The Best Charity Auction Items for the Health-Conscious Bidder

Health and wellness are often en vogue in our society. And many charitable causes focus on improving the health of the less fortunate members of our communities. But how do you make a charity auction event for health-based organizations special? By focusing on health and wellness items.

Many people who are devoted to health and wellness are willing to invest a significant amount of funds to achieve their ideal lifestyle. And having them bring that mindset into an auction designed to benefit a charity can have them feeling even more generous than usual.

The Best Charity Auction Items for the Health-Conscious Bidder

Instead of collecting random goods or service pledges, consider following a theme that supports the primary because the charity represents. If you want to choose unique offerings for an auction supporting charities focused on health and wellness, consider adding these items to your shopping list.

Exercise Equipment

The easiest place to start when focusing on health and wellness items is exercise equipment. Suitable items can be found at a wide range of price points, making it easy for bidders to find options within their price range.

Include some popular items, like hand weights and spin bikes, as well as less thought of choices like weighted vests (you can view weighted vests at this exercise site) or compression workout wear. Make sure there is a reasonable selection of items that will likely be won for less than $50 and then add a few items at regular intervals above that mark.

Classes and Memberships

Access to fitness centers or exercise classes can also make excellent auction items. You can include various membership lengths from local gyms and fitness clubs or a set number of classes at specialty exercise boutiques. Consider offering some standard options, like yoga and Zumba, as well as less common choices like salsa dancing or parkour lessons.

By having a range of activities represented, you are more likely to attract a wider audience. And the more interested parties that arrive, the more money you should be able to generate for your chosen charity.

Healthy Food

The options in the healthy food market are surprisingly vast. There are mail-order meal plans that send all of the ingredients and instructions required to create high-quality meals straight to your door, as well as local whole food-oriented supermarkets that promote a healthier lifestyle. Gift certificates to any such services can be popular items in a charity auction and are certainly something that most interested bidders can use.

If you want to take things up a notch, add special dining experiences. This can include access to a personal chef that will cook a meal in your own home, or a special night out at a local restaurant that features healthy cuisine. Either method is sure to attract attention from anyone interested in having a good meal without having to slave away in the kitchen to get it.

Advertise Wisely

Once you have items selected, it is important to get the word out about your event. Make sure to use any low-cost or free options, like social media, to get the information distributed to members of your community. You may be able to work with local health-oriented businesses to see if they are willing to let you post flyers or even mention the event through their networks.

Often, when a charitable cause is involved that businesses and individuals can stand behind, it is easier to find volunteers to help spread your message. And, in the end, that means you can do more for your chosen organization, which is really all that matters.