Unique Door Prizes for Your Charity Event

Charity events are mostly about finding funds for the cause being supported. But having some fun options available to donors at your event can help attract more interest parties and may garner more attention overall. To make sure your event stand out from the other offerings in the community, consider adding a selection of unique door prizes to entice donors to attend.

Food and Meals

Many charitable organizations focus on providing food to those in need. To find options that coincide with your goals, consider adding the opportunity to win special food experiences. For example, cooking lessons from a local chef may be appealing to donors, as well as a reservation at a chef’s table in a local restaurant. If your area is known for specific food items, consider creating a themed gift basket with the best representations of that item, or coordinate a tour at a local facility.

Clothing and Home Goods

Another common charitable goal is to provide clothing and home goods to those who may be living without. When looking for unique options that fit the category, consider providing an experience that may otherwise be seen as a luxury. For example, having a custom clothing item made can be a fun door prize, as well as getting help from a stylist for a day to help you choose a new look. You can also create custom apparel for the event and provide the opportunity to win some to donors who participate in the event.

Similarly, art can do quite well as a door prize. Connect with local artists who may be open to donating pieces to gain additional exposure, or have those who will be supported by the charity create items of appreciation for donors.

Unique Door Prizes for Your Charity Event

Home Maintenance and Repair

If your charity involves helping the less fortunate with housing or associated repairs, consider including unique offerings that focus on the subject. You can review information at http://www.thermalcameras.guide/ to find a suitable thermal camera that can be used to find a variety of issues while also providing services associated with home energy audits. Intelligent home products, such as smart thermostats or other home automation options are also popular and can attract additional interest from the community.

Offering gift certificates for certain home services can also be helpful. Even those who normally maintain their own property may appreciate a visit from a landscaping service or a housekeeper, even if it is only for one day.

Pets and Animal Services

Pet shelters and other animal services often need a significant amount of support. While finding door prizes that appeal to these donors may not seem as intuitive as other charities, there are plenty of options available that will stand out. Consider creating art with the animals for one-of-a-kind pieces. For example, place (non-toxic) paint on the paws of cats and dogs and use the prints to create art. Animals that are capable of gripping items may even be able to paint on their own.

Photographs of rescued animals can also do well, especially when they are turned into useful items like calendars. You can also partner with a local photographer to provide the door prize winner with a pet photography session so they can have professional portraits of their favorite animal friends.