Want to Host a Charity Auction for Habitat for Humanity? Here are Some Great Items to Include

The charity auction is a classic way to raise money for any cause. You can solicit donations from individuals and area businesses, and then direct all of the proceeds to your charity of choice. But, if you customize your approach to a specific charity, you may be able to draw more attention and create a unique experience.

Some auction items included here may be high-end. That means you need to prepare auction attendees for the possibility of making larger donations. If you secure big-ticket items for your event, make sure and include them in any advertising material. That way you can inform as many interested parties as possible, so they will arrive ready to bid for items that may command top dollar.

Want to Host a Charity Auction for Habitat for Humanity? Here are Some Great Items to Include

If you are looking for auction items to support Habitat for Humanity, consider these highly suitable options.

Power Tools

Habitat for Humanity is best known for building houses, so tools that can be used for similar work make fitting entries into an auction. Consider working with local hardware stores to find high-quality home improvement tools like circular saws (click here for great examples) or power drills, and see if they are willing to donate to the cause. Not only do power tools fit with a theme that works with what Habitat for Humanity stands for, but they can also lead to some significant bids to help bring in more money for the cause.


Appliances come in a variety of sizes, ranging from simple hand mixers to full-size refrigerators. Many people are interested in high-quality appliances, both big and small, but can have a hard time justifying the expense during regular shopping. However, bidding on items for charity often helps people make the leap towards what they may otherwise see as a luxury purchase.

Look into high-quality coffee makers, like the popular Keurig models, or Kitchen Aid stand mixers. Both of these items are often coveted, but are rarely spontaneous purchases. If you can connect with local appliance stores, you may be able to secure larger items like washer and dryer sets.

Home Services

Not everyone has space for new items, but most homeowners can make use of numerous services. Consider gift certificates for home cleaning services or grocery delivery. Professional painting or landscaping may also attract attention. If there is a home activity that is often viewed as a burden by the average person, providing an auction item that eliminates that need, even temporarily, can make a fun addition to your list of items.


Electronics designed for whole home use will always attract attention. Televisions, gaming consoles, sound bars, and home automation equipment can all be appropriate for supporting a cause like Habitat for Humanity, so don’t be afraid of looking at the latest home technology trends and seeing what may be available from local donor businesses or individuals.

Additional Auction Advice

Make sure to include items across a wide range of price points. That allows people to participate regardless of the maximum donation amount. Try to choose some items that will remain safely under $50 to appeal to the masses, and then add higher ticket items with a range of values.

If the auction takes place over a long period (whether live or silent), provide some light refreshments to keep attendees comfortable. Also, make sure there is suitable seating to allow people to relax during the event.