Donate Tree Trimming Services for Charity

When you think about possible things to donate to charity, what does usually come to mind?  Clothing, food, beverages, sweet treats, toys and money is probably the most common charity donations that care homes get and yes, these are some of the best donations to give to charity because people in need depend so much on these things to survive.  But something that most people will overlook when it comes to care homes for people with disabilities, children and seniors is the effort that goes into maintaining the property and actual home.  All homes require maintenance such as paint, roof repairs, upgrades, renovations and much more.  And care homes with yards also have a lot of work such as garden maintenance, tree care and tree trimming.  If you are looking for something noble and good to do for charity then try to donate tree trimming services for charity homes instead by hiring Tree Surgeons WA to care for those that cannot do tree trimming themselves.

Donate Tree Trimming Services for Charity

Tree lopping

Trees that grows too big with branches that stretch over rooftops can be dangerous because if a storm hits, these branches can easily damage the home’s structure.  Show a charity home you care by getting their trees pruned for a better look and improved safety.

Tree transplanting

A lot of people are passionate about large trees because it takes so long for some of the trees to grow big enough to provide good shade.  Sometimes a tree is just in the wrong spot where it either endangers the care home or is simply impractical.  A tree surgeon can help you transplant the tree so care homes can enjoy improved safety and flexibility without having to give up the shade.

Tree Pest & Disease control

Infestations can be terrible to beautiful trees as well as those that enjoy the shade of these trees.  A tree surgeon can get trees treated for pests and diseases so helpful and wanted trees will stay healthy and strong for longer.

Tree removal

Removing a tree form a yard is hard and dangerous work.  You can hire a tree surgeon to help a not-for-profit organization with all of the trees that might be in the way of expansion projects so they can expand easier and help more people.

Other great things you can do for charity homes

While you are trying to think outside the box when it comes to charity donations you can also consider these terrific charity ideas;

  • Get your hands a bit dirty and do a bit of charity work in the gardens of care homes so those that suffer will have something beautiful to look at.
  • Yard improvements like a beautiful statue, some sitting benches, a fountain or a fish pond can also make a care home seem much more beautiful and will give residents something more to do while they live there.

You can help the care home with basic restorations such as a fresh coat of paint for some of the rooms.

Important Items You Can Donate to Charity

You know the usual things that you can give to charity like money, clothes and even some blankets and food but are these only things that people need? People who have been victims of strong typhoons and earthquakes have lost their homes and their jobs. Do you think that they would honestly need clothes at this time?

Have you ever thought about shopping for a good air purifier for a person who is in need of this to help in handling his respiratory disease? The thing about giving is you can focus on someone that you want to help. Your desire to help and to give what the person truly needs is the real act of charity.

Important Items You Can Donate to Charity

Along with your usual donations, think about adding a few of these things to the packages that you are going to send to people who are in need:

  1. Bath Essentials

How can people feel good in the clothes that they are wearing when they feel that they do not smell good? Bath essentials like shampoo, soap and conditioner are just a few of the toiletries that people need in order to feel clean. People who have lost their homes rely on public bathrooms for bathing and the least that you can do is to give them some bath items that will help them smell and feel good.

  1. First Aid

There are a lot of people who need bandages, alcohol and a lot of other things especially after they have lost everything. They may have acquired bruises and wounds because of the ordeal but they cannot treat their wounds because they do not have the right first aid kit. Remember to give medicated wipes as well as bandages to people who are in need because it will surely help.

  1. Socks

There will be times when the weather will turn chilly and aside from jackets, people would need to have socks in order to remain comfortable. You may love donating clothes but you have never thought of giving unused socks. It is best to give socks that are brand new for hygienic purposes and you do know that socks will be used well by people who need it.

  1. Blankets

You may think that you do not need to donate blankets because of the current season but for people who do not have permanent homes, having blankets can truly help. Those who do not have access to heat will need a lot of warm blankets in order to be comfortable.

  1. Toilet Paper

This is one of the items that a lot of people at donation centers truly need. Whenever these are available, a lot of people would do their best to get it. Why not make it easier for everyone by donating more toilet paper than usual? By doing this, you can make a difference with the lives of different people.

Remember to include these things with your donation packages the next time that you drop by donation centers. Aside from items, you may want to donate your time and your services to people who are in need. It will make a huge difference.

Making a Donation? Keep These Things in Mind

Donating to someone less fortunate than you are is always a noble thing to do. However, you always do need to make sure that the place that you’re about to donate to is going to give your items to people that actually need them and not sell them off. Yes, such things do happen. Many people give to charities thinking that they’re doing well, while the used items that they’re giving away are actually being sold to the people in another part of the world. That is precisely the reason why you need to be very careful about such things. That said, here are some other very important things that you need to take into consideration if you’re planning on donating to a charity.

The condition of the items

Of course, it may seem like a no-brainer to some, but this is something that couldn’t be stressed enough. If you’re planning on donating your old things, do make sure that they’re in a useable condition, or otherwise, it would perhaps be best if you recycled them instead. The person who will take your used item will most probably want it because they don’t own it already, meaning that they would want to make use of it. Now whether this item in question is a clothing item, an electronic appliance, or even if you’re donating LED shower heads or shower head for kids, you need to make sure that the item is at least clean and useable.

Making a Donation? Keep These Things in Mind

Your donation is an investment

You shouldn’t just see your donation as giving to the poor. It is easy to just give money to the poor and not think about it, but what you’re really doing is actually improving someone’s life and making it a little better than it previously was before. That is why it is suggested that you look at your donations as though they’re investments.

