dedicating around half of the funds to the biggest prize. That way it will stand out from the other offerings distinctly, which makes it awarding more exciting for the crowd.

How to Choose Great Prizes

Once you have your budget managed, it is time to do some thinking and some research. For example, the idea of giving away a boat would definitely drum up interest, but you don’t have to approach the idea from a traditional angle. Instead, you can look at smaller variants that will still attract attention. Take some time to read some fishing kayak reviews, and you may find an affordable option that still has the luxurious feel of offering a boat as a prize.

Also, don’t be afraid to look for options at store sales, outlet stores, or discount retailers. You may find great pieces that still feel like a luxury even if you get them at a discounted price. Small kitchen appliances and certain electronics can be found for surprisingly reasonable amounts if you put in some effort during the search.

For example, consider finding a reasonably priced tablet computer. Some versions can provide hours of entertainments, and are made by name brands, but can be purchased for well under $100. Since a tablet isn’t a necessity for everyday living, the chance to win a tablet can feel like a real luxury. And advertising that a tablet is available to win is a great point to advertise.

Just take you time when trying to choose and consider what items would be great to own, but often get left out because they aren’t where a typical person will invest their money. Then, you can create a feeling of luxury, even if you buy a bargain.

How to Make Your Charity Event Successful

How to Make Your Charity Event Successful

Charity events are an awesome approach to fundraising. While they can be awesome cash raisers for an organization, they can likewise be tedious and costly. The achievement of events relies on upon proper prior arrangements. arranging.

To help you guarantee that your fundraising event is a champ, here are some things you should take note of:

  1. Purpose:

Before doing whatever else, you should choose what the reason for your event is. Is this genuinely a fundraising event? On the other hand, does it have different objectives? Maybe your organization might like to raise cash at the event, yet the primary capacity of the event is to pick up reputation, or connect with another system. Numerous charity events have more than one objective. Making sense of the points of interest for your event will rely on upon comprehending what objectives you are attempting to accomplish.

  1. Fundraising Goal:

In conjunction with the event host panel, association staff, and key fundraisers, you should choose what measure of cash you plan to raise at the event. In the event that this is genuinely a charity event, then everything in the event plan will be adapted to raising this particular measure of cash. The sum you pick ought to be what you would like to net, that is, the sum you plan to raise after costs are deducted.

  1. Financial plan:

Each fundraising event plan ought to contain a total spending posting the greater part of the costs that will be required to hold the event. Your financial plan ought to incorporate staff, solicitations, space rental, providing food, stimulation, transportation, security, utilities, and whatever else that will be required to make the event a win. Your financial plan ought to consider your fundraising objective, guaranteeing that you raise that sum well beyond all costs. Make certain to leave somewhat additional room in your financial plan for unexpected expenses.

  1. Authority:

As a feature of your raising support endeavors, your event will in all probability have a “host board of trustees” and at least one “host advisory group chairpersons.” These individuals are in charge of contributing significant adds up to the event and urging others to do likewise. The host panel is for the most part made out of money givers, business pioneers, or nearby big names. Involving renowned political organizations, like Philadelphia 3.0, will make your event an even greater success. Such an organization is aimed towards involving open-minded leaders and that is exactly what you need for your event. The host board and chairpersons are not in charge of really running the event, but rather are basic to guaranteeing that you achieve your raising money objectives.

Charity Event

  1. Target Audience:

Who is the intended interest group for your event? Is this a general fundraiser where everybody will be welcomed? On the other hand, is this event equipped towards a particular gathering like businessmen, guardians, or youthful experts? To put it plainly, you should choose whom you will welcome to your event. Checkout latest information at

  1. Set – Up:

Your event staff ought to arrange the event set-up well ahead of time. The set-up incorporates the greater part of the particulars of the genuine event: Where will it be? Will food be served? Will there be amusement? What sort of dress will be required? What is the schedule for the event?

How to Get the Word Out About Your Charity Event with Social Media

Holding an event to benefit a charity is definitely something worth talking about. Social media provides an excellent platform to reach out to members or your network and to find ways to reach out to potentially interested parties easily. If you aren’t sure how to approach social media for marketing your event, here are some tips to get you started.

Use Calendars and Integrated Invitations

One of the more popular social media sites is Facebook. Within the construct of the platform, you have access to calendars and the ability to send out invitations to events. An easy place to begin your marketing campaign is to list the event on your calendar (and the calendar of the associated charity, if they are willing) and create a quality invitation that can be sent throughout your network.

How to Get the Word Out About Your Charity Event with Social Media

When people accept the invitations, it can be added to their calendar, which may get more people interested by association. And word-of-mouth via social media is an excellent tool.

Plan Posts for the Event Highlights

Don’t worry about cramming every detail into a single post. Instead, plan a series of posts that highlight different key features of the event. Make sure every post has the necessities included, such as the date, time and place of the event, but introduce a new point of interest with every post. This can include information on invited speakers, silent auctions, provided meals, and more.

Use the slow release to keep the information fresh while keeping it in digestible chunks. It might make the post more readable, especially when being read on smartphone screens.

