Oral Health Is the Best Thing to Donate To Charity

Bad teeth are usually one of the biggest indications that someone is poor.  Dental health is extremely expensive and the state of a person’s teeth can affect their confidence and their ability to land a job.  This is because many employers associate bad teeth with bad habits such as smoking and drugs which is a common issue amongst poverty-stricken areas. Employers take one look at a smile and immediately decide that the applicant must be on drugs without ever considering other dental complications such as no access to proper dental care.

Oral health care is the best thing you can possibly donate to any charity organization, any homeless shelter, any retirement home and any children’s home.  You can help people maintain beautiful smiles so they can stay confident despite their condition.  This can also boost their ability to get a good job so they can find their feet again.

Oral Health Is the Best Thing to Donate To Charity
Oral Health Is the Best Thing to Donate To Charity

Here are the top oral health donation ideas to consider right now:


It is best to replace your toothbrush every three months but many homeless people don’t even have the money for a single toothbrush, let alone a new toothbrush on a regular basis.  Toothbrushes are the best thing you can donate to any person in need.  It is something that won’t expire and something that will definitely be appreciated and used.


Good quality toothpaste is also a great item to donate to anyone in need especially since so many resolve to alternatives like baking soda to get teeth clean. It can be good to get a wide range of toothpaste for those in need so those with sensitive teeth or severe discoloration can also find toothpaste to help them out.

Dental floss

Dental floss is another great item to donate.  Dental floss makes it much easier for you to keep your teeth cavity free and it is so easy to use at any time of the day.

Dental consultation

A consultation with a dentist is also a great item to donate to those in homeless shelters.  You can find out who has severe dental problems or toothaches and pay for the consultation.  This would help someone in need tremendously because there are few things as painful as a sore tooth.


Visit a children’s home or orphanage and try to help some kids or at least one child with braces.  Straight teeth can help a child tremendously when it comes to self-confidence and a bright future and it is a great donation for teenagers since very few orphanages have the needed funding for this type of healthcare.

Dental repairs

Help someone with beautiful teeth and pay for their dental repairs.  Abbotsford Dental Group is a great dental care center that can get any oral and teeth problems solved in no time at all.  This is especially a good donation for those that suffer from severe pain and for those with unsightly dental flaws such as missing teeth.

These are all great ideas for oral health donations that will be more than welcome at any charity organization.  Teeth are extremely important for our health, future and for confidence and oral health is a great donation for those that are looking for ways to get by on their own.