Top Charity Gifts For Special Needs Kids

There are few things in this world that will make you feel as warm and fuzzy inside as giving to charity.  Yes, when you donate to charity the money, goods, gifts or coupons will go to aid those in need but you will also be giving yourself a very special gift at the same time and that is the gift of feeling proud of yourself.  It isn’t always easy to decide on the perfect gift for charity, especially if you are donating gifts to special needs children.  Where do you start?  What is best for these types of children; toys, money, food or clothing?  Well, all of these charitable donations will be fantastic for any special needs children but if you really want to contribute something useful then you can definitely consider the following gift types.

Top Charity Gifts For Special Needs Kids

The right education

The right education is at the top of our list because the gift of an education is the best possible gift you can give.  Special needs children find it hard to cope in a normal learning environment.  They require a different approach to learning and often rely on therapy to get them to overcome their challenges or deal with trauma.  The right education for a special needs child is in the right type of intuition.  Green Chimneys is one of the best institutions to consider for a special needs child because their school offers a state approved education and they offer a lot of added programs such as animal therapy, outdoor learning and much more.  If you really want to make a huge difference in the life of a special needs child then you can definitely consider a scholarship in this school.

Sensory toys

Sensory toys are essential for special needs children.  These toys enable kids to fidget, feel, shake, touch, explore and have fun.  The top sensory toys to consider for your next donations include the following; fidget spinners, fidget cubes, sensory boards, stress balls and more.


Children’s books are always a terrific charity gift for especially special needs children. Books are one of the best ways to learn and there is nothing more fun for kids than reading a new story that they have never heard or read before.

Educational toys

Educational toys are also some of the best gifts for special needs children.  Puzzles, building blocks, counting toys, alphabet toys, flashcards 3D puzzles, wooden blocks and more are all terrific gifts to special needs children.

Special needs gear

Most charity homes don’t have the money to buy special needs children the gear they need to get along easier in life.   Another terrific gift that you can definitely consider is to provide a special needs child with specially designed gear to help him or her get along better in life.  This gear can include anything from a wheelchair, stroller, special swim gear, walkers, special shoes, the right spectacles, to helmets or anything else that will make life a little bit easier for disabled or special needs children.