Raise Big Money for Charity with Winner’s Choice Raffles

Charities and other non-profits are always looking for unique and inspiring ways to raise money and garner attention for their cause. It is possible to raise big money for charity with winner’s choice raffles. If this isn’t something you have considered in the past, now is the time.

Fundraising raffles allow charities and non-profits to sell tickets for the chance to be drawn as a grand prize winner. The more tickets you sell the more money you can make. And, the better the prizes are the better your chances of selling tickets.

Giving away cars is an excellent opportunity to raise tens of thousands of dollars. You could consider partnering with Car Vision to find the car that is right for your raffle. Though you may have to pay for the used car out of your proceeds, in order to give it away, the money you make over and above its value will be great for your cause.

Raise Big Money for Charity with Winner’s Choice Raffles

Creating a Successful Fundraising Winner’s Choice Raffle

There are three things that make or break a fundraising raffle: the prize, ticket price, and number of tickets sold. The great thing about fundraising raffles is that people are generally willing to pay higher prices for the tickets because they support the entity selling them. And, they know where their money is going whether or not they win.

Here are some tips for creating a successful fundraising winner’s choice raffle:

  • Check the laws– While a raffle might seem like a great way to raise money for your charity, it is imperative that you check the state laws. There are states that do not allow raffles at all and others that require permits to do so. You must apply for these permits in advance. Due diligence is up to you. Find out the raffle laws for your state here.
  • Pick the Prize– If you want to sell tickets for the raffle it is necessary to choose a prize that has broad appeal. It has to offer people the desire to take a chance on your higher priced raffle tickets. Cars make great raffle prizes, but it is often hard to secure them at reasonable pricing. Electronics are another big-ticket item that people are willing to take a chance on. Though generally, it’s men who seek out these prizes. Travel on the other hand is great for everyone!
  • Setting the Ticket Price– You need to ensure that your tickets are priced high enough to raise a large amount of money. But, they have to be low enough to allow for the greatest number of purchases. Know your monetary goals for the event and what it will cost you to give away your prizes and advertise. Base your ticket prices on that information and the number of people you intend to sell tickets to.
  • Sell Tickets– Dollar stores sell spools of raffle tickets if you want to keep the overhead at a minimum. Of course, you could always design your own tickets and have them printed. But, that seems like an unnecessary expenditure. Start selling tickets two months before the raffle to open opportunities to as many people as possible. If you don’t sell enough, extend the timeline. For some free raffle ticket designs, click this.
  • Draw the Winner– You can do this at another fundraising event for your charity. That makes the event all the more exciting for attendants and will draw a crowd.

You can find additional information on holding a fundraising raffle here.