It would be a better idea to “invest” in a charity organization or 2 rather than putting money in many different organizations. That way it would be easier for you to track their achievements later on and you would personally be able to involve yourself in it. You can then form a relationship with the organization and continue to support them over time, which would allow you to lend a helping hand to their achievements, making it a lot more satisfactory.

Never donate to an organization over the phone

This usually refers to financial donations, and although the person on the other end of the call would tell you all the good things that they’ve achieved and just how passionate they are about doing well for the people, don’t give them the money or your personal information just yet. Look into it some more, and try to donate online if possible, as that would allow you to track the progress of the donation instead of just donating over the phone, which could possibly do you more harm than good.

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De-clutter Your Home and Donate At the Same Time

Living an improved, uncluttered existence with less stuff sounds appealing to numerous. They have considered the advantages of owning less belonging: less to perfect, less obligation, less to sort out, less stretch, more cash and vitality for their most prominent interests. They are prepared to clean up yet some get immediately stumbled up by the exact next inquiry… where on the planet do I start?

De-clutter Your Home and Donate At the Same Time

Consider this rundown of 10 innovative approaches to clean up your home:

  1. Give yourself 5 strong minutes. Leo Babauta at Zen Habits suggests 18 diverse 5-minute cleaning up tips. Pick one today that sounds engaging. Then again even better, pick an arbitrary number 1-18, read the particular tip, and confer 5 minutes to finishing it.
  2. Give away one thing every day. Colleen Madsen at 365 Less Things gives away one thing every day. In the course of recent years, she has encountered a significant change essentially lessening her stuff each day by itself. For example you can get rid of your old bed by donating it and invest in some cool beds to revamp your rooms look.
  3. Fill one waste sack. Right off the bat in our trip towards straightforwardness, one of my most loved cleaning up systems was to get a basic huge waste sack and perceive how rapidly I could fill it. While a lot of what I gathered was waste, this could likewise be utilized to fill a sack for Goodwill.
  4. Attempt the Oprah Winfrey Closet Hanger Experiment. While this thought didn’t start with Oprah, she was the one to give it reputation. To recognize closet pieces to get out, hang all your garments with the holders in the opposite bearing. After you wear a thing, return it to the storage room with the holder confronting the right heading. Following six months, you’ll have an unmistakable picture of which garments you can undoubtedly dispose of. This trial could likewise be connected to various disorder zones in your home (cleaners, toys, cloths, apparatuses, leisure activities and specialty things).
  5. Make a rundown. Dana Byers prescribes making a rundown of spots/ranges in your home to clean up starting with the most straightforward… which doesn’t sound all that innovative until she includes this note, “When you’re finished with one zone, STOP.” This rundown could be made as simple or troublesome as you longing based upon what zones of your home make up the rundown (drawers/storage rooms/rooms). Furthermore, could without much of a stretch fit into any calendar.
  6. Take the 12-12-12 Challenge. A basic undertaking of finding 12 things to discard, 12 things to give, and 12 things to be come back to their appropriate home can be a truly fun and energizing approach to rapidly arrange 36 things in your home. Time and again, this test really turned into a speedy rivalry between my better half and me… and your children don’t need to be excessively old, making it impossible to take part also.
  7. Try different things with numbers. For instance, Courtney Carver concocted Project 333 to test individuals to wear just 33 pieces of attire for 3 months. On the off chance that 33 pieces of attire appears to be too little, modify the tenets as you need by picking another number. The imperative thing is to test yourself to live with less and see what you gain from the trial.

Donate While You Renovate

There are times when you look around your house or your room and realize that the objects in there are getting old, or maybe you could do with some more color. On the other hand, there are also times when your house might be in a terrible state and requires and urgent renovating, and it doesn’t matter what the reason may be, you can either get your house fixed because you want to sell it, or maybe because you have realized that the dilapidated state of your house is becoming quite the embarrassment, but no matter why you decide to renovate, what do you do with the old things that you take out?

Donate While You Renovate

Help others while you help yourself

That’s right, donate! Donate all the old things that you don’t need and ones that are still quite functional. For instance, if you’re renovating your bathroom, there are several different things that you can donate while you ensure that all your new fixtures are being put in place. You can donate your old bathroom radiator, for example, if you think that the parts would be still useful. If you want to replace your old bathroom radiator with a new one, check out this site, as it can help you find your new radiator in no time.

Donating doesn’t just apply to bathroom appliances, this also goes for all the other parts of the house. For example, you can always donate your kitchen sinks or your kitchen cabinets. In the case of bulkier items like sinks, donating would ensure that they stay away from the landfill. As for the cabinets, you might get lucky and find someone who may want them instead. Even if you don’t find anyone else, you can always recycle them, which will also cut down the waste that is caused by the construction.

If you are donating your cabinets, however, do ensure that they’re in working order, meaning that the drawers and the doors work properly. Also, be sure to keep them together when donating. There are also other things in the kitchen that you can donate, such as appliances. Refrigerators, stoves, and dish washers, for instance, are some examples of appliances that you can give away. That stated, ensure that they work and are clean. There are organizations out there that can help these appliances find new homes.

You will be surprised at the amount of things that you actually can donate, some other random things would include: windows, doors, lighting, and flooring made of tiles or wood, cabinet knobs, and door handles.

In other words, anything that is in good condition or can be reused can be donated. You can also opt to have things recycled if they’re in an okay condition, so the next time you’re about to renovate your house, instead of throwing things away, donate them and give them away to someone who would be able to put your old things to a better use.

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