Things You Can Make With Essential Oils to Raise Funds

Everyone should try raising funds for charity at least once in their lives.  Rising funds for not for profit organizations won’t just make a huge difference in the lives of those in need but it teaches you a great deal about business and how to work with people.  But the best thing about raising funds for charity is the satisfaction you get from seeing raw gratitude in the eyes of those who are in need.  One of the best ways to raise funds is to sell something.  People are always way more eager to donate money if they can get something in return for their efforts.  If you want to make something that is sure to lure in a lot of donations then essential oil products is a definite must for fund raising.

Things You Can Make With Essential Oils to Raise Funds

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated plant scents.  There are plenty of different aromas and scents that you can get for your products and different essential oil scents have different beneficial effects on people.  Some essential oils are good for calming down while others are great for getting you wide awake and alert.

Why essential oils are great for homes & people

Essential oils don’t just smell terrific.  They have terrific benefits to you and your home as well.  If you use your essential oils with a purifier you cleanse and detox your home, you eliminate all mosquitos and fight off bacteria.  Essential oils are also great for improving your health because they help you sleep better, focus better and they help you relax and reduce stress.

Get an essential oil diffuser to lure in clients

No one is going to buy your products if they cannot smell it.  Your fund raising stand should definitely have an essential oil diffuser.  The diffuser will diffuse the wonderful essential oil aromas into the air so no one can walk by your stand without noticing you.

The top things you can make with essential oils

There are so many different products you can make with essential oils but for charity you need something that everyone can use that is quick to make.  The top products for your charity stand are;

Fragranced candlesFragranced candles are super easy to make since you only need thread, heat, wax, colorants and essential oils to make the candles.  You can make a great variety of different scented candles and make a great profit from your stand.

Sugar scrub – Sugar scrub is made by combining simple ingredients like sugar, olive oil, baby washes or baby oils and essential oils which is affordable enough for charitable goods.

Bath salts – You can make terrific smelling bath salts by simply mixing sea salt with essential oils and colorants.

Soaps – Soap is hard to make but completely doable if you just have the right recipe.  You can make wonderful smelling soaps and pour them into wonderful molds for a great finish.

Bath bombs – Bath bombs are super easy to make and super fun to use, especially by kids.

Lip balms – Make unique lip balms by mixing petroleum jelly, colorants and essential oils in small tubs.