The Perfect Gift for Charity Homes & Disability Centers

Workouts are essentials for adults, children and especially for people with disabilities.  But how many people have ever thought of giving workout gear when they consider donating?  The first things that usually comes to mind is food, clothing and educational products.  Workout gear is just as important to charitable organizations because no one who is living in these care homes can afford a gym membership and very few of them are able to travel to gyms on their own.  The space in charitable homes is often limited to help accommodate more people.  A great gift that you should definitely consider the next time you want to donate is FlexActiveSports Resistance Bands.

What exactly are resistance bands?

Resistance loop bands are rubber bands that are available in five different strengths of light, medium, heavy and extra heavy.  These bands vary in strength because you can use them for a full body workout and you can use heavier bands for your legs and lighter bands for your arms.  The bands functions through a series of stretches that allows you to strengthen muscles in certain target areas but you can also use the bands for a full body workout when you don’t have gym gear close by.

The Perfect Gift for Charity Homes & Disability Centers

Resistance bands for disabled

The resistance bands are perfect for disabled or injured people because they have to do certain physical therapy sessions on a daily basis to stimulate blood flow to certain areas of their bodies and to strengthen certain muscles that are either underdeveloped or injured. People in disabled centers can use the bands to work out certain muscles such as arm or leg muscles so they can regain walking or arm functions.  The different strengths are also perfect because they can use a stronger band as their muscles grow stronger.

Resistance bands for elderly homes

It can be hard to work out when there isn’t much space in care homes and there are plenty of elderly people who are still high spirited and energetic who would absolutely love the functionality of these loop bands to keep their muscles supple.

Resistance bands for children’s homes

Everyone in children’s homes from tots to teens can benefit from a good workout program when space is limited and teens who excel in sports can be even fitter and better by using these loop bands to strengthen core muscles so they can improve their games and perhaps one day land a sports scholarship.

Resistance loop bands are perfect for charity homes because they are easy to use and different age groups can benefit from these bands.  They are perfect for general workouts where space is limited or for therapy sessions for those with certain muscle problems.  The bands can be re-used for a long time to come because they are made of incredibly durable materials. You can also do a wide range of different exercises and stretches with these bands and use them along with other training programs such as Yoga, Cross fit training, Pilates and much more for faster and better results.