Three Digital Marketing To be Careful About

As the day goes by, the world is making a loud and clear progress. One of the messages that are heard by many marketers is that the digital method of marketing is here and will stay forever. It has become consistent and certainly a relevant consideration that every company should allot some budget to take advantage of it. More and more companies are already spending huge amounts for digital and TV advertisement. So, if until today, your company’s website is not doing the popular methods of web developments such as SEO, you may want to think twice and start it now. The thing is, it is not just about doing it. It is more than following the latest trend but more on knowing its real benefits first prior to giving major efforts and money on it. Without proper understanding, the result may not be what you wish it would be. Below are some of the top three mistakes that most companies do in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing To be Careful

Not enough planning

The absence of a cohesive and organized way to do digital marketing is one of the biggest mistakes that most marketers do. Such mistake can lead to not just waste of money but also waste of time and efforts. Moreover, there can be major opportunity losses. Before making any sort of investment, a plan must first be structured that must adhere to have an effective result based on digital marketing. These include:

Market understanding: To understand the market, a few things should be considered such as the competitors’, demographics of the target customers, geographical boundaries, current distribution channel and the market trends knowledge. Read more at

Conduct a SWOT analysis: With this analysis, it is not just the strengths that would be seen but also, the weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

  • Set a budget: A budget just for this marketing should be clear as well as the marketing channels.

Setting unrealistic expectations or targets

Since the beginning, it should be clear that this sort of marketing strategy does not happen overnight. This is particularly with the companies who were just starting out with this method. The reality is, it would take some time before the results that you need would conceptualize. Hence, as a digital marketing such as Spartan Digital, it is just right that clients should be given a set time line with realistic expectations. Below are the estimated timeline:

  • Social Media: about 30 days
  • PPC or Pay Per Click: around 90 days
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization: about 90-180 days.


It always matters to be up to date and informed with the way the marketing budget is spent by the company. This means that if the marketing agency works for a brand, essential data information must be known to the stakeholders. There is a need to learn some of the basic s such as checking the stats. Always remember that it always pays to know. Keep in mind that you also need to have a hands on participation with the business that you have.

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