Invest in Retweets

Twitter is another great platform for reaching the masses. You can send links to your Facebook posts and create tweets containing key information about the event being planned. Interested people in your network can retweet the information, allowing it to show up in their followers’ feeds. If you want to reach new circles, you can even buy Twitter retweets. That means your tweet is more likely to be seen by someone to whom you don’t already have a connection, and may bring in new interest to your cause.

Take Pics Along the Way

You can document your progress as you work to get everything in order and share the pics with your followers. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow pictures to be included in posts, so you can show everyone what is to come. For example, if you create flyers or paper invitations, feel free to post a pic when you get the proof or pick up the batch.

The idea is to drum up excitement while engaging your followers in a new way. By using different approaches, you are more likely to be noticed by followers with different preferences. Some people may prefer to read posts, but others may be more visually oriented. By using both approaches, you have a chance to reach a wider audience.

Connect with Bloggers

If there are bloggers that cover topics similar to the goals of your charity or simply believe in your message, use social networks as a way to reach out. If they believe in your cause, they may agree to create a post about your event, or at least retweet the information to their followers. While this isn’t entirely a social media marketing technique, it is a way to use social media to the benefit of your charity.

Unique Door Prizes for Your Charity Event

Charity events are mostly about finding funds for the cause being supported. But having some fun options available to donors at your event can help attract more interest parties and may garner more attention overall. To make sure your event stand out from the other offerings in the community, consider adding a selection of unique door prizes to entice donors to attend.

Food and Meals

Many charitable organizations focus on providing food to those in need. To find options that coincide with your goals, consider adding the opportunity to win special food experiences. For example, cooking lessons from a local chef may be appealing to donors, as well as a reservation at a chef’s table in a local restaurant. If your area is known for specific food items, consider creating a themed gift basket with the best representations of that item, or coordinate a tour at a local facility.

Clothing and Home Goods

Another common charitable goal is to provide clothing and home goods to those who may be living without. When looking for unique options that fit the category, consider providing an experience that may otherwise be seen as a luxury. For example, having a custom clothing item made can be a fun door prize, as well as getting help from a stylist for a day to help you choose a new look. You can also create custom apparel for the event and provide the opportunity to win some to donors who participate in the event.

Similarly, art can do quite well as a door prize. Connect with local artists who may be open to donating pieces to gain additional exposure, or have those who will be supported by the charity create items of appreciation for donors.

Unique Door Prizes for Your Charity Event

Home Maintenance and Repair

If your charity involves helping the less fortunate with housing or associated repairs, consider including unique offerings that focus on the subject. You can review information at to find a suitable thermal camera that can be used to find a variety of issues while also providing services associated with home energy audits. Intelligent home products, such as smart thermostats or other home automation options are also popular and can attract additional interest from the community.

Offering gift certificates for certain home services can also be helpful. Even those who normally maintain their own property may appreciate a visit from a landscaping service or a housekeeper, even if it is only for one day.

Pets and Animal Services

Pet shelters and other animal services often need a significant amount of support. While finding door prizes that appeal to these donors may not seem as intuitive as other charities, there are plenty of options available that will stand out. Consider creating art with the animals for one-of-a-kind pieces. For example, place (non-toxic) paint on the paws of cats and dogs and use the prints to create art. Animals that are capable of gripping items may even be able to paint on their own.

Photographs of rescued animals can also do well, especially when they are turned into useful items like calendars. You can also partner with a local photographer to provide the door prize winner with a pet photography session so they can have professional portraits of their favorite animal friends.

Important tips for the perfect charity event

Charity dinner events are great to raise funds for the less fortunate or any other cause. Most of the time at events like these there will be VIP donors present and it is rather important to host the best event you possibly can which means you would need to plan it meticulously and make sure that everyone is feeling satisfied and generous on this special occasion. You are doing this for a good cause so give it your best effort to make sure it runs smoothly.

It is important to be connected and have an established network of guests to attend your dinner. Having the right connections will save you a bundle of expenses and also save you quite a bit of time in deciding who to invite. You need to take the time however to decide who your target audience is going to be for your particular event as things can go south if you don’t cater for the right market of donors. It is also very important to differentiate the type of events that you host. Don’t go for the run of the mill event. Spice things up a bit by doing something different every time. Find a different angle to focus on. Don’t be offensive at all and be thoughtful about the material that will be covered during your event. It is always a great success and wonderful marketing method to get a celebrity involved in the event. Click here to read more about entertainment options at a fundraiser.

Important tips for the perfect charity event

Make sure that you have transport available for attending guests that might not be able to get home. You can consider this uber code as an option because uber is the new best way to travel and get home safely if you run into a bit of a travel issue at an event. There are many ways to keep your guests entertained but it is important to have a reward system in place. This is a platform where you recognize all the most generous contributors and the ones that are actively involved in the cause that you are raising funds for. Keep everything professional by not dragging out dinner and make sure that you plan the night well and that you have everything in place to run smoothly. Click here for perfect dinner etiquette. Planning a charity event takes a lot of time and should be done properly as you would want to look professional and attract donors to attend future events.

It is incredibly important to choose a high profile venue to host your dinner at because to attract the right donors you would have to be in their comfort zone. It might cost you a bit extra but it is always possible to see if you can obtain sponsorship considering the cause that you are raising funds for. Take time beforehand to find sponsors for your event and make sure that you mention these kind souls for their generosity.